Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Review: 751bhp electric family estate takes on a rally stage | Top Gear

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    The Porsche Taycan EV has ripped up the rule book on road, now it wants to dominate everything else as well...

    This is the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the most complete fast estate available today. And perhaps the best electric car, too. To celebrate Porsche slapping a big boot, some body cladding, and a "Gravel" mode on the Taycan, we took it rallying. As you do…

    You can read all about it in the latest issue of Top Gear Magazine, on sale now. But if you want the full, in-depth review of the second step in Porsche’s electric strategy, let Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Marriage be your guide…

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    1. Rix tunz

      Between the ranch and the desert I would have to stop in San Burdoo to recharge. Panamera Hybrid Square Back it would be. Sadly that doesn't come in Frost Blue, so Paprika?

    2. Amaar Kirat

      Really we just need double the range in this thing and it will sell like hot cakes...

    3. MC Ho

      A low clearance, low range electric Porsche in the rural dirt, sensibility at its finest!

    4. Andrew Deeshan

      Why is he walking weird

    5. Couture Detailing


    6. Spy See Sauce

      Y’all need a diesel generator to charge your taycan.

    7. Noor Halabi

      To be honest it doesn’t look tough I can’t trust German cars

    8. Random Racing

      where is it?

    9. Joao Diogo Freitas

      How can you make such a great potential video so boring? Where is Clarkson?!!

    10. hellslayer 96

      oh god , here we go again about crossover crap

    11. Moscow }

      Это мои мысли!

    12. Ahmad Tariq

      Kind of cringe way to say “Porsche”

    13. A. Andrei

      You destroyed those farmers stone road :(

    14. The Man

      The color makes a huge difference in the look of the cross turismo.

    15. Emir Ćosić

      imagine a little stone off road getting stuck inside those carbon ceramics :) 20k bye bye

    16. Anders Brørvik

      A realistic take on how a person treats a car if there are no consequences

    17. George Mitranescu

      I'm sure you notice that this car is inspired by Ferrari FF. Ferrary did this years ago.I mean the shape and idea of ​​the body. As for the electric thing, it seems to me just a passing trend. I want to see how you do it when you have to travel 1800 km in Europe in one piece ... I do this often with a conventional car. In the century of speed ... who has hours to waste to load? I still find the electric version of the cars sad.

    18. Iceforgedstormborn

      Really really good. But can you still say that is a turbo if it doesn't ffffffffsssssss stuuututu tu tu?

    19. Абу Даби

      Для этих дорог есть крузак, а гонять по говну на этом премиум ведре за дикие деньги кто будет?

    20. - Romaric

      I hope one day Porsche will make beautiful cars, to reach harmony with what's inside.

    21. Wonder Reef

      Imagine the amount of chips that paint job got after this.

    22. Sandy Kavor

      Almost nobody who will buy this car would ever take it off road.

    23. Francisco Javier Mayayo Blanco

      this track is easy.....very very easy any car can goes through it

    24. S H

      CyberTtruck is enough

    25. davo roger

      Why it’s call turbo S 🤔

    26. Stefan Petersson

      Wonder why they didn't let us see inside the boot! Pretty obvious they kept the camera away.

    27. Sir Madog1956

      Crossover cars are sheer madness, that no one really needs! Porsche´s Taycan crossover is no exception to that. Its ugliness is shocking!

    28. KSPR R

      Noone will ever drive their taycan on gravel like this

    29. Ray Penbar

      Not Porsch, Porsche. You are pronouncing wrong. There is no Porsch car. Real name Porsche. NOT PORSCH! NOT PORSCH! NOT!!!!! Porsche is a German car. And the correct pronunciation is Porsche. It's not an English car. Porcshe is not pronounced Porcsh any more than Aston Martin is pronounced Eaistone Matiniuez.

    30. 123

      so ugly car

    31. Sam 007

      The headlights and the front style of the car look so ugly

    32. Harly Slamm

      I am going to wait for the 1000BHP version

    33. David Dixon

      This guy REALLY needs to trim his finger nails.

    34. e y

      0:49 車を足蹴にするやつに話を聞く気にはなれんな。 まぁそもそも何て言ってるか1ミリも分からんけど。

    35. Madhav Trivedi

      amazing video!

    36. Alexander Weideman

      If you drive this car on a gravel road there is something wrong with you.

    37. Grune D

      No allocation until January 😊😌

    38. M Thomas

      Great video. Great presentation. Great production. Great car.

    39. B X

      Where was that filmed?

    40. Lenny Bruno

      this is what Subaru fanboys have wet dreams about

    41. Maha Nidhi

      I'm missing Harris with this beast

    42. Paul Bilton

      Price aside, this has to be the benchmark electric car of the industry at the moment surely. It's fantastic!

    43. Stories - My half century as a pilot

      Damned good presentation.

    44. UnashamedlyHentai

      "Restricted to 60 mph" ...wat? I drive that on the 2 mile trip to the store. i...couldn't live with this restriction.

    45. Marc SabCeb

      I’m in love with this car...

    46. Timo Tank

      Taycan is not the first electric car Porsche made.... the first Porsche car.. top gear.. get on the grand tour's level....

    47. Arav Ranjan

      Let's be honest, this video would have been more fun with Jezza, May and Hammond

    48. Omar Muhyar

      Think I'll trade in my Impreza wagon for one (in 20 years)! Lol. Sorry Subaru.

    49. Russell Hawker

      At last, an electric car I really really would want to own.......if i won the Lotto

    50. spontanp

      11:28 just what I'd need to see to decide. The best EV so far imo.

    51. avatarfin

      I bet the dealer just loves it when he brings back the $140k+ demo beat to shit.

    52. SPORTCAR111

      One of the best looking car ever

    53. Viktor Zguro

      This is probably one of the best looking cars I’ve ever seen.

    54. Sasa Maric

      Any rock chips on car paint and wheels after this test drive?

    55. Jake R

      You would only ever drive like this if it was a review car or rental.

      1. Byron

        12 month lease

    56. sidhant behera

      There should be the grunt of the turbo petrol or else what's the fun in driving a silent electric car on a rally track...it's like you are driving a car which is switched off

    57. Deeno Chaudry

      Utterly stupid review. Review it on normal roads. No taycan owner is gonna take it off road. They'll have a Range Rover for that job.

    58. cjm2005

      Astonishing. If I tried that in my model 3 I’d need a respray at the very least.

    59. Chris Reyes

      Just vanlife out of this car, you don't need to buy a house

    60. T. B. R.

      Take it out of the city where there is no chargers 👏


      What a super stupid car!! I think I want one ;-) LOL

    62. Wow OMG

      So it's faster?

    63. Andrean Rakka

      Presenter: 7:33 no taycan cross turismo owner is ever to do this with their car DEcamerasr: Challenge accepted

    64. Gregory boss


    65. N D

      The Boot space is so horrible, they paid the cameraman extra to not show it.

    66. DrGenocide

      Is this the guy who stole james may identity?

    67. SwagGaming9999

      omg it drives on GRAVEL

    68. NinetyTwoPoint5

      Shame they don't make one with a real engine....

      1. Enemy For Losser

        panamera sport turismo : im joke to you

    69. Christopher May

      The arc of the curvenant

    70. Rudy Avila

      All my saving going here for a down-payment....I'm ready, what an stunning beautiful piece of work..

    71. steenfraosterbro

      You talk about some interior stitching, but what about the alignment at 8:38. Almost looks like you didn't close the boot all the way.

    72. Antoniusz

      Dear Top gear As you know viewership is get lower when you fired Clarcson We have propozyciot for you. We want Clarcson Hammond And May but Pady Chris and Flintoff can stay in show. Peaople will be more happier when old crew will be back. We love current crew but this is not thesame that befour. Top gear was THE GRAITEST TV SHOW/THE GREITEST PROGRAM?THE GRAITEST THING IN TV. But now that is not thesame. PLS Give them back. It can be benefical for you and for us. Signatures down below

      1. Antoniusz

        @Marii Nito Yes Yes Yes

      2. Marii Nito

        @Antoniusz "I'm a dreamer" sounds like something a 13 year old would say If you like them so much go watch Tje Grand Tour. It's much better and stop complaining here even after almost 7 years

      3. Antoniusz

        @Togg Tlas So you are realist and i am Dreamer...

      4. Togg Tlas

        My dude, Clarkson was fired 6 years ago and already done a new show. It's time to move on. The old Top Gear ain't coming back. Stop living in the past.

    73. E

      i want to play

    74. Matthew O

      Comes with an optional "mud in a can" to show everyone how "adventures" you are that your "living your best life" 🙄

    75. Matthew O

      No one is going to drive this overly expensive car on gravel. This is an electric car that you put your snow box on the roof racks to show their neighbours they have a better car than theirs. Just like all of their range. My family is better than yours.

      1. Togg Tlas

        You could just have written "I can't afford one and life is unfair" and saved us all some time.

      2. James Beavan III

        are you broke or just jealousy...can't quite tell from your responses.

    76. Sidhant Megh9

      Waiting for Drag Race 🏁

    77. Kanny

      가제트 성우 해외버전 같아ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

    78. Abeer Zia

      It is a C.U.V

    79. Chkhito

      The only thing I don't like about Porsches is their prices 💰

    80. Sadri Kurtoğlu


    81. Nikoloz Metreveli

      It's bizarre how far we have come as humans to make something this phenomenal!

    82. Iranmehr Aria

      Magnificent Car

    83. michael dusenbury

      it drives me nuts that you have issue with the stitching but the fact that no one that buys this car will ever use it for what its meant for doesnt bother you at all.

    84. ໓คrth•яєναη

      As a family man, 751bhp is crucial in order to overtake other family car on school roads or to maintain 80kph in normal road.

    85. Leon Chambers

      This car no one can afford, it’s too expensive to own, electric should not mean going broke, I don’t know why everyone’s forcing people to buy electric cars why they can’t even buy the cheap gas car without taking out a big ass loan like who the heck can afford that, not even a regular person making $90,000 a year can’t afford it

      1. James Beavan III

        pricing is the same as any other Porsche...niche brand not for the poor.

      2. Togg Tlas

        It's a Porsche, they were never the "poor man" car to begin with. This is a luxury item.

    86. Vitor

      Very expensive

    87. jusmeig

      U could put headphones on with a vroom vroom noise if you really want the noise?

    88. StalkerGtfo

      The gigantic fender liners are horrendous. Look like they belong on a Jeep 4x4

    89. Richie Keane

      Brilliant car

    90. Rhianne Moll

      Come on! Nobody is ever going to thrash this on a muddy lane. You might as well have chosen a GT3 for this video for all the purpose it serves.

    91. Alex BBC

      Why to put the name ,,turbo" on an electric car? Whyyyy!!!🤦‍♂️

      1. Togg Tlas

        It's just a name. Horsepower doesn't mean powered by horses either in case you were curious. "Turbo" no longer refers exclusively to turbo technology, it's a performance badge.

    92. Mariyan Zarev

      Top Gear cast: Matt, Jonhy, Chris

    93. Jan K.

      Your are getting instant damage / flats on your low profile tires or rims. These are tarmac only and it doesn’t work at all even on gravel where you can’t avoid to hit some rocks. I tried it out for you in earlier days and paid the lesson learned.

      1. Togg Tlas

        The manufacturer: It works on gravel. The professional car reviewers: It works on gravel. Some random DEcameras dude who doesn't own the car: dOsN'T wOrK oN gRaVeL Geeh. Wonder who to believe.

    94. myst1chu85

      I love how dirty he got the car. Shows it can hold up :)

    95. piperbob2

      Just imagine running out of juice in the middle of nowhere - how could anyone help you ?

      1. piperbob2

        Yes, but you can't ask someone for a lift to the petrol station to buy a can@Todd Lloyd of petrol !

      2. Todd Lloyd

        It’s kind of like how a regular car can run out of gas, I suppose.

    96. Cannonfodder82

      Why waste this car on this guy when you have Harris.

    97. TorrNet

      Is this video sponsored?

    98. Jibbyville

      wonderful review...pure joy in an EV! "get the Porsche out the damn garage..."


      off Road & that musiC ╮(^▽^)╭

    100. Easy E

      As good as it is, not being able to fill it up in 5 min is a problem.