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    Tesla Model 3 2021 EV Review: Car testing is a VERY serious thing. Something Top Gear takes VERY seriously to give you, the viewer and potential EV buyer, the most informed and factual reviews. We don’t want you putting your money where our mouth is and anything to come as a surprise, so in this new series - Top Gear Tested - we review the most frequently searched electric cars at our VERY serious testing facility where VERY serious car testers meet to test cars VERY seriously. We’ll answer all the questions - being your eyes and ears - in a way you can understand them, making this the only buying guide you’ll need. First up, TopGear.com’s Ollie Kew tells you everything you need to know about the internet’s favourite EV, the Tesla Model 3.

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    1. Top Gear

      Which EV are you most excited about? 👇👇👇

      1. Aleksandr Sirenko

        Cupra Born

      2. kenneth law


      3. Yahsin El-obari

        The supposed "model 2" soon to come!

      4. Rob W

        One I can afford to buy 🙁

      5. syverexion

        Pure hypocrisy. You bash the car so much and then say it's a compelling EV. Give a more objective review than what seems to be a negative criticism of the car.

    2. Josh Binder

      TLDR: Not very comfy or fun to drive but pretty quick and cool touch-screen (if that's a plus to you)

    3. Mr. Teff

      This review is crap. It's neither fair to funny.

    4. Mr. Teff

      I had to go back and listen to your description of the body styling a second time to make sure I heard it right. "A slammed Toyota Prius"? You're joking! Have you actually looked at the Prius? It looks like a Hotwheels car. While the Model 3 might not win any awards for styling, but it has a drag coefficient of just .23 yet looks like a normal car, and I'm fine with that.

    5. EADGBE2017

      Every time I am behind a Tesla, I always cringe when I think who decided to put those ugly model badging fonts on the rear of Teslas? The ones that you can genuinely buy at the Halfords checkout and Mondeo drivers buy to put “S” or “ST” or or some other nonsense on the boot.. Why? Just Why? They are like a pus filled boil on the backside of a Supermodel.

    6. Adam Walter

      This joker went into the review totally jaded and not quite understanding the point of the car. But I guess if you were going for drama and controversial attitude like your TV show, you nailed it. Look elsewere for a more constructive point of view.

    7. kolman perron

      Typical top gear fudgin things… having a Tesla in chill mode doesn’t warm the batteries as much as you won’t be asking so much from them, this is to improve range. So by immediately switching to standard they didn’t let the batteries warm and the car limited the power

    8. Dylan Fiddler

      I always Wonder what is a consumption on this car in normal vs sport driving. I have f30 328i and have 7l/100km in normal daly driving and in sport, dynamic driving easly 15l/100km. How does this translates to tesla? Is it also such a diference?

    9. Darian Neumayer

      I wonder if it does turn the tire when your playing the game.

    10. YouTube Life

      BBC Top Gear is like a cancer, it needs to die. Always trying to say negative things about Tesla.

    11. FrostyGT


    12. Dimitar Pulev

      Wrong. You are testing it on what looks like a very noisy road surface, the sort of porous concrete that you find on the south stretch of the M25 - atrocious and by no means a valid reference point. I have a Model 3 Performance and can tell you that the noise is okay, you can talk on the phone 70-90, no problem. I also have a BMW x5 with sound proofing etc., the Tesla does not compare unfavourably, particularly considering that it has no frame on the doors. Real life range, with blowers on, driving normally and not intentionally slow is about 280 miles, 310 is not practical, if at all achievable actually. Actual consumption is about 250 - 270 wh/m, which is great. Beware of testers on youtube saying they have done 197 wh/m or something silly, that would be too slow a driving to be safe! What I found a very pleasant surprise is that even if driven aggressively, as sporty as I can, it does not go above 300-320 wh/m which is incredible. All in all, a phenomenal car, truly a teleportation device.

    13. Alexander Nicholas

      Damn those Tesla bots infiltering comment section.

    14. Vantage Trading

      I don’t like this guy, I feel like he’s disrespecting the model 3 every couple seconds, nerd


      Tesla model 3 hit by freeway debris on the I-405. decameras.info/block/kaKSbp-Wf8y1hGA/video.html

    16. Glen Maughan

      The old guard? LMAO. Because everyone is dying to jump into an MG. Do the Brits still build cars? German cars MB what else? Old Guard meh...

    17. No No

      This guy walks like he had a 2x4 stuck up his ass.

    18. Mark Bennett

      My view on this car.. The bad... Styling really not interesting for a £50,000 vehicle.. Saloon and boot not the most practical.. The screen would be nicer if it was laid out in landscape style.. Some more basic physical buttons would be appreciated.. Rear seat cushion design is poor.. The Tesla maps are sometimes inaccurate... Tesla options are overpriced, especially those limited paint options... Front pillars are too wide and restrict vision.. The good... The performance, the range and the charging facilities are great.. The overall specification is very good.. Still probably the best EV choice out there.. But an updated model that addresses the issues and is a hatchback would be much better..

    19. Grandma Helen Adventures

      4 wheel drive???? Whoa

    20. DBZD

      Who the hell is this guy..?

    21. Nakadu

      I'm disappointed to hear about the wind noise

    22. Dragos Popescu

      I like tesla very much !

    23. Yannick Bollinger

      Seems kind of dumb to not test the auto pilot. It's literally the biggest difference to other cars and brands

    24. marq

      why so many dislikes? (edit) nvm i know why now

    25. Kieran

      It's good for lots of peoples personalitys

    26. idemchuk0506

      Tesla is incredible!

    27. A R

      I like the smooth, aerodynamical front much more than the agressive looking, wrinkled ones of other cars.

    28. Stephen Ward

      7:26 Yasss CHVRCHES!

    29. Raimo247

      Greets from Finland! As an average consumer with a house-loan, I have to comment that in nowhere near future our family would change to anything with batteries. No way! Internet-stories of hybrid problems, and 12.000€ battery replacement costs - that would devastate our economy. No way I would go to EV. Instead I, and growing portion of consumers, find it more economical and ecological to buy a car that runs on bio-gas. 10 year old gas-vehicles are something we can afford (10-20.000 €) and the techology is durable (ie. V70, or bigger engines in general). Only but is that some bunch of morans have decided that bio-gas is same as natural gas and it affects emissions. Emissions affect to import taxes (we import these cars used, mainly from Sweden) and our government also taxes annually by emissions. No no eco-mode there. Hello! Anybody home!?!? Bio-gas in Finland is made from municipal waste (bio-waste) and from waste-water sludge. Might be something else too. It is really growing! And now only few carbrands produce gas-vehicles, so the situation does not look good at all. VAG only makes small engines.. Best buy right now: used old Volvo gas-vehicle, or Mercedes. I think we will stick to combustion engines as long as we can.

    30. datsuntoyy

      Question for anybody, does the model 3 without self drive still have an adaptive cruise control? I still want to drive, just a bit of help with the throttle would be nice. Thankyou in advance.

      1. Brad Smith

        Every Tesla comes with Autopilot that allows adaptive cruise control with auto steer. It will keep your car in one lane but it will stop and go with cars in front of you. Long distance driving is so much easier with autopilot. I have full self driving which takes it to a whole new level. It will overpass cars, change lanes etc. Tesla is a class of it's own at this point.

    31. MrFelixify

      That's not the performance model. that's the dual motor long range Awd model.

    32. John Smith

      the brits being sore losers.. Tesla is superior to the jag EV.. :))))

    33. Oleksiy Tarlovskyy

      This lab coat is ridiculous

    34. JnTmarie

      Love my Tesla it all work for me. So happy. It is just the best!😊💃 less is more looks wise. Easy to clean and it is great to sleep in the back too with climate on amazing

    35. Matthew Boyd

      Yeah, that supercharger network. It's why I'm currently waiting for the $25,000 compact from Tesla rather than getting a used Bolt ($16,000 for those if anyone is interested)

    36. Daniel Samardzic

      wow! I just realized the car display is either on the left or right side depending on where the driver seat is! amazing, and by the way did you turn on the accel speed to performance and did you turn on track mode while doing the 0-60?

    37. Scott King

      WAKE UP LIBERALS....An interesting, never mentioned fact about electric cars is the fact that they actually pollute MORE then a fossil fuel vehicle, in that the production of electricity has a much greater carbon footprint, Hello.

    38. EVMYT

      You can use my referral link to get 1,000 free Supercharger miles on a new Tesla: ts.la/mark3970

    39. hofferjh

      They are not real cars you do not test cars you test piece of garbage

    40. Pashtriku

      Lol. America spent the last century not building cars but aircraft carriers. Lol. Do a comparison with those.

    41. A. Lugo

      The suspension and wind noise really bums me out. I was ready to pay far out the ass for one until I heard that. Sadness.

      1. Nick van Wetering

        Are you going to drive at 100 mph? Are you going to drive on rough cobbled streets? I love my Tesla 3- no issues at all with noise at normal speeds. In fact the car is so quiet it's almost a danger when leaving home

    42. Tejas Sharma

      Liked this format

    43. James Lam

      This model are mostly made in China,not in USA..

      1. Joe

        That might be the case eventually but all Model 3s currently made in China are only for China.

    44. md p

      A car site that did a Tesla 0-60 at >90% battery charge. I nearly dropped my phone.

    45. typographv

      Great video, production quality was amazing it almost felt like I wasn't watching a car review

    46. Kaymorak

      As a self proclaimed 'car guy' I cant even explain how much I love my model 3 performance. It's far from perfect, but it's absolutely fantastic in all of the ways it needs to be. The ultra minimalist but high tech interior, brutal acceleration, and a basically charge-anywhere network sold me. I still have my previous, older, manual porche cayman s, but ill be honest, i dont drive it nearly as much as i thought I would. For most days, the 'spaceship' as my family calls it, serves my needs just fine.

    47. Dom W

      Bad presenter. Disappointing review.

    48. Lars Henriksen

      Is 0-60 important

    49. Av8ferg

      I love how he he talks about America cars (suspension like old water beds and string cheese) as if British cars are in another league, calling them the old guard. Are you kidding me..British cars are arguably the most expensive and most unreliable vehicles you can buy. I owned a British car.....let’s be honest the Brits are not renowned for auto engineering. The Germans are but the BMWs today are a far cry from the ones they used to make. Too much plastic in critical areas and if you want to repair one you better have a really fat wallet. At the 5 year mark you begin to incur serious maint and repair costs. I know you’re British but let’s be honest about your cars cost and reliability.....it’s not a great record.

    50. Unicornul Sarvy

      I dont think brits are making any cars i m afraid

    51. SprungNickel

      How does he review? By being extremely annoying.

    52. Rune Winsevik

      What? The phones facing you while being charged is a negative point?

    53. Mrspeed

      This guys probably wants a Tesla but can’t afford one yet ....to much negative things

    54. Joe

      For all you Tesla Haters at Top Gear - a BMW 3 series with anywhere near the poke and specs of even a Model 3 SR+ will set you back over £52.5k and that's before you consider the stingy warranty, flat lining resale value, cost of maintenance and oh, having to stuff it full of oil to burn every week. But this Badge snobbery don't come cheap you know.

    55. Richard Mason

      A professional review doesn’t involve making glib comments. If you actually knew anything about cars you’d know why the front is shaped like that. This is by far the worst car review I’ve ever watched. Typical Top Gear and BBC, absolute rubbish.

    56. MICHGO1


    57. MisterMax Mod

      haha they tried the hardest to diss Tesla what a bunch of losers!!!

    58. Uludak

      wow 1847 kg is lightweight for an EV of this size. the model 3 must have compromised on comfort and throw out a lot of materials for weight reduction. people who look for a performance sports sedan the model 3 looks like the best choice. but families who don't need performance but practicality and comfort better ditch tesla

    59. Sergio Rodriguez

      You sound like a nerd hating on the popular nerd

    60. ShotYall

      250 miles in the model 3 long range? My fat ass.. were you driving like a mad man!? Mine in Snowy New England is around 330-340 easy

      1. ShotYall

        Also you are saying you always have to grab the wheel in auto pilot? How old is your software... autopilot is near perfect for highways or faster roads

    61. Jey Lee

      Apparently Hyundai is about to position themselves as a very interesting market competitor, and I'm somewhat excited about that, competition is healthy, and I have a feeling it will only make *all* of our wonderful new eco friendly, and fun to own options much more desirable, much quicker. bring it on!

    62. Jey Lee

      I love this car! The one thing that turns me off about it, and is very important to me, the lack of physical knobs and buttons for volume, channel, a/c, etc.. I HATE having to do everything by touch, it's counter productive, unintuitive, and slower, and potentially more dangerous...some could say that nit picking, I don't care, it becomes a real annoyance when there's very little else to complain about.

      1. Joe

        There is (vey good) voice command. Auto lights, auto main beams, auto wipers, climate control. control of hifi on steering wheel - not much need for buttons in the real world. Plus legacy auto have figured out that touch screens are way cheaper than wiring up endless buttons - so they are fast disappearing anyway.

    63. ok

      I miss the old top gear

    64. Gregory Roberts

      “I prefer taking over from the computer and using my computer up here” Sez the guy from a small island doing 3 laps on a track. Try doing a proper road trip with Autopilot and get back to me... it’s a game changer. Leaving on a 3000 mile trip tomorrow and glad I’m not driving the 2013 Honda as regular cruise control now seems annoying and anachronistic. Btw, not wedded to Tesla... looking into a Hyundai with lane keep for my father.

    65. ausud

      Can't say I particularly trust Top Gear to give a completely impartial review of a Tesla.

    66. Mateus Luan Maciel

      4:48 that's uphill, right?

    67. Adrian Palacios

      Is no one else weirded out that he keeps using the imperial measurement system?

    68. Inse van houts

      Best Top Gear I've seen since ages. Keep it up!

    69. Trevor Scott

      Want a model 3 with a hatch instead of a trunk? Get a model Y...

    70. Dave Barker

      Nice car shame about the price.

      1. Joe

        You might want to look at what a BMW alternative will set you back. Yes it's pricey but top spec is included.

    71. Devran Bruinen

      There are quite a few EV's i really like. However if i were to purchase one i would always go for Tesla. The one and only reason is their charging infrastructure is 100 times better than anything else out there.

    72. Ted Kidd

      Meh. Reviews from ppl who think they know more than they do. Tedious. Lots of people who LIVE with these cars give much better, more informed reviews.

    73. Ricardo Campelo de Magalhães

      Top Gear? Please DEcameras algorithm...

    74. Ted Tabaka

      This review was sad. I expect better from Top Gear.

    75. Halcyon Traveler

      So they just decided not to test options because they would of had to spend a more money? What has happened to this show?

    76. John Alexander Rowley

      Why did you put your foot on the break first? No need to do this...

    77. colorrage

      New dude , same corupt top gear!

    78. Brian Moody

      Would've been lovely if he could have demonstrated the $2,000 downloadable acceleration boost.

    79. Robert Marquez

      Disappointed a reviewer didn't get a car with full self driving, to idk maybe review it?

    80. ArmstA79

      Is this video aimed at people who have never seen a car before?

    81. Julian Thrussell

      30th out of 33 manufacturers for reliability so says JD Power 2021 reliability survey - buy one at your own risk.

    82. tylerc161

      @7:32 Does anyone know this song name/artist?

    83. Rami

      Thinking about the future of cars makes me sad, we are losing the sound, the smell and the shapes of the cars 😪

      1. MrAdopado

        And it's great to see the Flying Scotsman roaring up a track occasionally ... but I wouldn't swap for a modern electric train swishing past the end of the street every other day instead!

    84. empiirik

      Are most of the UK population left-handed?

    85. Dee Plato

      Nice video Ollie. Hope you can give the Ionic 5 a similar review when it is on the market. Thank you.

    86. zero15388

      I think they look alright out and about, compared to most other similar cars.

    87. Brian

      Inaccurate. You can’t use full self driving in the UK. You can buy it as a potential future investment, but you can’t use it, so you can’t comment on its efficacy. Yet.

    88. Andrew Herbert

      OK, whoever this presenter is...just give a job on Top Gear, awesome work

    89. PC PORSCHE

      “Learnimg from the germans and brits...” LOL , all brits and german EVs are crap next to the Tesla, being the taycan the only exception, but costs “only” the double ... BIAS review

    90. bongo bob

      This presenter drinks soy lattes for sure

    91. Chad Estes

      You'll find it's not wind noise - but road noise. Put Model 3 on a quiet road and it's utterly silent. Not really any wind noise.

      1. MrAdopado

        ..and he was driving on a concrete slabbed test track by the look of it, so road noise would be massively louder than on a motorway.

    92. Super cars


    93. TypeTuber

      I’ve had my model 3 almost 3.5 years now. Hasn’t missed a beat.

      1. Mo Medea

        you jinxed it now.

    94. Craig0935

      7:30 your full of shit. Drove my model 3 from SF to LA and only took over a handful of times

    95. Fernando Ecamp

      I am not a millennial (unless, in a sense that I am almost 1000 years old) thus, I need physical staff to press, switch and turn, knobs, switches ... I want to adjust the mirrors without looking I can do this with knobs. I can turn the lights, headlights without looking with hand lever and knobs. I can turn the AC without looking with a switch. I want to look at the road 99.99% of the time. not 50% of the time. Why can you have high tech and also freaking knobs!

      1. Billy Broccoli

        To have a calm minimal dash

    96. Victor Sharman

      It must have been the weather because the 2020 Tesla 3 dual motor has been tested many times 0-60 at 4.2 seconds and under. With the software upgrade for $2000 it will do 0-60 tested at 3.8 seconds...same as the 2015 Corvette C7 Z51.

    97. Bob Cushing

      Faintly annoying review. Too cool for school

    98. Martin Smith

      The model 3 came out in 2017. Top Gear are so far behind it is embarrassing.

    99. Jeff Stephens

      I drove an AM Vantage around Milbrook 14 years ago at speeds well in excess of 100mph hands free for miles and miles, literally my hands were on my lap

    100. CrustyBasterd

      2021 model 3 performance has 82kwh battery, not 74kwh