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    The Honda e is impossibly cute, beautifully engineered and crammed with tech… but you’ll pay for it. Yep, for episode three of our new in-depth EV review format, Top Gear Magazine's Ollie Kew gives you the full low-down on Honda’s titchy little electric city car, the Honda e. How far will it go? How fast is it? What does it weigh? And where does the knotted cable go? All these questions and more are answered in this episode of Top Gear Tested.

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    0:00 Intro
    0:39 What is it?
    1:51 Tech
    2:38 Where's the charging port?
    3:22 0-60 acceleration and top speed
    5:49 Is it comfy?
    6:24 What's it like on a motorway?
    7:47 How big is the battery?
    8:30 What does it weigh?
    8:53 Interior space
    9:39 Handling
    10:50 Range

    Top Gear Series 29:​​
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    First Look:

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    1. That1guy81

      I didn't realize there's an R in honda or honder as goof troop said

    2. FlightSauce LLC

      When he said "And off we go..." I was expecting a roar... silly me..

    3. Admiral Brash

      That has to be one of the ugliest cars I've ever seen


        And who asked?

    4. Gabriele Bigoloni

      Why no mention of the 500e? True competitor imo

    5. Cameron Cooper

      It's okay to use the word "small" instead of "titchy" occasionally.

    6. Mike Devaney

      I know this is easier said then done but with more range that could have been a game changer...the new mini even.

    7. TechFury

      I love great product review. I'm not a technology guy, but I like innovation, Let's be youtube mat!!! 😎

    8. ricky v

      That's a cool car from Honda. I wonder if we'll get it here in the USA?

    9. Dj Sensation AK

      Is this a golf 1 ?

    10. Blue Wriver

      I almost fell asleep watching this. So this is TopGear now?

    11. Chris Smith

      The range will keep it from selling

    12. Prince Bhujel

      Omg want this car so bad it’s so cute 🐶

    13. Umar Uzdanov

      Honda! Bring it to U.S. I want to buy one

    14. User495739207420

      Not for me, best put the money difference and get the rwd Tesla 3 🤷‍♂️

    15. Ian Oliver

      Terrible effect cutting away from the eyeline - for no reason at all. Yuk!

    16. Passion & Reason

      Thumb down for laboratory uniform, its even fake!

    17. Vivaldi

      I like this car a lot, but I think where the research failed is taking stock into the 'security' factor. I don't feel comfortable knowing that my car cannot drive long distance if it needed to.

    18. SBY vs MOELDOKO Demokrat

      Its a HONDA BEAN

    19. AnonimusNauta

      I've always been a Honda fan. . . but you realize how ugly it is inside. . . if you turn off the displays it looks like a trabant

    20. joe mama

      remember when top gear was actually good

    21. Chevvakula Srikanth

      Does the range fall when it's fully loaded with passengers?

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    22. Ivan III

      The Honda E is all style over substance. You can't do a long journey with it. Its range is concerning. I could see myself squeezing a longer journey out of a Renault Zoe, but this no chance. This is a statement of you being stylish and it is nothing more.

    23. Bohemian Earspoon

      But does Geoff approve

    24. Marton Sarudi

      I don't know you guys in London, but here in Toronto driving 100miles in the city a day..more than what is likeable.

    25. ashutosh chauhan

      His pronounciation kept bothering me.

    26. Vishnu Jayakumar

      this car available india any chance

    27. N D

      Weirdly enough the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was ''We want a new Mr Bean Series with this car''

    28. gaurav kumar

      It's japanese It is going to be awesome

    29. t Lim

      This is simply a "statement" car from Honda. It is not practical even for a small family and it is so expensive that it puts the vast majority of buyers off buying an electric car.

    30. hofferjh

      All these car companies are coming up with these lektric cars they could take it where the Sun don't shine I will never buy electric car I like my gas cars

    31. MICHGO1


    32. Hashim Mehmood

      What's it with brits pronouncing "Honda e" as "Honda-Ree" ?? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    33. Chris Rhodes

      £30k though for such a tiny car ... no thanks no matter how impressive it might be.

    34. DrewTwoFish

      Great review except for the annoying buzz ushering in each section.

    35. David Coveney

      When you have one you feel like a minor celebrity. I've been sitting in a car park when people have come up to talk to me about it. I was following a McLaren in Liverpool and a child came out of a shop and his head was flicking from side to side as he tried to take in both cars as we passed by! I didn't expect such a strong reaction, but they're still rare and unusual. Great fun to drive as well. Got one on lease with salary sacrifice. Because of the electric car tax breaks in the UK that makes it fairly cheap, overall, as a second car for commuting. It's the first car my wife and I always grab unless we're going a long way or need to carry a lot of stuff.

    36. Max Goodman

      35 KW batteries for 100-130 miles. Isn't that very inefficient? You'd have thought it would manage 5 miles plus per KW being so small and relatively light. Seems to be struggling to get much over 3. That appears to put it on a par with the Jag - which is a much bigger, heavier and more powerful car.

    37. 111 Auto

      Lovely Video

    38. Arjun Manikyam Visweswaran

      Both sides of Side view mirror is New that was super...❤️

    39. STAG162

      this episode was brought to you by the word "titchy", from someone with a very limited vocabulary.

    40. Destiny's Computer

      Honda really needs to sell this where I live. I want one.

    41. Aristotelis Entertainment

      Nice car but very expensive.

    42. Ronald Kwan

      nice job Ollie

    43. Jens

      Very good Review, real different to other Car-Channesl on YT 👍 I love the E, its a so much fun to drive in the city, on country roads and on the motorway. But the green/yellow mix is not my color. The beautiful blue is the best color for the E for me :-)

    44. YOHA

      Very good review

    45. Abananapeel

      100 miles, thats rough. 40m to work and back and you wont make it.

    46. coolhawk2008

      To bad they made the front look right soft. Love the boxer look. Aerodynamic looks good on sports cars not bug eye cars

    47. Robert Smith

      I don't need / like large cars and would be totally happy with a car this size as my only car but the range means it isn't practical for that and the price means not many will think it a sensible second car.

    48. Diogo Sales

      It is an amazing car but too expansive for what it is and range is terrible.

    49. Colton B

      I want a Type R already.

    50. heidar nayeb

      Is 31.000 pound cheap for this car?

      1. t Lim

        Depends on how rich (or poor) you are. As they say, everything in life is relative.

    51. Ramaano Muravha

      Looks very affordable, I believe that the next "beetle"or golf will be or 3rd world origin

    52. Marc B.

      So now Honda's jumping on the expensive... gimmick laden.... stupid overpriced electric car market. Way overpriced, horrible range, guaranteed it'll never be sold in the US with those two things going for it! So like a Tesla, that gives you programs to make your seats "fart" on command, you can have a fish tank on your dashboard?? How very Honda. NOT! But there will be dumb people who will buy it at full price, and then others can buy it in 2 years for 25% of the price. The Chinese are building their own cheap electric city car for $5,000. If you want a tiny little car with low range to run around in the city, and think you're saving the world by driving electric, are you going to spend $30,000 or 5,000? Hmmmmm...... Honda's lost its way 😭

    53. Amits GoogleLife

      I test drove one and would buy one tomorrow, if I could afford it!

    54. powersliding

      car designed for the city and this joker tested it everywhere but the city...what a freaking shocker

    55. I was Never In Sumatra

      Stupid door handles, stupid mirrors, stupid touchscreens everywhere, massively overpriced, over engineered shitbox. Designers need to be flayed

    56. Daniel1987H

      Nope. It's my only car. Nope. 15% to 80% in 31/30 minutes In the front it feels bigger than a Polo. The range is heavily depending on the weather and speed. Without heating on and on country roads you get easy over 200km, in the winter on the motorway it can drop to 120km.

    57. David McCarthy

      I envision a future, obviously not in our live times, where we don't need many cars because they've rebuilt communities so that I can work from home (more common now), and walk/bike to local services. Groceries, dept store, the nearby doctor/dentist for checkups. A car like this is impossible to own in the US and if you lived in downtown Chicago you're much better off financially not owning a car in the first place.

    58. Dave S

      Surely as this BBC content and I'm already forced to pay for it, there shouldn't be adverts?

    59. ETr4d3

      cant wait till Nio or Xpeng start selling cars in the UK, so we can get proper electric vehicles with proper range and proper price.

      1. David McCarthy

        Yes, when the China EV's arrive, that's when the real competition happens to shake up the legacy brands. Although all the Japanese brands are so far behind in their electric thinking that several of them won't survive this decade.

    60. Bradley Ball

      I didn't know Mr Bean was going electric

    61. Csongor Jobbágy

      I saw your previous tests about this car and I loved it. So I went to my dealer and bought one. But why in the UK this cost 8 thousand pounds more then in Hungary or in Germany? I wouldn’t paid 30k for it but I bought a fully loaded for around 22k (in huf).

      1. David Coveney

        The list price for the Advance e in Hungary is 12799000Ft which is almost exactly the same as in the UK as that's around £31.5k, then you have subsidies, etc.

    62. Sean Sonson

      Secret type r Dead 🤣

    63. Blair

      100 miles?! I’ll take my bolt any day 😜😊

    64. Blair

      Your videos would be greatly improved with sectioned timestamps 🙏🙏

    65. Steven Maniscalco

      Wish they just raised the gearing or however its done with evs. Yes, 30k is reasonably priced, but when you need another car for outside the city, this becomes more like an enclosed electric bicycle. 40k for a car that does everything starts to seem like a good option. I dont know how fast you guys drive on motorways across the pond, but in the states 90mph on the highway isnt uncommon.

    66. Love Girl

      Hi guys, i love this video 🥰🥰🥰

    67. Zły Wilk Dominiko

      This is the 5th (!) video of Honda E posted in this channel during the last 6 months, it's high time you'd F off with it already

    68. Heart of Dawn

      When the boot is that small, why did they put the charger on the bonnet? a frunk would have been so useful

    69. Christopher Alden

      Honda, why no RWD??? We don't need EV. Just make a new S2000 or CIVIC SI w/ RWD (no turbo).

    70. Per Eldh

      Whoaa thats a big heavy ”mini”...

    71. Blake Hutchison

      Need this car in the states.

    72. Mr. Moʀɖɛռ

      it looks like a baby's shoe. Stop making ugly cars.

    73. J P

      They should do a version just like the proto 1:45, that's the coolest thing ever

    74. Carel

      “You don’t need one. The Zoe is better, but you don’t want a Zoe. You want a Honda e”. Class

      1. Gabriele Bigoloni

        Or a 500e

      2. Duv Jones

        That is just about EVERY SINGLE review of the Honda e. It's is "beat" by just about every single vehicle in it's class, and it's not even much of a contest.That said, you will likely look at this, find it cute as hell and want one. It's something of a design darling. I rather respect that Honda simply had the balls to do it and stand by it.

      3. SweCars

        @Csongor Jobbágy you can turn it off, just pretty complicated. I do donuts and even drift it sometimes. Truly a fun car.

      4. Neojhun

        Other than price difference much rather have Honda E over a Zoe.

      5. Csongor Jobbágy

        Imagine that I sold my golf V vr6 and bought one of that Honda.😂 And it handles like nothing I have driven before. The weight distribution, the suspension the Michelin pilot sport tyres. It’s so much fun every day. (The only problem for me is that you can’t turn the traction control off or into a sportier setting.)

    75. DethstruXioN ™

      The Renault Zoe has Viagra shaped rear lights, complete with the blue hue. This "Hondary" looks a lot like a VW Golf, but i do love the color and interior, i hope more car manufacturers will adopt this dashboard-wide screen setup, with similar aquarium gimmicks. I do think the cam-mirrors are the way of the future.

    76. Dash Cam

      Technology obsolete within 10 years ..

    77. CED99

      I'm impressed at how close the speedo was

    78. Mike Devaney

      I feel like you would have to be a fairly wealthy person to even consider a car with that range.

    79. Jim

      it's electric I skip this one, I wil stick with my Mitsubishi spacestar/mirage petrol car.

    80. Domi 287

      This car 🤮

    81. Domi 287


    82. Whiskey Wolf

      So it's just a Iphone with four wheels....

    83. City Nature

      Good specs for 2010 EV

    84. Michal Gajdos

      Meh .ugly.slug

    85. Eye Minor

      The Hondar E

    86. #HondaGang

      I can’t wait for someone to swap a K24/k20 in it

    87. Jack

      lol actually imagine spending 30k on a car than can go less than 100 miles and is the size of a shoebox. absolute clowns. I'm off to drive my £1200 exec estate over 600 miles on a tank

    88. ChayKat

      Say titchy again

    89. Vinit Mundada

      Legendary line about the car character, totally agree 💯

    90. Nila Ravi

      "Like using chopsticks to eat soup" I can't stop thinking about that.


      It's mr bean's car ! ! !!!!!

    92. drumrocker2

      Yikes. I wouldn't spend $40k on something with that little range.

      1. Goodbye

        It’s 28k for a top spec

    93. Carlos Esteban

      It's just too slow sadly. The top speed is lacking severely for the Autobahn.

    94. Aiden Hossain

      Wait……REAR WHEEL DRIVE?!

    95. Galatic Pretzels

      Cool new guy

    96. Marcke 2010

      £30k. 😂😂😂😂😂 You must be nuts!

    97. CWRotherham

      One last one, the fish eye reversing camera mode, of all the 8 exterior cameras is my favorite. I can fully see up and down my road as I back out of my drive. Priceless.

    98. CWRotherham

      Oh and the stealthy acceleration/ general lack of noise is great. I don't miss ICE engines, except perhaps the five pot in my Focus RS (for 10% of the time).

    99. CWRotherham

      I've had a blue Honda e Advance for three months now and 2000 miles, 1500 of which were done in the first three weeks. Quite easily the best car I've owned, (inc. 2009 Mk2 Focus RS, 2010 Jag XF, 2010 Mazda 3 (my previous favorite), 2003 Mini Cooper S, 2011 Fiesta, 1994 560 SEL etc) Highlights include the shear quality of detail design, Adaptive cruise, Strong Regen Single Pedal model driving, Wireless Apple CarPlay, Pre-climate setting via App (yes mine connects, fellow Honda e owners !!) or key, near Fiesta levels of driving fun, the turning circle (special mention), instant (OMG it's gone) acceleration when ever you want it (much better than my new Kangoo ZE), tech, and not forgetting the looks, inside and out. It turns more heads than my old Focus RS (miss the five pot noise). Lastly, the size is perfect around town. Downsides, Small boot but it's not held me back yet. Awkward locking via door handle, it's too new and shiney to pick my daughter up from Explorer scouts with muddy boots, er.... that's about it now I've bought and fitted folding armrest (not having one was a small third world issue). Range isn't an issue for my usage. replace

      1. CWRotherham

        @t Lim Plus I have forgotten how much the Honda costs, I just don’t care 🤷🏼‍♂️. If I was bothered about costs, I would have kept my 10 yr old Fiesta, for £0 monthly payments.

      2. CWRotherham

        @t Lim If you are happy with it, that’s great but the Honda e is just full of little design quirks that make it an absolute joy. Sometimes I love the simplicity of my Kangoo ZE, the always on regen for example but I adore the Honda 100% of the time. It’s just so special.

      3. t Lim

        @CWRotherham My Leaf has almost all these features, for much less money.

      4. CWRotherham

        @t Lim Not really, more like any other ‘car’ . My old fiesta was great to drive but didn’t have adaptive cruise or wireless CarPlay, neither does a Renault Zoe. So it was my decision to buy the Honda, which does. Plus er multi-link suspension and Pilot Sport4 tyres. It’s fun !

      5. t Lim

        Sounds like just about any other EV car!

    100. TheKingkingg

      I love your review of this car, mainly because you focus on what the car is... Not comparing because compared vehicles has too many variables to say one is better or best. You are giving fact, therefore, people can make decisions better... I would love to add to my Honda /Acura collection in Canada.