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    What do you build for the billionaire who has 12 of everything? Supercars with no windscreen, no roof, and no rationale. Welcome, then, to the Speedsters holy trinity: the Ferrari Monza vs McLaren Elva vs Aston Martin Speedster. For one breezy day the ultimate speedsters are ours. So we went to Scotland - a place known for constant sunshine. Not. Now let a very wind/hail burned Jack Rix guide you around this £3.6 million, 2,300bhp trio and work out if they’re utterly pointless, or absolutely brilliant.

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    1. Joe Teasdale

      Excellent motoring journalism! Absolutely loved this. After all that, it's the Caterham for me!

    2. Hy dra

      Yea speedster are still like F1 becuz F1 doesnt have Windscreen or Wipers just...halo or whatever...

    3. Shoestring Shed

      I spotted you filming these when I came back from a day on Skye. We went through several snow showers and "weather events" that day too. A glorious sight to see those three, not so much the soggy drivers. At least the moody sky made for great photos.

    4. Colin Bremner

      phew, thankfully it's not Paddy McTwat behind the wheel of 1 of these things.

    5. Eric Wong

      Oh my... LOVE that Caterham!!!

    6. Rahul Ravishankar

      Ferrari Monza : 812 GTS Aston V12 Speedster : DBS Volante McLaren Elva : The only car in the group that was actually developed for this.

    7. Heat Club 9

      @12:08 - That's what she said... 😏

    8. Krishna yashas

      Get an arial atom and drive it without a helmet. It is sorta like these cars experience

    9. Gertol

      I'm not a Ferrari fan but I've got to admit the Ferrari is by far the most beautiful of them.

    10. Kushal Adhvaryu

      The Ferrari is the best! The V12 sound is way better than the vacuum cleaner sounds that mclaren and aston have!

    11. Alex Leone

      Is anyone else gonna drive their MX5 tomorrow pretending they’re in one of these?

    12. Champions League

      Monza in 2050 if u want to buy 100 millions of pound

    13. Raul II Cervo

      The elva straight up looks like a car from speed racer

    14. David Gallagher

      I am 49, In my life i have had a half brick hit my windscreen on the motorway plus numerous stone and massive bug splats. These cars are only good for high street posing at very low speeds. even then i have had a stone or two fly up from the side by passing cars. what an awful idea to make a 200mph car with no windscreen. i can see fatalities at worst and missing teeth or eyes at best. what kind of moron buys a car with no frontal protection. what happens if you run someone over?

    15. nibbsie 78

      Why scotland!? Lmao

    16. Balraj Tavanandi

      okk well the aston and ferrari did it perfect mclaren nah not so much the defelctor on the bonnet is just bad

    17. Jeremy Stig

      Renault Spider is basically this but cheap and old and slow.

    18. Jeremy Stig

      Good advice from McLaren drive like hell if the roads are wet lol

    19. Sinterbaas

      feel like I'm the only one who absolutely hates Speedsters. Just look so handicapped without windshields

    20. Cường Trương

      Aventador j is gonna be the final missing part.After that,they can be called 'the fantastic 4 of speedters'.Unfortunately,that Aventador is so rare and I haven't seen any videos about it on DEcameras

    21. Lucas Pires

      Incridible video, I loved it.

    22. enrytime

      Love the Caterham way!

    23. thiago hiromi

      The center bar on the Aston Martin it's a huge safety hazard, other than that it's the most gorgeous of the three.

    24. Josh S

      What a sexy mclaren

    25. DEBU SINHA

      horrible colorgrading

    26. BigBoomKhan

      12:08 A bubble of what now?!

    27. Lucas D

      The Elva is easily the best looking McLaren I've ever seen. I was pleasantly surprised, the Ferrari is the best looking of the three ofc but the Elva is a close second making the Aston look quite plain in comparison.

    28. Mayank Maximum

      McLean slr roof less needs roof But if you remove the roof of a 800 it would be better

    29. uNkLeRaRa4

      12:07 - McLaren describes it as *what* exactly?? 🤔


      why no lamborghini sc20?

    31. sheepnerfer

      A bubble of what?

    32. M H

      All should be naturally aspirated in my opinion. For full engine sound experience. Ferrari is best looking and sounding by far.

    33. Rice Cooker

      I’m sorry but what is this new top gear. It’s absolutely horrific. Like comparing a comedian to depression

    34. Ash Divakaran

      Umm. Just ride a motorcycle

    35. Lord Targaryen

      The McLaren definitely takes the crown from the trinity.

    36. Omid Heydari

      You can smell the air and feel the temperature changing. It's really unique... You know, like you can in any car with the windows down, or a roadster, or motorcycle, or bicycle, or while walking...

    37. Altamash Parwaiz

      Ferrari turn me on.. 🔥

    38. Brett Grist

      this trio might go down as some of the coolest cars in history.

    39. peaky boinders

      that maclaren is ugly

    40. DarkTagMaster

      why not, and hear me out here, you we are a full face helmet

    41. Lightning

      The ferrari is absolutly beutiful

    42. Danjay_FF

      This is a great way to show one of the best cars great content love it💯💯

    43. Glenn Wilson

      I'm a red blooded male who loves a good supercar, but these are ridiculous folies. Seven figures for a car with no windscreen and meanwhile thousands of children dying daily from preventable disease and lack of clean water. Its offensive frankly.

    44. Xavi Chuvy

      Too much talking and not enough driving. You make captain slow look fast.

    45. Jaani Kääpä

      Also let's face it. The Caterham is a genuine Lotus 7 made better.

    46. Niraj Prasad

      Hey England you are under arrest put your hands up...........penalty cause ......scotland.not on map.why inm

    47. C H

      This is not Top Gear anymore

    48. litam tondy

      As in the other 'Holy Trinity', the Ferrari is the one you want.

    49. Felix Eggert

      As much as I like the Elva, but the crooked stitching of the armrest at 13:21 is really a shame for that price tag.

    50. TheDreamMan

      .. 2.1 Millons f5 Hennessy

    51. BL4K B4BIES

      A bubble of of cum Producer: lets not do another take 🤣

    52. BL4K B4BIES

      I'm getting stone chips on my face just watching just this

    53. Paolo Salvatore

      Peccato non poter avere una buona traduzione .

    54. Chad Jones

      I call myself a libertarian, but if I saw one of these on the street, I'd flip them the bird.

    55. No Lies Allowed

      Honestly they're ALL very DIFFERENT...If BEAUTY is your PRIORITY, you GO with the MONZA. I a PURE driving EXPERIENCE is your PRIORITY, you GO with the ELVA. If being the CLASSIEST gentleman PULLING up to your FAVORITE restaurant is your PRIORITY, you GO with the SPEEDSTER. And if you a BALANCE of the 3 but your BANK account is NOT healthy ENOUGH is SUSTAIN such a BLOW, you GO with the Caterahm...#GiveMeJESUS

    56. Apparatus 101

      Serling moss??

    57. Pink Flamango

      It's nice how every McLaren looks cute

    58. Yanni leroux

      I take the Ferrari

    59. OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer

      1:31 *wait... Porsche in thailand?!*

    60. Jack White

      You want no windscreen? Buy a Jeep Wrangler. Not nearly as pretty, but much, much cheaper

    61. Spencer Swart

      Never before has a trio of speedsters been presented in such a boring way. This man makes me want to buy a bicycle

    62. tedtheturbot

      maybe a microphone near the exhaust connected to a good quality set of bluetooth buds.. keeps the wind out and also can use for music

    63. tedtheturbot

      mobile follies for the super rich

    64. cicalinarrot

      The McLaren doesn't look good enough, the Monza looks a bit too good, more like a sculpture than a car to have fun in. For this category, I'd go Aston. It's the one that fits better the spirit of a speedster to me. The other are too modern.

    65. Jamie Pierse Farrell

      Top gear is going back in the right direction again, worst mistake they made was adding all of those American hosts in a show that's always been British and the humour really just didn't match and made it cringey but I like these new presenters more, they don't try too hard to be funny

    66. Blaze

      why do aston martin even try to compete with ferrari

    67. Blaze

      mclaren have been falling off for years!

    68. Pucay Glen

      Sound interesting 👍🎉

    69. Corran Helme

      The Aston is the bottom feeder, figuratively speaking.

    70. Justin J.

      In the game of "Daily, track, burn," It's the Aston, the Ferrari and that Elva can burn. And I'll take the Caterham. Of course.

    71. matt821


    72. Juan Sánchez

      Bought the magazine today. Wanting to read the feature with the sounds of the cars in my mind

    73. The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

      3:19 *A BUBBLE OF WHAT?!*

    74. Michael Drake

      Anyone know what road he's driving on? It's absolutely stunning, particularly the aerial shots at 7:14 and 16:25

    75. Rusty Shackleford

      No, no. You don’t get to use the term “Holy Trinity” on TG. That’s the name for the original Holy Trinity. James, Richard and the Ape.

    76. Owvch

      Where's the Aventador J?

    77. Time Runner

      sounds like a review where he can't say anything bad about the ferrari

    78. Fazil Ahamed

      4:07 why U.S military spec?... Why not U.K ?.... So they are admitting that U.S military is better than their own Royal army??

    79. Jose

      Wear a helmet

    80. Kalle Sundqvist


    81. Tanbir Outdoorsman

      They remind me of hot wheels movie cars & speed racer

    82. Marek Toporowski

      MCLAREN !

    83. Feb seven

      Great video and very nice presentation... Jack superb

    84. Joao Paulo

      Imagine go in a road trip in the summer, and eat 5 insects per minute every mile 😂

    85. Stephen Tokko

      For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5)

    86. Colby Steffens

      Is it wired that I’m saying this that the Aston Martin V12 Speedster looks a little like the Project 7 not because of the paint but the looks of it

    87. Yigit Yazgan

      Screw all three...If you look for a billionaire's toy, spend a bit more and you'd get the new Chiron Super Sport, which can both be driven in any weather, and is exponentially faster than any other car out there

    88. Jetara

      The Ferrari is absolute Perfection, the others look like trash cans next to it.

    89. M.E

      That can be the moat enjoyable ride ever for me!😍

    90. TBrand

      Well done, Jack! Nice twists by bringing three mega-speedsters to Scotland, comparing them with an Elise and finally choosing the Caterham 😆👍

    91. Angel Bank's Lopez

      C8 Corvette looks better than all of these vehicles. Honda NSx looks better as well. King Lexus LFA. Viper. Are better than these three trash you're showing me.

    92. Stefano Marchi


    93. Michael Joseph

      Top Gear were way better during Jeremy Clarkson sux.....bias review

    94. Paolo Lekai

      Few thoughts: 1. Amazing scenery and lighting 2. Color grade is spectacular 3. Every time jack said “buffeting” I couldn’t help but think about the original trio and James may saying “buffeting, buffeting” 😂

    95. Dilanka Seneviratne

      The cinematic shots and the color grading isn't appreciated enough 🔥

    96. daudikisakye

      Elva needs a custom F1 inspired steering wheel

    97. Tony Skiman

      Are those ski gloves masquerading as driving gloves??

    98. Gerardo Villarreal

      A bubble of WHAT?! 3:19

    99. kevin j.

      2:15 😩💀☠️⚰️

    100. Noro Ardanto

      Maybe just because of the color combination, but Elva interior reminds me of modern home appliances, a vacuum cleaner or something