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    Welcome to the Ferrari Renaissance. Welcome to the brand-new Ferrari 296 GTB. It doesn't replace the F8 Tributo, but "complements" the range, according to Ferrari. Unbelievably, its power output matches the V12 812 Competizione. You’re looking at the thick, scary end of 819bhp from a 2.9-litre turbocharged V6 and electric motor. Sheesh. When spooled up, both units send that mammoth power output to the rear wheels to record a 0-62mph time of 2.9s, a 0-124mph time of 7.3s, top speed of over 205mph, and a Fiorano lap time of 1m 21s; that latter number matches up to the Ferrari F12tdf. But there’s a lot more going on under the skin, so let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix be your jungle guide for this new era of six-cylinder Ferraris.

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    1. Owen Copson

      Is it me or does it look a bit corvette-y? 5:52 especially.

    2. mike o

      1:20 BS. It clearly looks like a Ford GT40

    3. Frank Gallagher

      Can’t wait for the spider version

    4. Rueijhen Liou

      The one in red looks like a corvette.

    5. Feedmepastys

      Looks like a Corvete, horrible.

    6. Genius Ell

      Only Ferrari will release a new car just as 2 of their other new cars begin to be sold.

    7. Jason Carle

      What is its Nurburgring time... oh, Ferrari has no idea.

    8. Emil da panzer

      This man Isn't Jeremy Clarkson James May Or Richard Hammond. what type of top gear is this?

    9. Francesco Orano

      If a brand want to sell must produce more models than any other car builder. This is the market and Ferrari knows exactly how to do It. This isn't a mini ferrari with over 800 hp. The price is correct for this new jewel. Many compliments.

    10. Smitty

      Anybody els peep the blue SUV in the background 🚙👀

    11. Smitty

      The “296 GTB” looks like a 2004 Ford GT lol

    12. F1RE

      It is bloody beautiful, I love the violent corners and flat, classic roof

    13. Franz Labawan

      First time looking at it this car looks like a Ford GT with its lines the air intake and the stripes on the hood. But still, sick sick car.

    14. PC

      Garbage car. Looks like a corvette merged with an audi/bmw.

    15. Andrew Pacheco

      It has the design of a c8 Corvette

    16. Stop motor!

      Why is car in fortnite a totally different thing

    17. Asier Otero

      It’s the car from Fortnite

    18. Rajan Agarwal

      Just ate lambo for breakfast

    19. WildWest07

      oMg ItS tHe FoRtNiTe CaR

    20. Chehwjw Rnejej

      I got mad every time you leaned on it

    21. Frizzique Gaming

      Hey! thats the fortnite car

    22. xX_Doge Mast3r_Xx

      wow this is a car! soo cool!!!!11!!1!!

    23. Christopher Moore

      "Cubbies for your wads of money" 🤣🤣🤣

    24. Soggycips Comedy

      The Fortnite Ferrari looks more real than the real one

    25. VACbOY

      The first car that pioneered the Air intake in headlight thing was the Dodge Hellcat in 2015. 720S came in 2017

    26. Kalle Sundqvist


    27. Blair Aihie

      Wow it’s the fortnite car in real life. XD

    28. Krishne Kalati

      Cant believe this is in fortnite

    29. MJching23

      Fortnite Kids Be Like: *IS THAT THE CAR FROM FORTNITE*

      1. MJching23

        @Jayden white nope

      2. Esteban Camarillo

        I've never heard fortnite kids say that

      3. Jayden white

        U r the fortnite kid

    30. Vi VaRo

      The rate at which this small company is putting new cars to market is just astonishing

    31. Kenneth Stevenson


    32. jean claude bertoni

      Inglesi! Basta li!

    33. Sigitas Lukoševičius

      Back lights looks like two tone sunglasses.

    34. Edwin Heintjes

      Shouders are not at the back.... You might mean "hips"?

    35. Fernando Garcia

      The F8 goes out of production in a couple of years?!? I haven't even seen one on the road yet and I live in Miami. Not only that, there was barely any sort of fanfare for it, no big budget reviews from the car journalists. Idk why it bothers me so much since I'll never own a Ferrari but it seems like they're going in a weird direction ( I don't mean that just cause of the hybrid stuff) and I don't like it. The SF90 was probably the most lackluster and undramatic hypercar ever made. The all touch panel user interface has to be one of the worst integrations of touch controls in the car world, seems like the only question designers had in mind was whether they could do it, not whether it adds anything to the car. The roma is the only Ferrari that I currently have any affection for and it's the entry level coupe. I'm only 26 but I feel like an old man harkening back to the good old days of the 430, the 458, the F12 and la Ferrari.

    36. Bruce Young

      Rear lights from a C8 Corvette...

    37. Bruce Young

      Nice Car... UGLY paint scheme...!

    38. John Smalldridge

      I’ve always loved older Ferrari’s organic/feminine shape. This is a wonderful return to that kind of styling which is in stark contrast to the over compensating for a shortcoming wedge shape of Lamborghini.

    39. Jaspreet Singh

      McLaren exhaust pipes on Ferrari

    40. carbo19

      love it all except the hideous stripe paint job

    41. Skavi Hekkora

      The last real ferrari was f430 manual

    42. Paul iceman

      Another Ferrari jeez...

    43. Luca Spezzatti


    44. Gvidas Vasiliauskas

      It looks like duck:D

      1. Michael Joseph

        take the stripe out then won't looks like a duck.....the red one looks really nice in the launch video

    45. Greg Esch

      Front and sides are stunning. Paint job is american and the back is japanese/american. Looks a bit lole a corvette. Not sure if i like the package. Edit: sorry i haye the back and when i saw it in red cornering it also looks too much lile a McLaren Also, again edit! The v6 was already tested in the alfa quadrofolio.

    46. Tom Johnson

      OOPS looks like the older Ford GT (?) Hey thanks! Signed, A Yank Ferrari LM ? No!

    47. Utterly Bonkers Daddy

      Next model will sport a 1.3L 3 in line cylinders

    48. Anthony Stevens

      Geez Ferrari's making too many cars these days, I can't make sense of them all!

    49. kanazuchi923

      I understand the need to design the cheapest models in a manufacturer's line up to be unattractive enough so customers will buy more expensive trims and models, but holy hell this is ugly. It looks like Ferrari took the ugliest parts of an old Camero and slapped it on this car.

    50. Doan Trinh

      Even though I own a Ferrari… the paint job is just awful.

    51. dartagnanx1

      That pop up rear spoiler looks indecent.

      1. Michael Joseph

        looks like the front pop up spoiler in McLaren Elva

    52. juicysushisan

      Half the power, 500kg less weight, and less lame headlights and it’d be way better.

    53. piffiiiiiiit

      They should have made it a 2.9 v8, without the hybrid nonsense 😁 Oh and the yellow is horrid 🤢

    54. OugaBoogaShockwave

      i HATE thaht optional stripe, it looks like crap !

    55. Rune of Aia

      Chevy tried to make the Corvette look like a Ferrari, and now Ferrari has made a car that looks like a Corvette (It's the tail lights). 😏😆 Looks nice though.

    56. Denico Cupido

      All people car about is hp nowadays

    57. Damon

      4:52 you’re welcome. Hit it a min of 5x

    58. concinnus

      A 120° V makes sense for mid-engine, and taps into their F1 history. Well done.

    59. BSB Forum

      Its just not the same without clarkson hammond and may

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        Thankfully not

    60. A.J.R

      It looks absolutely dismal. In my opinion Ferrari have lost it. They have haven't produced anything worth a salt for decades.

    61. noodle & doughnuts

      Bring back Pininfarina !

    62. Shmorgamorse

      A+ wheels on this bad boy

    63. Staging Lane

      I'm a Ferrari Girl!! This car is stunning!! - Z.

    64. Neil Dutta

      Is it just me or the earlier ferrari's looked better

      1. Matteo Caporicci

        I agree. It all started with the gtc4 lusso's taillights........488 was peak imho......and 599 for the v12s

    65. DRTY FN

      Meh. Ferraris should only be 8 or 12 cylinders.

    66. Ronald Thompson

      The nose of that thing...eek

    67. bryan

      The perfect " first Ferrari" sensible size,supercar performance,EV mode because " it can" and under £300'000 for a fully loaded one.

    68. SHANNON SA

      SF90 is ugly as sin

    69. SHANNON SA

      Back looks like a Corvette

    70. The Part-Time Protagonist

      9:28 Yeah Family car! Family car for a divorced adult

    71. Blah Blah

      the new Ferrari's all kinda look like the same car

    72. dragonlock12345

      This car is shockingly hideous. Unattractive from every angle. I agree that the SF90 looks generic. F8 Tributo is over-styled. The days of beautiful Ferraris are over.

    73. Boom

      Ferrari, who claimed that Porsche was a frog, made a duck.

    74. James Tudor


    75. Sweetan Bandodkar

      i think this same v6 engine is used in formula 2 by prema racing team.. maybe in a lower state of tune

    76. Tony Kono

      I agree that the car should have had round tail lights. Keep it traditional.

    77. marvin rotich

      Give jack the tv show gig

    78. Arnaud Brunelle

      Front end reminds me of the RX-8


      IDK, but these color stripes makes these Ferraris so ugly.

    80. Nico1977

      the paint job is horrendous, and it's slower than a 4 door Tesla 😂

    81. Gary Fishman

      Presumably there's small print in the manual that 800+ hp is only available when you have juice in the batteries. Do more than one lap flat out and surely your times get worse even with some regen, downside of hybrid. And not crazy about "sunglasses" rear lights.

    82. Ant El

      I just don't like it. I really don't. And you thought the SF90 styling was meh? Really?

    83. enemy fruitloop

      The rear spoiler looks like a dog licking it’s nose.

    84. Rhianne Moll

      Meh. They can keep it.

    85. Be12

      They've finally made a lighter, smaller car with a battery for pottering around silently but as Harris said-NA and manual......

    86. Bam Bam 444

      Looks like a GT40 back on ferrari front, ah okay based on the 250lm it makes sense now. Shame the price of ferrari has just got stupid compared to other cars. Certainly don't like some of the new generic design language but hey I still want one lol

    87. Jason Morgan


    88. Alex Van Breemen

      Sticky buttons…no more hopefully.

    89. Ozgrade3 Australia

      A Ferrari for Soy Boys who know nothing about cars, nor care about cars.

    90. Ben Keilty

      Top Gear given 1 hour and not allowed to drive the car. The gap between DEcameras and journalism just narrowed further.

    91. alessandro Cipollone

      Quite possibly the ugliest Ferrari ever.

    92. Brad Roberts

      Looks like a Ford GT 40

    93. Olga Flores

      I'd rather get NSX

    94. TF Studio Series 101

      Ok I'm confused. Is the 296 GTB gonna replace the F8??? Is Ferrari still gonna make more V8 engine supercars????

    95. Artem

      There are too many damn Ferraries. Are they Honda now?

    96. Tarek Z

      Ferrari designs get uglier and uglier each passing year

    97. John Green

      Paint scheme: angry Duck 🦆

    98. Benny Liquid

      Wannabe Ford GT

    99. Panos Papadimitriou

      if not red then not a ferrari. ask a kid...

    100. Brian

      I m just wondering why they chose a paint scheme that makes it look like an angry duck.