TG x FORMULA 1: Norris, Vettel and Giovinazzi join the boys at the Silverstone GP | PREVIEW

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    Coming this Autumn, the TG lads take to an Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, McLaren 765LT and Aston Martin V8 Vantage F1 Edition alongside F1 drivers Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris and Antonio Giovinazzi. You won't want to miss this, so keep your eyes peeled for the next series of Top Gear, coming to BBC One and iPlayer this Autumn.

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    1. Adityawardana Sujaya

      It’s italian jesus

    2. Rappi

      Ok,Giovinazzi being included in something is enough to make me watch this

    3. Max Huss

      Watched this live from the grandstand and it was awesome!!

    4. parlmc

      thank. you. more. of. this. please.

    5. nashvin joshua

      Sbinnala vs old men

    6. Zyron Hilsee

      Would've been nice if Clarkson gets to drive that absolutely gorgeous Alfa

    7. Vladimir Lenin

      This isn’t top gear. This new stuff with these new guys is a joke

    8. Keepitqool

      Chris Harris and Seb…dream come true

    9. Tomas Leitao177

      This should be called Broken gear not Top gear

    10. Brenda Ramon

      Seems like 2 short dudes and a comedian with no real chemistry. If you didn't follow racing you would never know who these guys were.

    11. Faris Hanafiah

      Paddy in the Alfa? Can't wait to see that.

    12. Miles Movie clips

      I’d so love to work for you guys 🥲

    13. Mukul Panwar

      I was thinking of Leclerc and Hamilton in a SF90 Stradale and AMG Project one respectively

    14. Selahattin Gumusmut

      when is the video coming out

    15. BlackSnowCrew

      I thought compete Chuck Norris 🤦🏿‍♂️

    16. M S

      - Å fan!

    17. Richard Lyle

      Something to look forward to.

    18. Lim Ming Quan

      I will DEFINITELY be watching a car show hosted by F1 drivers.

    19. SSR Blackbird

      What's Jesus doing on top gear

    20. Rahul Sohoni

      Ge these 3 as the new hosts and I'd watch every episode.

    21. Zack Halverson

      We need leclerc in an sf90, lewis in a gtr black series, and max in an NSX,

      1. Minoth Kariyawasam

        Oh then Seb in a Valkyrie and Lando P1

    22. Geary Giaviany

      Tonight, a teenager doing donuts, an old man thinks he has no chance, and italian jeezus in an alfa

    23. Brian Holmes

      Legend says some grown adults still haven't gotten over a TV show changing its hosts over 5 years ago, and comment such on the show's DEcameras channel* *look, I like the old trio too, but I have the grand tour for them. New top gear is a new thing, and that's ok

      1. Sharikh Khaan

        No, @Noob 123, car gad bas for helf.

      2. Noob 123

        Heh, Top Gear? More like Bottom gear

    24. Alan Espinosa

      Where is the Tesla Plaid!?

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        Ran out of electricity on the way.

    25. Tom Walker

      Autumn noooooooo

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        Autumn starts next week.

    26. Wetha Fans

      Chris frustration - waiting to skid the card 🤣

    27. George Deligiannis

      not one... not two.... THREE FORMULA ONE DRIVERS in a TV show? W O W!!!

    28. Ahmad Ayub

      I really wish it was with tye old boys clarkson, hammond and may

      1. Ahmad Ayub

        @Alle Warten Auf Das Licht As if the BBC didn't make them do other stuff. When you have three well known multitalented blokes you might as well make use of them.

      2. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        @Ahmad Ayub you're the one who doesn't seem to understand. People flocked to the bland tour? If every single person who has Amazon Prime Video (200,000,000) watched the show (which they don't) it'd have a little over half the worldwide viewers that Top Gear gets (350,000,000). Having seen the bland tour on a couple of occasions, I can see that the 3 has-beens are past it. If the bland tour wasn't a crushing disappointment for Amazon, they wouldn't have reduced it to challenges only and piss poor spin offs. They also wouldn't have had May's cooking show, Clarkson's farm program or whatever they did with the short one to try and restore some interest in the has-beens.

      3. Ahmad Ayub

        @Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Apparently you won't understand and never will. I came across Top Gear on DEcameras last year, much after they the old boys stopped working for the BBC, and have since felt that letting the trio go was the worst blunder the BBC could make in its content production history. If you just look at the way the viewership dropped once they left and the way people flocked to subscribe to Amazon Prime to watch The Grand Tour, you might comprehend that for some foolhardy people like me, one can never stop crying over spilt milk.

      4. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        It's been 6 years. Let it go, FFS. If you were like this about an ex boyfriend for 6 years, your friends and family would tell you to seek professional help. You're even worse than that, because you don't even know the 3 has-beens you're pining for personally. It's pathetic.

    29. Jaroslav Kuna

      LOL when you press 3 on the video it sounds like a gunshot

    30. Yaseen Ait Simmou

      This will be sick

    31. Ahmed Hamdy

      You had me at Vettel

    32. Jaroslav Kuna

      So, i kidna had an idea like BBC has sometimes, and so for a new and *better* top gear challanges. So, how about they would get a challenge, where they would get some SUVs, based on their choice, and they would have to crash it with anything they have, so they could flush it down a toilet. who flushes it first, wins. DO IT. Please

      1. Jaroslav Kuna

        aaand you would get a lot´a likes, subs views, and such

      2. Jaroslav Kuna

        Trust me, it would be the funniest thing ive EVER seen.

      3. Jaroslav Kuna

        Kidna like an toyota pick-up destruction.

    33. JohnAirplane8

      Moto Monday

    34. ES Player


    35. Jasjeet Singh

      Do you think the plural of Norris is Norri?

    36. Toto Wolff


    37. tehtron

      No stig?

    38. Darren Herbert

      Ooh when's the new series, that'll be a good one

    39. stenbak88

      This isn’t Top Gear

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        Yes it is.

    40. Joshua Tilacas

      They should have got kimi

    41. Random BS

      New Top Gear hosts confirmed?

    42. Yeetgames

      its italian jesus

    43. quocanh phanho

      When Lando is afraid of Harris 😁

    44. Steven Code

      I don’t normally like the American version of Top Gear but I’m down for this

    45. Jana

      Can someone tell me where can I watch the full version of this video?

    46. takwa

      "Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear" | ( Holy Quran 2:286)

    47. Senuk Jayasekera

      Not as gud as THE TRIO

    48. JettingSpeed87



      Vettle OP 🔥

    50. SHR

      Will this come on youtube too or i will have to watch it on tv?

    51. MSi Aventador

      Wowwww !

    52. Kanta Verma

      OK, but where is Leclerc in his 296 gtb

    53. Infrared

      Last time I was this early Sebastian had a Suzuki liana

    54. Glen Booth

      The only way this could have been better is Clarkson, May & Hammond did this....bring back the boys 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        Given the farce that is the bland tour, it's become apparent that the 3 has-beens are past it and clearly not up to it anymore. It's a shame, because they used to be quite entertaining.

    55. Clive Flint

      A shame you are using cars that are entirely irrelevant in these times. So much better cars available as BEVs.

    56. Nikolas Furrio

      Vettel and Norris with extra-Jesus, Yeah!!!

    57. Winterstorm

      Anyway... Moving on to Grand Tour

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        It's only taken you 6 years. Not exactly quick on the uptake, are you?

    58. JP- Zeitenliste

      "Kimi whre are you?" "I was having a shit."

    59. Late Braking

      Lando murdering the tyres is the best bit

    60. SamAdamsNye


    61. Aditya Hegde

      00:18 Lmaooooooooooooo

    62. shashi kunwar

      Jesus can drive fast

    63. Balraj Tavanandi

      get back clarkson man he would have enjoyed this

    64. unknown

      🇮🇹 Italian jesus 👍

    65. Chandan H D

      You should have invited kimi, It would be funny

    66. STAG162

      Chris will give them a run for their money

    67. Amal Joe

      Next, hire Mat Watson from carwow 😅

    68. Vee Macks

      TG: "Hey Alfa, can you ask Kimi if he'll come do a thing" Kimi: "No thanks, send the boy"

      1. Yeetgames

        its italian jesus

      2. D3Vlicious

        I hear it's because he couldn't be guaranteed the drincc

      3. Skella


    69. Vedang Supatkar


    70. Brad the lad

      I think these old men have no chance

    71. Loay Ahmed

      imagine that with Clarkson Hammond and May.

      1. Noob 123

        @Alle Warten Auf Das Licht How dare you disrespect Hammond's name, You clearly havent watch Top Gear at all. Those 3 Blokes are still entertaining to watch (unlike other host) and you said "glorified kid show" and then why are many adults watching it? Also Cringe Gear is fkin Dumb show

      2. Noob 123

        @Alle Warten Auf Das Licht adding new characters? you clearly havent watch the show or maybe thats because your poor? anyways BBC also cuts Top Cringe like any other show

      3. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        @Noob 123 the bland tour has a higher budget, and they've made an absolute balls of spending their money. If the bland tour was making money, they wouldn't have cut the show down and reallocate the spending by branching out. When a show is about to be dropped, a broadcaster will do something like make a spinoff, add a new character or cut the show down. Amazon have done 2 of these things in just a year. They're panicking, and it shows. Insult the intellectual/cognitive ability of Top Gear fans all you want. The bland tour is a glorified kids' show that's not long for this world. It's sad to see what the Clarkson, May and the other one are reduced to. They were once quite good at delivering the lines written by the BBC.

      4. Noob 123

        @Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Views doesnt matter, its about the rating and ill be betting its trash

      5. Noob 123

        @Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Grand Tour has more budget than Cringe Gear, and Cringe Gear fans are all stupid (and thats a fact dumbass.) and those blokes are making "MONEY" something that BBC couldnt do

    72. Luca Dahse

      The first time Giovanazzi has ever gotten screen time lmao

      1. Sadikur Rahman

        @Luca Dahse Yep then he started throwing his toys out of the pram then wailed 🤣 whilst seb was a content man, so funny to see this guy ruin it all and then complain about others 🤣

      2. Luca Dahse

        @Caprise - Music It was at Austria with the last lap crash

      3. Car Compilation

        Nissan GTR Crash, Watch this:

      4. Caprise - Music

        @Luca Dahse that sounds dirty

      5. Luca Dahse

        @Daniel Bociarski no was celebrating Sebs birthday by going inside of him

    73. SgIsAwesome

      200th like!

    74. Shameem Aboobacker

      Waiting eagerly for the full video❤

      1. Jana

        Do u know where will they upload it?

    75. Austin Reed

      The Motorsports Crossover of The Century


        Bruh havent you seen Top Gear in the late 2000s and early 2010s.... plenty Formula1 drivers had featured on TopGear show

    76. Tai Choo Yee 戴祖億

      00:18 😂

      1. Edwind Yap

        @Gavin Potter 他身前是在Top Gear Malaysia中文版工作的

      2. Caprise - Music

        “Old men”

      3. Gavin Potter

        Yo 兄弟原来你也是 tg fan

    77. Michael Shawn

      I'm sorry but that title has already been taken ,By three original people that started this show. I like the show but Please try to come up with your own ideas and stop riding the Boys coat tails..

      1. win kerr

        @Trevor Philips wat

      2. Trevor Philips

        @win kerr as if they can came out with their own idea

      3. win kerr

        @Michael Shawn They didn't create Top Gear.

      4. win kerr

        @Trevor Philips Then surely it should have been called something else.

      5. Michael Shawn

        @win kerr really ? The 3 boys are the ones that created this show and are the ones these 3 wannabes are trying to Meemic 24/7..

    78. Mark

      Those f1 drivers are so lucky to meet Chris Harris!

      1. Mark

        Not a joke

      2. Trevor Philips

        Terrible joke.

      3. mislav jurić

        Get real son

    79. tg72201

      Ok, fine, getting Norris and Vettel is enough to make me watch new Top Gear

      1. Uğur

        Still not sure.

      2. tg72201

        @Dxrk Drivetribe has been really fun as well though to be fair

      3. Dxrk

        still crying cuz the end of grand tour

      4. Car Compilation

        Nissan GTR Crash, Watch this:

      5. sean riopel

        @Trevor Philips it's like trying to watch your favorite band with no original members. Yeah they could sounds like them but it's not the same.

    80. Shahmir Amir

      Vettel and Lando with Jesus

    81. Spinister

      Sebastian vettel

    82. D J.M

      Okay this looks incredible

    83. mislav jurić

      That giulia should be in vettels hands 😁

    84. Funfrme Kik

      Top gear is ded now

      1. Funfrme Kik

        @Vee Macks not interested in those old fellow s either some people think they r the godfather s of mirroring journalism. However nowadays what's new with top gear we see every car Reval drag races and many more in DEcameras. In my openion there is hardly any future for top gear

      2. Vee Macks

        Dude, let it go - it's not like you can't watch Jezza, James, and Richard if you want to. They've already got bored of making car content anyway now.

      3. win kerr

        @Funfrme Kik So it isn't dead?🤔

      4. Funfrme Kik

        @win kerrbecause top gear is moving barely ahead with immense DEcameras car related content

      5. win kerr

        How are you commenting on a newly uploaded preview of an as yet unaired segment of Top Gear then?🤔

    85. Satvik Krishna

      Too bad that we didnt see Lewis, Max and Ricciardo in this vid! But what exactly is the background music

    86. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I

      Oh boy!

    87. Josaphat Febrian || J.F_Works

      I've been waiting for this

    88. Alexander Flores

      We should be careful on money useage,if you are not spending to earn back,then stop spending .

      1. lexus lfa

        @muhammed arshad cant believe bots have become this intelligent

      2. Provisions

        @chowdery1234 Who’s Candice?😏😏

      3. chowdery1234

        Do u know about candice?

      4. Sanni Victor

        Wow first time I'm seeing this,thanks man👍, I really don't know anything about crypto all I do is buy and hold my bitcoin still when it rises😄 do you think bitcoin will rise again❗?

      5. Sanni Victor

        Wow first time I'm seeing this,thanks man👍, I really don't know anything about crypto all I do is buy and hold my bitcoin still when it rises😄 do you think bitcoin will rise again❗?

    89. Velphin Mony

      But here comes Sebastian vettel 💥

    90. 10Tenths

      F1 drivers are tiny, lucky Hammond isn't there to cop the short jokes! 😂

      1. Life's Good

        @autumn and vettel is taller by .05m and antonio is taller by 0.15m

      2. Life's Good

        @autumn yes

      3. autumn

        I think Landos about Hammonds height

      4. bongo bob

        @win kerr zzzzzzzzzzzz

      5. Larka Tiamoír

        @win kerr nevermind who bro........u don't need to be in that fan club🌚

    91. El Kapitan

      i wish you guys are gonna upload it here

    92. Zaid Bin Haris

      Freddie Flintoff ! What a jolly Lad

    93. OhThatPlaneGuy

      Imagine this but with Clarkson Hammond and May

      1. Sadikur Rahman

        Should’ve told Jeremy not to attack someone then. Cant believe these fanboys give a miss to what happened. I would want them back so much as well but it is what it is, had that incident not happened they would possibly still be here

      2. Trevor Philips

        @win kerr I'm not crying about Top Gear. I'm just saying they can't do stuff without copying the trio lol

      3. win kerr

        @lexus lfa Who?

      4. win kerr

        @Trevor Philips Salty boy? I'm not the one on the Top Gear DEcameras channel still crying about something that happened over 6 years ago

      5. lexus lfa

        @win kerr we found Chris Evan's psreudo account

    94. Ace Autoz

      Can't wait to see it💥

      1. Nathan Brown

        Same here 😃😆👍. Despite all the haters, I still watch TG :). And seeing the presenters and F1 drivers go around Silverstone in 500 and 700bhp track focused road cars is Epic 😎, especially seeing LANDOOOOOO doing donuts in the 765LT 😎💪

    95. XxRemoGalaxyxX

      5th and sweeet

    96. Ya gigglejuice Tape dispenser

      Can't wait for it!!!

    97. Husssainshomrat

      But here comes Sebastian vettles

      1. Jasjeet Singh

        Haw many vettel are there? (Who are in F1)

    98. Alejandro Calzada


    99. karan sumesh

      Yo...... 💥💥

    100. Avirup769

      yeah 🔥