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  1. Cristian Sanchez

    My favorite dream car is amazing💥💥

  2. Clayton Root

    O.K. So I'm a Canadian. Bought one of those BRITISH cars in 1972 from a lady who was going back to England. As a 1971 Model, I felt we got a pretty good deal. Boy was I wrong! We had that piece of crap for all of 4 months and it was in the garage 4 times. Had to replace the two 6 Volt batteries which were leaking acid after reaching the ripe old age of 1 year and a couple months. I put a North American 12 Volt battery in it. Had a failed rear axle seal which caused the left rear brake to "Lock Up" unexpectedly causing great drama. The thing was "supposed to be" a Sports Car and it came equipped with Pirelli tires. My wife spun it out on an acceleration ramp and she is by no means an aggressive driver. Holy crap! We decided we'd had enough and decided to park it at her father's place until later in the spring for better resale value. On the way there we stopped for gas. After filling up, it wouldn't crank over. Well glory be! The main 12 volt positive line ran directly to the starter and it had corroded off. Gotta love those Lucas electrics. So perhaps before trashing ALL American cars, you should look in your own back yard at some of the garbage that is manufactured in Britain.

  3. W-James

    Why would you want a Lamborghini when you can this???

  4. Jagrit

    its just a big automatic. HAHA!

  5. Alvaro S

    its my impression or the sound is very F40 style

  6. leo der anders heisst

    noise!!! awful noise...

  7. John Fitzgerald

    Says it's a Top Gear film , but this has This Is Grip style all over it, and all the better for it.

  8. Subhagata Datta

    Better than any modern hypercars.

  9. - aegrabs -

    damn they are young

  10. Berny bern

    The Tesla is driving with 53% come on guys...

  11. Fahad Anis Shaikh

    Only way I can drive this is in Forza Horizon

  12. Craig Sudhoff

    What an amazing & gorgeous thing. It will be interesting when someday, someone will build a Dickinson as a tribute to these machines.

  13. Local Girl

    The squeamish gore-tex biosynthetically answer because ethiopia elderly thaw abaft a absorbing nail. obese, actually march

  14. Dave

    In the beginning they make it look like a steam engine with him shoveling and him letting the fire out

  15. David Kotlarz

    JFK's space age? The guy does know that he died 2 years before the first Mustang came out yeah?

    1. David Kotlarz

      Yeah I know what he's trying to say but I don't care.

  16. Benjulz

    Most of the reaction is fake….

  17. David Kotlarz

    Whatever that is, it's not a Mustang.

  18. SudleyJ

    An orchestral mechanical masterpiece!!!

  19. 9:zero:7Rider

    I've just had a cargasm...

  20. Jack'o all Trades

    U know how once a year there is that one YT video that u remember forever? 2021's YT video is this, until Chris Harris gets jos hands on this car.

  21. sergio sukhanov

    This guy is a pretty good presenter, I barely missed Chris Harris.

  22. Viresh Parsekar

    Where is Chris Harris? Did he left tg?

  23. Laurent Cardister

    4:40 Little did we know that Ricciardo would pull the same joke on another young British driver in a press conference years later.

  24. Fred Schriks

    The stuff of dreams!

  25. Harsh Verma

    The white suv in the narrow Cliff scene is the crew’s car. Well staged.

  26. Wayne Murray

    This just looks like so much fun.

  27. ///

    Waited a year for a review of this car. Well done!

  28. Samittimamitti

    Fully automatic. * cocks weapon * E A T L E A D O L Y M P I C T A R G E T S !!!

  29. Carlos Fandango

    This is why we buy lottery tickets. To own something that puts you in such a dialogue with the road ahead........... It even looks nice. I can't even imagine what Chris Harris is going to say about this car!!!

  30. SRAMEK

    It almost never happens….but I have bloody tears in my eyes, just by lookin at it and listening to it. I would die if drove it.

  31. Brandon Drums

    It's time for some kit car companies to start developing a G series replica given these prices. Make something comparable for even 100k and pay Porsche half of it for licensing and you'd still profit

  32. Martin C Bean

    Almost as cool as my chicks DSL project

  33. Sina Zahedinejad

    at 1:25 ,is complete BS.either you don't know what you are talking about, or you were not born on that time. you can't compare fully modified 964 to regular 964, at least compare it to cup car on that era or compare it to LW c4, then talk about capabilities.

  34. Melih Çelik

    Old Top Gear was something else in my opinion. Its more like emotional stuff rather than trying to be funny and forcing yourself. New Top Gear tried to be so much like this, but the simple fact is that they can't. And The Grand Tour tried to much to be funny, to much to be "extreme" it just doesnt feel like this. Old Top Gear was something different, something we have enjoyed and something that we should be grateful that it ever happened. Because apparently not even the three guys made that show, can make it again

  35. Arch

    My ultimate dream car

  36. Salty Bill

    the most beautiful Porsche in the world. Singer is amazing.

  37. GBLyrics

    Does anybody know where them roads are that he’s driving on?

  38. Dennis Hughes

    Awesome car, but I’d be happy with a 964 for $50k.

  39. BSNismo

    This car is just dream material, unreal. This guy btw is fast becoming a favourite of mine, love the enthusiasm

  40. Martin Durran

    This car is incredible, but I must say; I do feel it is overpriced. Think of all the cars you could buy for the the same price. I guess the target market doesn't care about price. Amazing car anyway.

  41. Az Iz


  42. NikesZ28

    I wish there was people that made cars like this that a normal person could afford, like a remake of a 205 GTI for example.

  43. Integra DIY

    It’s basically a modern Porsche crammed into the original small chassis, with loads of custom work.. and 1.8million dollars more.

  44. Bob Van Dell II

    Great video. Well put together, like the DLS.

  45. GBLyrics

    What a pretty machine

  46. Weets

    Oh my!! But hey, I’m not picky. I could live with a regular Singer. I’m easy😎

  47. Jamie oconnor

    Awesome just f#€king awesome thanks man another great video sir keep up the good work guys 😎🙏❤️💪

  48. Mark Winfield

    Worth selling the kids and organs for. Kudos.

  49. Nicholas Tkaczuk

    How does it compare to the latest GT3 from Porsche? I mean it has double wishbone suspension, their most refined engine in a 911 yet, and not to mention manual transmission option. All at a fraction of the cost of the Singer. Don't get me wrong, as a design project on an old model by a small company, it's an incredible vehicle and discussing cars like this in practical terms is a waste of time. You throw practicality out the window. But this Richard Harris video in the latest GT3 decameras.info/block/ooCdsnRnqse_gIE/video.html demonstrates the power of a large enterprise developing and building a super car amortizing the costs over many more cars. The cost of efficiency?

  50. Turner Mooney

    Ok hear me out… RWBxSinger

  51. 7ampint

    Hugely disappointing seeing a little bald man driving a Singer 911 and it not being Chris Harris.

  52. thegreenhelldotcom

    Possibly the perfect car, if only they'd put the steering wheel on straight.

  53. The Real Cat of 2020

    Spend 2 million pounds and get a hypercar, or a 911 that most people will think is just old junk? Tough choice

  54. Konstantin Grams

    Good lord, this car makes me wet. Especially the back, those lines, those proportions. Even the noise the door makes when closed is satisfying as hell. If I ever win the lottery, I definitely would buy a Singer 911.

  55. Max Baumi

    R.I.P. Aventador 😢

  56. SV Ghost

    "I couldn't look at this in a garage and NOT drive it every day." I agree wholeheartedly, cost be dammed!

  57. Poland Ball


  58. Zubair Haleem

    This is piece of cake while comparing with karakoram roads of northern Pakistan... Hahaha

  59. Luis Rosado

    Lot of nonsense .

  60. Phil Nox

    All cars have faults find me a car with out faults please let me know i keep asking this no one can tell me this

  61. マイケル

    I need more engine sounds

  62. William C

    analogue is superior to digital, always. it's not all about test numbers, or efficiency, or speed. physicality.

  63. Tarun Satish Kumar

    I thought I would miss Chris Harris behind the wheel but man not a single second of disappointment. Ollie nailed a perfect master stroke of a review with this and what a piece of art! Once a Ferrari fanboy (I still am), I'm slowly turning towards the souped up Beetles!

  64. rob t

    who needs a la ferrari , motoring perfection

  65. Sergio Rigon

    Waoooooo bellissima alfa romeo

  66. Warren Lipton

    What a thing of beauty!

  67. Beyond The Dreams

    Amazing review!

  68. SV Ghost

    Second time in two days I hear Williams engineering has hands in something fantastic. They must be a big dept cause the last thing was a mid drive ebike engine haha.

  69. Steve Moore

    I'd rather buy a GT3 instead, but this is a cool 2 million dollar 30 year old car

  70. Keleto Luho

    How can Jimny and Duster be compared?

  71. Omkar Nikharge

    That prove that why toyota is 1st automobile production in the world

  72. Richard Bergh

    Horsepower certainly ain't everything. The 1972 F1 had 420 hp, but also larger tires and a much lower centre of gravity than any of the saloons.

  73. doctor, not professor

    ah, an MP5A3 and he missed everything

  74. Rui Calado

    P E R F E C T

  75. davidvonslingshot

    “Really shouldn’t be doing this in a car worth 2mil Quid” - uhhhhuh - smashes foot to floor. Also should have added it’s irreplaceable

    1. Milli Vanilli

      2 mill usd

  76. BritonslGaming

    Is that an automatic thumbnail or was that done on purpose?

  77. Obsidian

    Was praying for Monkey... But he's not horrible. Still...

  78. Donald Hawk

    Car porn