Hyundai Ioniq 5 review: 300bhp dual-motor Tesla rival tested | Top Gear

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    The Ioniq 5 might look like a 1980s hot hatch mixed with a dash of concept car and a splash of DeLorean, but what we have here is Hyundai’s first completely bespoke EV. Target? Sideswipe Tesla, mug the VW ID family, and start the Ioniq EV family on the path to world domination. Muahaha. How? Well, let’s Ollie Kew explain…

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    1. madcommodore

      The most obvious design cue is the front, specifically the headlights, which instantly reminded me of Zagato's Alfa SZ. They have clearly tried to make a hatchback in the style of that iconic car of the time. The body kit style features on the panels are a bit erm pound shop looking.

    2. Dusan Stojkovic

      Such a stupid statement.... There are 4 mil people in the world that value what they get for what they pay.... to say that only now you have a reason to buy a Hyundai is above stupid...

    3. A A

      Am I really the only one that thinks it looks horrible? First thing I thought when I saw it in real life: Ugly, plastic rims..

    4. kilersocke

      The first, but most important question? Can i change the undercarriage? This thing is by far to high, looks like an SUV shitbox. It needs to get stanced.

    5. Lior Knaany

      Boring interior, like every Hyundai

    6. John

      I wonder how much longer videos with Hyundai or Kia cars will start the video by referencing how bad Hyundai/Kia cars used to be?

    7. Ville Wintermaul

      I don't understand this fascination with electric cars🤣🤣🤣 Im buying another rotary!

    8. GameFilmHub

      Needs a BLACK head-liner. All Black interior.

    9. Sparky B

      The only thing that would better this car,is when the average family can also afford to help save the planet. Crazy times when the wealthy drive quietly and cleanly,and the rest chug along with their ice engines.

    10. Martin Jensen

      Its the new Delta Integrale EV / Hot Hatch The 4-wheel drive version has the option of disengaging the front axle .

    11. Charlie & Carol Michel

      When you review an electric car, and important and overlooked number is the miles per gallon equivalent of electric cars, which is either miles per kilowatt hour or watt hours per mile. But don’t even bother with MPGe, a rather useless translation from gasoline. Sandy Munro maintains that a high miles/kWh is A sign of good engineering.

    12. Dan Sinclair Taylor

      0 understanding of the concept of vehicle to grid. Come on Top Gear, you can do better.

    13. joachim kylhammar

      it looks like all other ev cars bmw polestar 2 ect ect

    14. Frodo Baggins

      When I saw the 4 dots on the steering wheel, I thought it has google assistant. Silly me. lol

    15. Steve C#

      So it has a big booty?...

    16. Miranda S

      I think I'd rather buy a Porsche for that price.

    17. Savin Wangtal

      Not a fan of that tail light, but if it's practical and the price is right then I don't see why not.

    18. GBiv78

      When did Top Gear decide that doing boring car reviews was their new thing?

    19. Coops1964

      All the years of credibility built up by you know who in this brand name is slowly decaying away. I don’t think Top Gear will still be around in five years or so as the standards have dropped so much. Hyundai only for grannies, really? You lot are dinosaurs. Have a good read and take good notice of the comments on this video, oh and I’d get rid of this presenter as well, he’s terrible.

    20. HK

      Top gear reviews no gear car..

    21. 도영

      Great EV

    22. bob bby

      So top gear really becoming a car reviewer eh???

    23. Scalptrash

      Try saying hunn day.

    24. pinhas hag

      The most powerfull version is slower than the slowest model 3.

    25. imaweerascal

      Interesting... Got a definite A3 vibe to it, but much much sharper. I just want a smaller version of it, but still with dual motors!

    26. andy Fisher

      Love it... futuristic and different..

    27. Hassan

      Man I would totally buy this car if I had the money

    28. Torka

      "maybe even a bigger ioniq 6, or 7" yikes. does this guy really not know that its called 5 because its a 5 door hatchback? Imagine a 6 door car. What happened to top gear?

    29. ArcticCareBear

      I know every road on this video

    30. Dongkyu Seo

      A bit shame that he still cannot pronounce ‘Hyundai’ properly as one of the TOP GEAR car reviewers. I was a bit uncomfortable to listen to his wrong pronunciation while watching till the end. Hope he does better next time. :) cheers.

    31. minnie saab


    32. baritone broker

      The Hyundai battery is larger yet the car is smaller, less range and slower than the Tesla, less efficient miles per KW. I call this a joke. Model 3 has 65 kw battery with 500 horsepower, 3.7 sec 0-60 mph times, full backseat and full trunk. This is Ioniq has 72.6 kw battery (massive) and is 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. Model 3 has 353 miles vs. Ioniq 298. Big difference 55 miles makes, and on less charge, that translates to cash. Charging up the extra KW into that battery will eat away at the possible savings. No thanks.

    33. Peter Vrousgos

      What a cool looking car!!!

    34. Super Alex

      its not an suv bro

    35. coolhawk2008

      Top wheel just not the same. Dumber. Had to unsub 😢

    36. Standard one

      Dayuum. Just look at this one

    37. Tk Ho

      Hi Un Die

    38. Jawad Malik

      Make it ioniq 5 N with 600+ Hp and watch me selling my X5 for it

    39. Jawad Malik

      This car looks awesome

    40. Ash S

      That’s a good looking car let alone an EV

    41. Rysslass

      It's either this or the Lucid Air. Or maybe the Canoo.

    42. Totenham

      rear seat height for 1.4m in front 1.6m only BMW does it in good proportion and RR


      Archie Hamilton’s best review yet

    44. Enem Disk

      Unfortunately Hyundai hasn't that great dealers in Germany. They should improve on their infrastructure and sell directly or with premium partners.

    45. Marc Lawyer

      How far has Top Gear fallen... This was a bad DEcamerasr type of review. Fully Charged, the Late Brake Show etc are superior. Just proves that TV executives can't make a great show, when they can't pick good presenters (and hang on to them) and have fresh ideas

    46. The Last Ninja

      --- > MODEL 3 OWNERS

    47. Tenzin Namgyal

      Love it... Reminds me of Silvia S13

    48. Gordon Reiher

      I'm in - As soon as they build a supercharger network as large as Teslas.

    49. Mrbigolnuts

      Totally boring video

    50. rats in hats

      This presenter is hella this what Top Gear has succumbed to?

    51. agentjrb

      Compliance only product…my interest level has moved on since they’re restricting its sales to certain states, of which I’m not a resident of. I’ll give my EV business to companies that are serious about making their vehicles in volume with unrestricted availability.

    52. Simon Miller

      It's pronounced Hee Un Day...

    53. The nextinline

      I love the styling, and of course the 80s turbo wheels.

    54. Marco Landgraf

      Hayundai? Why is it pronounced Hayundai? It's Hyundai!

    55. katkat33

      So could you make a small profit by charging it up during off-peak grid time, and feeding it back into the grid at peak times?

    56. IsNoGoOd

      To bad it has the Silver plastic around the wheels arcs No mather what options you choose

    57. kil koh

      I just hear the cyberpunk theme...

    58. VJP

      Saw the advert for this and it gave me vibes of back to the future

    59. Christian Olsen

      Looks a bit a like a big future VW Golf - and that is not a bad thing for me. Much prefering the Classic hatchback shape with modern touches to the strange look of the Tesla 3, Y and X. Tesla model S is the only one that has an appealing design to me.

    60. mark cameroon

      whens this coming to Canada and how much ?

    61. Didier Gras

      Tesla great job, max speed, range especially. Still prefer, being in Europe, comfort. 99% of my trips are within 200kms one way. I WANT ventilated seats, Android Auto, and HUD. Also like reclining seats with foot rest and reclining console for arms rest, all electronic aids especially against collisions, automated parking (Executive version), blind spot cams on dashboard when turning, V2L, sun shades integrated in back doors, sunroof shade, wide space available inside with good visibility through the back window etc. Also 5 year car warranty illimited kms (Max 80 000 for Tesla... Reliability issues?), and 8 year battery warranty (same as Tesla).

    62. DC Various Vids

      Think the outer styling is funky but one which will sour quicker than an uncorked cheap plonk.

    63. Ian Clancy

      Looks remind me of a Lancia Delta Integrale. Love it.

    64. P Mjs

      Well, this is not a review , it is just a looping boredom driving film on boring countryside road with futuristic EV. I did test drive and it was amazing with its performance and built quality.

    65. Martin

      Is this the Lucid blue color?

    66. yasser aboamoud

      oh my god how good it looks. I want one today

    67. Don Geo

      Whats a "hi en die"?

    68. Marquis de Moo

      My thought processes here: I was totally sold on this car but I am a bit miffed the Heat Pump and Tech packs not included in the 'Ultimate' offering. The Ioniq is head on with the Tesla Model Y, which is built on the Model 3, both of which include the heat pump as standard. Given the Y has the Tesla charging network, slightly greater ground clearance over a shorter wheelbase (fairly important for an SUV) and better acceleration we are down to the Ioniq price, style, finish, power outlet and HUD to make the difference. As it stands without the heat pump the Ioniq is cheaper than the Model 3, but not by much! For me a HUD is fairly important as it means I don't need to wear glasses when driving, but there are aftermarket HUDs for Teslas and the Tesla charging network is a real game changer. In short if the Ioniq is to take on the Y the heat pump and HUD need to be in there.

    69. To bi

      Hows about the led quality? Compare with kia niro or hyundai kona? Better or not?

    70. To bi

      Is this lucid blue? And does it looks a bit green in the sun?

      1. To bi


    71. Cristhian Montero

      what's the pricing, in the US, going to be like?

    72. styner3

      You would think that "Top Gear" would pronounce the name of the make correctly.

      1. Thomas Hayhurst

        That's how hyundai is pronounced in the UK. Top Gear is a UK based brand therefore it's pronounced how it is in the video

    73. Michael Ramsey's Transporter Clone

      The size absolutely had me fooled. Looking at photos, I thought it was a tiny hatchback.

    74. Rahul Bohra

      Really cool feature on Google: when you search “hyundai pronunciation”, it shows phonetic spelling and demonstrates by speaking it aloud as well!! Fabulous technology like Ioniq 5!

    75. Jon Preston

      What's the deal with the solar panels on this model? Everywhere I read the panels will add around 5-6 km every day. Yet, the ones on Humble One don't seem all that larger but are dishing out juice worth of 90+ km per day. I believe even Toyota had experimented with solar panels that were 33% efficient with the Prius Prime. Would be nice if Hyundai used some of the newer panels on these to add something like 15-20 km per day of power.

    76. stan_sprinkle

      You guys can have your “al-u-mi-ni-um” and all the other ways you pronounce English words, cuz it’s your language. But stop saying “Hy-oon-dye”. It’s 2 syllables. “Hyun-day”. Google translate 현대

    77. Mingu Kang

      Very Good Good

    78. Keith bryant

      Wow, this is a very Volkswagen design language. This is the direction VW should've went instead of the ugly ID cars. This is stunning

    79. jbnegugle

      Looks terrible, not even close to Honda e in retro design category and terrible loking considering freshness of tesla 3 or mustang mach e. What a mistake.

    80. Yangkee Kim

      Elite engineers who used to be top students at school have been forced to make the best in the world.

    81. Sunday

      Audi vibes.

    82. WhatJustHappened?!

      I love it too, I wish the version coming to the states had amber turn signals too.

    83. william armstrong

      A refreshing new presenter. Hopefully this one is trustworthy. Good show.

    84. Vaibhav Singh

      Looks like a washing machine with wheels. Never was a fan of boxy designs, never would be.

    85. Brittaney Dixon

      Hyundai's luxury cars are top notch. The Nexo, which is hydrogen fuel, is extravagant. This IONIQ5 is a beauty aswell.

    86. Ivan Jovanović

      What's wrong with this guy?

    87. Savaş Erol

      Good design...

    88. annemarie69a

      Looks like a brilliant car so stylish and I enjoyed your review 5 *****

    89. Fyn Kynd

      I love it! Such a cool design

    90. steviefranchize21

      Should rename it the pixel

    91. Javier Rodriguez

      Great model, hopefully they'll make it affordable, looking forward to hyrogen powered cells, anything is possible!

    92. OnboardG1

      No joke, the car power to grid is the most sensible of those 800v use cases. Let’s say you have your car on charge over the weekend. You’re not going anywhere and the FA cup final is on. Half time and the nation simultaneously grabs a cuppa. If you’ve told your supplier your okay only having 80 percent of your charge you’ve just made some free money.

    93. Republicans for bleach injections

      A lot of hands...

    94. hieroglyph321

      Gorgeous ... top of my list.

    95. Michael Blue

      I can't stand the design. Don't get why you all love it. Kia EV6 looks much better. Both have ugly interior as almost all asian cars.

    96. Gunnar Liljas

      I wish they had gone a bit retro with the dash too, just to make it look more like a normal car. But, apparently, ergonomics is dead.

    97. Kerry Jones

      Much more exciting than the Tesla designs which to my eyes look dull and cheap looking.

    98. JR410

      Thank you for validating what I saw in the design! Part Lancia Beta Integrale, part Mark 1 VW Golf... love it! Now if they could just not brand it Ionic 5 and drop the Hyundai part.

    99. Leonard Ripley

      Looks like a VW GTI.