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    Winner of the 'One to Watch' gong in the TopGear.com Electric Awards, it's the £2.4m Lotus Evija. Well, a prototype of the upcoming electric hypercar. And we've got the world exclusive first drive video for you, with Top Gear Magazine editor Jack Rix behind the wheel. Can a 1,600bhp electric prototype really handle like the cars of Lotus legend? Let's find out.

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    1. Top Gear

      Want more EV action? Here's a review of the incredibly capable Porsche Taycan Turbo: decameras.info/block/m2iVpHafntbScXk/video.html

      1. Neo Lake

        @Craig O 100%!

      2. masskilla469

        Taycan is slow!

      3. Stanley Masterson

        1:58 Door panels don't align perfectly... yep, it's a Lotus

      4. Craig O

        And so the dominoes fall, China's take over strategy of western industry is apparently not transparent enough for TopGear to see. Short-term gain for failed companies like Lotus and its employees. Long-term pain for our children's children under the yoke of Chinese authoritarian rule. If you think their influence will stop at owning western companies think again. With control of companies comes control of politics and ideology. If you think this is far-fetched then you are either in denial or stupid. If you cannot see their strategy of creeping in through the cracks and fissures using brands like Lotus then you are also in denial or stupid. Maybe we deserve have our freedoms taken away, the freedoms that generations over hundreds of years have fought for, if we are this cretinous and weak-willed.

      5. SP33DD3M0N's Snowrunner info channel

        But what about the Tesla roadster MK2?

    2. GLobDeli

      boring as FFFFFFFFFFFK

    3. whismerhilll

      Darth Vader: "Most impressive!"

    4. Volodia

      In a front looks like Gallardo.

    5. ZNP Entertainment

      Obsolete out of the gate. Rubbish, like the rest of them by everyone. All this hype for nothing. No one in the world can produce a Tesla Model S Plaid. Not in the next 5 years minimum. If someone does, please respond to this comment. Thx.

    6. trifio5242

      Looking at this, compaired to Plaid which cost like 20 times less, is just laughable. What the hell are they doing?))) Who will buy this for 2 million?

    7. NinjaRunningWild

      Tron car.

    8. pmm4177

      All that horsepower and my 2008 Mazda 3 will win any race over 300 miles!

    9. Buford T Justice

      This is not top gear 👎

    10. Trill And thome

      That range sounds concerning

    11. Arsal Z. Siddiqi

      This, like many others, is a good video. Unfortunately, these guys are still getting a bit of criticism. I get that BBC was unfair with the original lot, but we shouldn't take it out on the new hosts. They're just doing their job and quite well actually, we're just used to the old three and their special way of doing this. Don't get me wrong, no one can take the special place in our hearts we have for Clarksons, Hammond, and May and I love what they've done on Amazon but I don't think that being rough on the new guys is gonna accomplish anything. No need for more argument, everyone's happy.

    12. God Rebel

      Sound like highspeed train, SO COOOOOOOL XD

    13. Tneeder

      This is the nicest vacuum cleaner ive ever seen!

    14. Jim Estall

      Sounds like you're on the Northern Line !

    15. Tyvek Homewrap

      I don't even know who is and isn't on Top Gear anymore. Who is this guy? They seem to get new hosts every week.

    16. Church-E- Drummer

      Chevy Corvette C8 0-60 in 2.8 seconds….🤷🏻‍♂️

    17. OugaBoogaShockwave

      best looking car i've seen in a long time. i want 1 of these Evija Tron edition cars or a Emira Tron edition

    18. Amar Nawaz

      2.4million for 3sec 0-60 lol might as well get a aventador

    19. Music Lover

      British engineering is back💪

    20. omid zarbaft

      Rusted steering bracket..... not a good look tbh. A Spray Paint costs like $5

    21. david bullock

      read "target numbers".... read Model S can do most of this already.... read..... and what happens to range when you do this twice in 1 hour....... All this hype and a complete lack of real world data would not be acceptable when reviewing a petrol car IMHO. NEXT!

    22. Uncle Gilbert

      I embrace the electric revolution. All of a sudden petrol and diesels seem prehistoric and redundant. I'm not talking about HyperCars especially, I'm talking all cars and let's be honest the real cars are the one side we use every day for commuting and shopping etc.

    23. Craig Hewitt

      That whine that comes from the electric cars grates on me 🥴

    24. R. Flash

      Lotus: We have spent millions on this electric concept supercar and we have been very careful on who gets to drive it. Also Lotus: Looks rainy out time for full throttle testing!

    25. Joseph Joestar

      Keep the spirit alive I just want this brand to live and thrive I still haven't bought mine yet From as much as I've heard With a lotus, a driver runs out of skill, the car still delivers I wanna own a few, so keep it going and I hope this brand lives on

    26. Oliver Hawksworth

      I was looking forward to this until I heard his voice. He doesn’t actually sound like a presenter. Hammond would have been perfect for this

    27. ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ

      Meanwhile, Rimac Nevera is already produced and runs 8.6 seconds @ 170 mph (1/4 mile)

    28. Cassia

      I dont usually find cars sexy but damn that ass on that!!

    29. Matthew Walker

      Those shut lines are very lotus, but it does look great

    30. Fábio

      00:58 "Closelly related Rimac". How come? And what about the Nevera?

    31. thecraggrat

      So, the Evija will be almost exactly the same weight as the Tesla 3, with a similar battery pack (T3 Std range = 62kWh, vs quoted 69kWh in the Evija). So if it has a similar efficiency it should have a similar ~425 ± km range with "normal" driving on the road (~15kWh/100km). So, NOT a low range car in reality, unless you put your foot down, in which case, all cars range suffers! Replace the battery pack with new tech batteries when available, say when energy density doubles (as I'd expect Lotus to make available, they'll likely keep a similar size/form factor for newer cars anyway), and you have a 850km cruising range, which is not shabby.

    32. J Hales

      So 1 million $100,000 more for 1.1 seconds slower than the Tesla ..... priceless lol

    33. Charlie Echo

      What's the music?

    34. Fu Chen

      Got the styling from Yaminized.

    35. Sebastian Sundelin

      Batman 1989 Batmobile

    36. Daltira

      Looks like Jackson storm from cars 3

    37. Svetoslav Popov

      30 miles on a charge, it is a joke, maybe make it even lighter if connecting it permanently via a cable and drive only in a circle :)

    38. Quarter Mile

      Whuuuuueeeeeee weekend Rip combustion engine

    39. 1

      *_So 04 gallardo front...f8 tributo side...458 window profile...and LOTUS unique back...Mc larens stance_*

    40. 1

      *_Is human weight considered during performance number development?..._* 🤔

    41. Manson P

      Coming here after the reveal of Emira

    42. eukatech

      common Lotus get into Le Mans Hyper

    43. Tina Pham

      It’s a ferraribugatti

    44. Josh33

      Actually sounds really cool and natural.

    45. beezball

      I'm quite determined to buy a Emira. My main problem is they have stated that the manual version will only come with the V6 engine. I really think I'd just like the 2.0 turbo. Also, i hope part of their rebirth and growth is to legitimately get back into F1.

    46. Andrew Paramor

      Shame about the rusty back end to the steering wheel?

    47. A Positively Better Life

      3.3 seconds? That is barely a supercar stat, not hypercar territory.

    48. poveri voi

      Good Rc car


      Monster ❤️

    50. Jonathan Arena

      Possibly the most beautiful new sports car design of the past 5 years.

    51. Micheal3104

      Lotus evija: *existed* Hennessey venom f5: Are you challenging me?

    52. p s

      Not worth it. Buy a Tesla roadster.

    53. Andrew Stewart

      Real expensive

    54. Sloan

      We are living in the future

    55. mark anderson

      do they all come with rusted steering columns, or is it just an optional they put on the display model? ;D

    56. JAY

      Massive respect for lotus making this. I wonder when Lambo Ferrari etc will follow.

    57. mariosgeo2

      What do we say to British cars? No, no, not, nooo, no, never.

    58. Mason Edwards

      That rear end is so beautiful

    59. Mr Fc

      Can someone get it right and at least augment a distinctive engine/ exhaust note. How long until that screeching electric sound drives you insane. Apart from that I’m all for electric sports/super/hyper cars, the sound department needs serious attention. This feedback is essential for the driver otherwise it takes something important away from us. This car is ridiculously fast but sounds like an RC toy car.

    60. J Joule Kelvin

      0:20 Lamborghini ???

    61. Derio Nathanael

      Damn 1680 kg for an ev is incredibly light

    62. bunnyy88

      doesn't feel the same without Clarkson, May or Hamond

    63. Fang

      Like the Petronas theme. Looks very nice.

    64. Purple Two Three

      Nothing against any channel specifically. It's all car channels. I don't know why it's so hard to simply introduce a car for two minutes, rig up cockpit cameras and mics, send the car off, cut the music, keep your mouths shut, let people feel what it's like to be in the driver's seat for a few laps, THEN you can talk for 15 minutes about all the nerdy stuff and show off a bunch of fancy video editing. Very few reviewers bother with first-person car experiences, and even fewer stop talking. It's like a test drive where you just watch someone drive the car for you. And then you get a tour and get to hear every detail you don't entirely believe you need to know.

    65. Peter D

      1,972 BHP? *WUT?????*

    66. Konata Izumi

      what the f...i want that car.

    67. Harry Dunkwu

      That side vent design that streams air directly to the rare is sick!

    68. Angus Davies

      Lotus is moving the operation out of the tent. Good things...

    69. Blaze

      this car might save the company

    70. Richard Tyler

      Ok you win electric! I submit you’re faster than petrol. 😭

    71. tfs202

      Well this wont be a popular comment, but why lie? You can get the same 3.5s, 124-186 times in a $350,000 Viper CM1800. This "Lotus" is uglier IMO, 10Xs the price, will cost 50Xs more to insure, but it will be easier to drive daily, which nobody will do anyhow, so thats pointless. I have driven many Teslas, and just dont like them(has nothing to do with their F-grade quality factory paint). Driven a P100D, and would take an AWD petrol car anyday. But in Europe, you cant own things like a CM1800, because of their massive insurance rates, and absurd emissions obsession, so I understand why Europeans choose certain cars over others. But even at $3.35M, they probably already sold everyone by now.

    72. cyberspectre

      3 seconds sounds very slow for an electric car with 2,000 horsepower. Are you sure that's right?

    73. Spoor7

      I wish when they crash or hit something they say cock

    74. Brian N

      that colour scheme is lethal

    75. Shubham A

      I hate electric cars. But after seeing this one, I think I am ready for a change.

    76. Anonymous

      Sorry lotus your car is awesome but I will take Remac nevera.

    77. J Storey

      I love my Esprit looking forward to the Emira when it gets launched

    78. Scott Brown

      Love how lotus got lots of stick for lack of power and responds with a 2000hp ev hypercar

    79. Scott Brown

      Customers - "Y NO POWERRRRR GIVE US MORE POWERRR" Lotus - "yes"

    80. Jim Smith

      Why isn't Harris doing this?

    81. ND

      Honestly, it reminds me of the radio controlled cars I used to play with 30 years ago, so it just doesn’t seem futuristic to me. Different from ICE yes. More futuristic... meh. It’s a cool car, but doesn’t blow me away.

    82. Stephen Tokko

      For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30)

    83. Tanner Smiley

      I think we need a new Need For Speed movie

    84. Andreas G

      Ugly car 🤮

    85. K T

      Look forward to drag race up against Chiron

    86. Getulio Carvalho Júnior

      This car is so boring.

    87. Matt H

      0-62 in 3.3 seconds? My stock v8 SUV can do that.

    88. Contract Fortune

      Beautiful car.. But no pipe music? These electric hypercars are going to suck..

    89. Maurice Conger

      looks & sounds like a Formula E car

    90. Max Ackerny

      Damn..... that thing is gorgeous, but i would rather have rimac nevera or even a roadster

    91. I Ivanoff

      I'm sorry but Lotus has never been a hyper car.....

    92. MyPlateMyFate

      Eat your heart out Ford GT.

    93. AN D1

      This (with a proper engine) should be the new Exige not a stupid 2.4m EV

    94. BullDog

      Top Gear - Testing in the rain....boring

    95. Mart j

      Another pointless toy for rich people, life must be hard if you need one of these.

    96. nouri zakaria

      i dont like the heandlights, gives it a gallardo vibe. the rear is amazing tho

    97. mccleerymichaelable

      A fantastic review and an absolutely fantastic car. And the wrap design is pretty sweet too!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for Lotus.

    98. jumpman120

      So beautiful car

    99. Anon Ymoose

      electric cars are such a scam. the only point of them is to stop burning fossil fuels. But the fossil fuels still need to be burned to produce them. So in 2 scenarios 1) non electric = fossil fuels burned. 2) electric = fossil fuels burned and a lot of left over toxic waste.