ASTON MARTIN VALKYRIE: Passenger Lap | £2.5m, 1,160bhp, 11,100rpm F1-inspired hypercar | Top Gear

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    At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, we posted ourselves into Aston's £2.5million V12-engined unobtanium for a ride up the hill. It was... well, hit play and let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix try and explain. If he can remember how to talk. And hear.

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    1. max power

      They should have name it "Millenium Falcon" instead of Valkyrie !!! How do I do to LIKE 3 times that video ? It's fantastic ! 5:48


      I love how friendly and easy-going the driver is, ha-ha. Just a chill guy!

    3. Purwanti Allan

      This Aston Martin could smoke any hypercars in the world.

    4. Gordon Anderson

      They did well to avoid the old "this one goes to eleven" jokes. Supercar Blondie will have to wear bloomers when she climbs into this one.

    5. Decenium

      amazing driving

    6. ItsAlexPlayz

      Lovely car, shame it broke down

    7. Shivam Aditya

      Pure bliss...!!!🥲

    8. Anh Minh Tran


    9. Jerraldough

      As a kid I dreamed of cars like this existing. So glad it’s a dream come true :)

    10. Mirco Lequio

      che schifo di macchina

    11. Ashu

      The power is immense. This can rotate earth!!

    12. Unboxing john

      No hate but the amg project one is cooler

      1. Unboxing john

        @Fred S. I can't argue with that😂 the v12 a great engine I hope one day we can go on a track and prove you wrong

      2. Fred S.

        @Unboxing john and sounds like a vacuum cleaner

      3. Unboxing john

        @Fred S. it isn't just a v6. An F1 v6 that revs to 12 thousand rpms.

      4. Fred S.

        @Unboxing john hell no. V6 Vs V12- no question what's better

      5. Unboxing john

        @Fred S. the amg one

    13. Ahmad Hasif

      So i guess this is the, VAGNER in GTA ONLINE

    14. D Filice

      Damn! Is there such a thing as too much power?

    15. Fee Fee

      Who is this Jack Rix nimrod? Christ he's annoying

    16. Vetanenator

      wher jams and hammock

    17. VedadoGaming 98

      It's a great car, but Superleggera Volante is Superleggera Volante.

    18. The Stig


    19. Amanuel Fikru

      That sound epic epic

    20. 123 456

      One of the best car sounds ive ever heard😚

    21. Edward Chester

      Well that looks horrible to drive. :D I'll take a separate track car an road car any day.

    22. Bg

      Seb's twin?

    23. Just John

      Oh I thought it was electric! Boring Boring Boring.

    24. Salmalarachchige Nivain Deshitha Wijegunawardana

      This is one of the most disgusting cars to look at, no clean lines, no engine in the front. It's not am Aston-Martin Want a great Naturally aspirated V12 Manual, also with a steering wheel in the middle and Manual, also again much lighter. Buy the Gordon Murray Automotive T50

      1. Jainal Abdin

        @Salmalarachchige Nivain Deshitha Wijegunawardana No idea what you are rambling about.

      2. Jainal Abdin

        @Salmalarachchige Nivain Deshitha Wijegunawardana They have an iconic front. Wouldn't say I'd go out of my way to acquire one.

      3. Jainal Abdin

        @Salmalarachchige Nivain Deshitha Wijegunawardana I'm not your son. And comparing a beauty spot to a fugly backside fan was disingenuous.

      4. Salmalarachchige Nivain Deshitha Wijegunawardana

        @Jainal Abdin Enjoy looking like rich dirt bag trying to shout out what he doesn't have in the bedroom.

      5. Salmalarachchige Nivain Deshitha Wijegunawardana

        @Jainal Abdin Well one last question Do You like Alfa-Romeo?

    25. Pip Pipster

      My motorbike revs to 12K... It’s no biggie.

      1. Pip Pipster

        @Mazda Dealer If you can get me 95% off a Sian FKP 37 … give me a call.

      2. Mazda Dealer

        I’ll like to introduce you to a 2021 Mazda CX-5 with a special discount. Let me know if interested.

    26. TheKoolaidekidd

      The tires would not hold there was so much power at the higher end of the revs with cold tires and a somewhat slippery track. I think it would of done better with traction control on. Just a hand full for sure.

    27. Sangsu Woo

      Nice car!

    28. Sharif Parvanta

      The Hell with hybrid turbos

    29. Sharif Parvanta

      Only grip. Should of made just one seat w a central position like the F1

    30. Sharif Parvanta

      This is a game changer. Nothin comes closs. Bravo

    31. Medical Geologist Mom

      I'm 5'7 3/4"!!!!

    32. Tazakka Thoriq


    33. Salvador Rodriguez

      I own this car in GTA V

    34. Reginaldo Ferreira Campos

      "Does it come in Black?" - Wayne, Bruce

    35. Abhijeet Dey

      Damn.. hope it comes to forza motorsport 8

    36. Primary Ignition

      So angry!

    37. BITS2

      When you know you have the best job in the world... "It's a loud place to work... " :DDD

    38. Funnyshish

      Jesus he had to correct every 50m

    39. Ронд Видар

      What the

    40. name



      How in the name of Thor is that street legal? Damn that thing is amazing

    42. Lyan

      We’re just going to show the low-speed capability of the car hahaha

    43. Trolden

      The only right way to make a hybrid car👌😋 seems to be behaving like the Laferrari, trying to kill everyone👌👌😅

    44. Blade III

      Probs my fav hypercar lmao

    45. Tyler Gates

      This car is one for the ages

    46. hosackies

      I doubt that any sophisticated women will be impressed by you when they see you climb in and out of this thing. And for those that do, you can probably pick them up in your camry as well.

    47. disney trek

      julia roberts

    48. Arkadiusz Starski

      GTA 5: Dewbauchee Vagner

    49. glenniez1

      Your mouth kept saying yeah...your head was saying lets go go!

    50. Carribboy.75

      this is where ford created the gt40 from this car just like they took the grill from the Austin martin and made it in to there cars u get in an accident with that car your feet and shit u can cut them off

    51. David Peters

      "Lap"? This a ride up the hill. Can we see how it goes on a circuit with Harris or Stig?

      1. Tom Grove

        Harris will most definitely give it a go next season. If he doesn't, they've missed a trick.

    52. Ross-Alexander Smith

      The wheel seems to be on the left. Odd...

    53. Maverick

      Rimac will blow it

      1. Fred S.


    54. Asif Azeez

      Heard sebastian vettel have booked one.

    55. Duku 8

      Damn,what happened to this show.

    56. Dean Jay

      Your face said it all lol 😂 wow 🤩

    57. Carrot13


    58. Carrot13

      Who misses jerremy and da bois

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        Watch the bland tour then.

    59. William Chidube

      Shame. All this extremities and will still suck next to a Tesla. Combustion engines are the past😭

    60. Saadat Muzaffar

      One question. How does one get out ?

    61. wozza77able

      You made this as boring as bat shit!

    62. David B

      T50. Smaller, yet fits three with no crowding of the driver. Sure, not quite as fast, but I'd bet that 99.9% of the time it would be a better (more pleasurable) driving experience.

      1. David B

        @AVIO Both*, actually, and my Ring time was only two seconds longer in the T.50 (I forgot the . previously). So given the extra cargo, passenger, comfort, daily use capacity, and meager "slowness" deficit, I'll go with the genius of Murray over Newey. *Mental exercise only, your times may vary. Not responsible for crashes during mental lapse [sic] and resulting brain hemorrhages.

      2. David B

        @AVIO Yes, for those of us who actually like to drive rather than pose.

    63. Benjamin Cho

      How do these drivers have enough balls to drive those cars... purely amazing

    64. mugdays

      Kind of a dick move to time him after he said he's "not doing that" lol

    65. Xuan L

      Every shift, wheels slipping.

    66. Modus OpeRandy

      I was going to watch this, but forgot it's not the real top gear anymore. explains the 8M subs

    67. El R*******

      Unbelievable car Can't wait for the nurburgring lap

    68. Alex S.

      Another hypercar at goodwood that has to play it safe due to a slick, recently rained on track……yay.

    69. 𒊹︎𒊹︎𒊹︎𒊹︎𒊹︎

      Is top gear still making money from old top gear ( Jeremy clarkson, Richard Hammond, James may ) scenes ?????

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        The BBC owns the show, so yes.

    70. simulated reality

      I could buy a Hurican fit a supercharger and turbo save myself 2m and go faster then this....

    71. James Yoh

      It is not a real “CAR”. It is a bragging topic in a club. No real world ability to be driven on any street other than a race track.

    72. Arsr

      Os quiero

    73. Iseenoobpeoples

      Styling is so crazy, I hope to see it in real life.

    74. SJP35 Productions

      Wow! Newport Beach to Caesar's Palace in 2 1/2 hours.

    75. Pratik Parija


    76. chuawjk

      The way the numbers jump on the speedo 😵

    77. Josh H

      Surly the speedo in KM/h ? Insane car!

    78. Vladimir Lenin

      Got the Cozzeh in the back

    79. achmad yant

      Not hybrid or other, just pure NA V12.. Masterpiece

      1. Alan Davis

        Not a hybrid. Apart from the 160hp electric motor...

    80. MR. D.

      Make it so ..punch it

    81. Sergio Jimenez

      This thing are going to eat sennas for breakfast

    82. nick watkins

      My new favourite car 😁 what a sound! Right, need to rob a lot of banks

    83. the undead1

      But can bond use it in a shoot out?

    84. Sergio Jimenez

      This might replace the Mclaren F1 as my favorite car

    85. Guenther Steiner

      Jesus christ

    86. Diogo Chagas

      This car needs to chill,my head set is vibrating

    87. Kerem Arman

      Too cramped for my taste. It's such a performance focused machine, There's no space left for the human beings.

      1. AM Valkyrie

        You need to compromise somewhere to get the quickest (around corners) production car

    88. The Rad Fems

      Wagner much?

    89. Jole the Nebula

      Isn’t it a hybrid system from Rimac?🤔

    90. Daniel Ali

      A car thats designed by a genius, with an engine produced by the legendary cosworth with an astonmartin badge, i just felt my pants get tight.... mega mega

    91. Vintage Custom Cars

      i love your videos, great content

    92. cupidstunt22

      Shmee just wet himself

    93. mrthree

      Perfect family road trip car slash daily driver

    94. Dach

      Never would buy that...not an utilitarian thing......its just a toy...not that i have the money but even if i did, i would never buy this.

    95. Vlad Rayda

      Brand new car but the check engine light is already blinking on the steering wheel 😂😂

    96. Just Kris

      Still think that car belongs in lemans

    97. kambing ganteng

      Its not comfy

      1. Fred S.

        No shit

    98. Roberto Jofre

      why did adrian newey left? wasent he the man behind the car?

    99. Hunter Routh

      Buggati wishes their cars sounded like this. My goodness...

    100. Mark

      Terrific automobile, but ruined by two brits with helmets trying to talk thru the noise of the motor with all of a bunch of "Britishisms" that are difficult to translate??? But the vehicle is beyond Superb!