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    This isn't your run-of-the-mill 1961 Bentley Continental Flying Spur by HJ Mulliner... this is the future. This gorgeous old road-boat has had a full electric heart transplant, the work of the Silverstone-based EV restomodders at Lunaz Design. Thanks to an 80kWh lithium-ion battery it has a real-world range of 250 miles, can rapid charge up to 150kW, has regen braking, luxuries like cruise control and traction control and the batteries are split so there’s some at the back, some at the front, to keep weight distribution and handling just so.

    Is this the future for classics? Let us know in the comments below.

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    1. wholeNwon

      I wonder if a Brit can review anything without using the word "brilliant". I would have asked that the suspension and steering be modernized a bit, too.

    2. homer s

      No no no this is so wrong why oh dear why ? Dont eawen try to touch this car even if petrol runs out be warend or the mighty one will come down on u with rage and furious anger ;)

    3. edysixth


    4. Ciaran Burke

      Oh my , I want both 😍

    5. Sola Charles

      Nice concept but overpriced

    6. Ian Oliver

      I believe the word is 'control' - not 'controw'.

    7. Agampartap Singh

      Agreed but petrol powered one's should also remain

    8. makiavelli999

      I want the motor. Thats the true gem of this car. Where is it??

    9. Jack Flank

      Newer cars look so bloated. I don't even care about the arrow dynamics if it's gonna look that bloated.

    10. Stephen Burnage

      Thats a very heavy car to convert to EV. Must have a very short range.

    11. Sarvesh Mukane

      Just imagine an electrified Lamborghini LM002 😍🔥

    12. Steven Kaufman

      When DB5s go through this transformation, I'll know it's over.....

    13. Samuel Bello

      The red Bentley is beautiful, but I like classic modernization

    14. Adnan Jafri

      Dont like the infotainment screen! It looks out of place.

    15. Pieter van Zyl

      Can anybody tell me the name of the electronic background music starting @ 3.45 please.

    16. Mekhane. Broken

      Turning classic cars electric is a sin. Turn as many modern ones as you like but don't destroy the vintage.

    17. Andy Nixon

      Usually I find resto mods a bit . . . Naff . But this is really beautiful , incredibly subtle and keeps all that inherent old Bentley class . Makes me proud to be British .

    18. Alabama Worley

      Enzo Ferrari "You buy the engine. You get the car for free". V12 all day. Straight pipes.

    19. James Matheson

      Love the classics, but at $350K I'll just stay with petrol for the next 20 years, thats about all I expect to live.

    20. Soham Sahu

      Another British centric nonsense!!

    21. Linus D N

      This should have been James May's segment

    22. Luke Davis

      I just wish there was a way to keep the sound of the original combustion engine, i really don't like the whine EVs give off....if i had a classic Bentley i would want to hear it coming, definitely not for me.

      1. computerjantje

        @Luke Davis I agree :)

      2. Luke Davis

        @computerjantje there is that..... I just prefer the joy of owning a engine propelled car... Its not the same

      3. computerjantje

        agree. put some heavy duty amplifier and speakers under the car and you can have any sound you want.

    23. So Ch

      Where are the airbags? Also very important.

    24. Eren

      These electric toys will never be able to replace the real car

    25. Aswin JP

      Would absolutely love to own this.

    26. Khaelthas29

      I really want a classic looking car that's electric.

    27. BABAYACA

      If you want to demonstrate the classic car with a castle. The most famous castle that many people would remember is Highcler Castle.

    28. Omar K

      Is it completely silent or does it have any engine/ artificial engine noise? It’s the engine that made these cars iconic, the rumble, the smell, the beauty

    29. Albo Pastrami


    30. Yasser Masood

      Oh no

    31. Cestrian52

      I wonder if any motoring journalist can do a report without using ‘proper’ at least once?

    32. Nathan De Witt

      Bring back old top gear!!!

    33. Brian Carson

      Did he say S3? .....its a S2.....

    34. O B

      this isnt top gear GOD DAMMIT

    35. Secularanarchist

      Now there is a new business opportunity - converting old classics and American land yachts to electric.

    36. Mark Kerry

      like the presenter- no idea who he is, but good presentation. Worst suit ever though

    37. Mark Kerry

      Prices are crazy, come back in 20 years

    38. user 123

      i really like this sort of thing, ive always thought of a classic car like a jag e type but with a modern dashboard and electric engine, but other than money and not being able to drive the thing holding me back was the fact i wouldnt want to destroy a classic car for my enjoyment, id rather do something like this

    39. A Wanderer

      Old Classical cars are piece of art and it's too precious to get their working,original engine replaced even with a EV Motors.

    40. Laurence Warburton

      I find that in this modern world we have to listen to annoying smart arses with silly cliches to find out the actual interesting points which is for example an electric classic rolls. Bring back 1980's Top Gear please.

    41. Todd S

      Where's the airbag?

    42. Aditya Gupta

      That new flying spur looks great

    43. Mrbigolnuts

      The reason these old cars suck is not because of their design, they are exquisite, its because of their prehistoric energy systems, turn them electric and you have something very special

    44. Steve King

      What a beautiful piece of film.

    45. Sir Madog1956

      Another valuable classic car falling victim to climate-mania!

    46. Trevor Dodd

      Whoever thought that the centre console looked good needs shooting. I’m not a fan of electric cars, but like previous comments I can see why it would work in this situation.

    47. Léon Pluymaekers

      I would love to see a 1965 James Young-bodied Rolls Limousine fitted out with either this electric heart transplant, or a full contemporary Rolls running gear set up.

    48. Schack G. Lystrup


    49. Super Liegebeest

      Now this has style

    50. Yusuf Domun

      That's LunaTic

    51. Solo Queen

      Too gear has been dead ever since the trio left

    52. Tenorgeiger

      For that price I would expect the housing of the digital screen under the dashboard to be veneered. Not in white plastic.

    53. Just Shan

      I really love this sort of cars rather than supercars no offence. My dream is to own a classic car with modern tech with a bit of old taste like from the 1900s.

    54. John Hooper

      Wonderful. If I had the money, a classic car converted to electric power would be my choice. Just imagine an electric 1950s classic Cadilac!

    55. Alfredo A. Potthoff

      How can you change such a fantastically classic car to "electric"?? terrible.. ;,(

    56. Space Kii

      Electric really works with something that's supposed to be quiet, luxurious and powerful. Incredible

    57. fact gasm

      They could have gone a bit further and replaced the gauge cluster and switches with a screen - and a more modern steering wheel.

    58. John Lunnun

      Such a beautiful car! You don’t come more elegant and gracious as this show stopper!

    59. Zah Kam

      This is amazing !

    60. munnypoltric

      there's room for everything in this shopping centre we call life

    61. munnypoltric

      great video

    62. Moses Alazzawi

      Too many ignorant petrolheads on this channel. What do I expect from Top Gear? Cars aren't toys! Get a life other than the sound and smell and maintenance of a dumb engine! Rare cars shouldn't be electrified? Well they shouldn't be on roads, but in museums.

    63. Bob Eden

      waffability, hey?

    64. yeahproductions

      Yep... Well, your really don't have to convert your classic to electric and waste all that money. When driving a classic that which usually isn't driven many miles in a year, which doesn't pollute anywhere near what the creation of one new electric car does. Classic cars with original drive trains will be around forever. Besides ..all electric driven cars are essentially the same, no differences in say.. different engine capacities and sounds, no gears etc = no fun. Electric cars are boring. Keep the classic original. Watch this video on how the ban on ICE cars in the UK and the effect it will have on classic cars..

    65. William Fahey

      This is fantastic. I Love the old Bentleys. They really are some of the most Beautiful Cars on he road. I had hoped that somebody would be able to take cars like that and make them Electric, making them Eco-Friendly. I am very Happy it is Happening. I hope to have one myself someday. Thank You for the enjoyable video. Jeff

    66. Neil Kittipalo

      Pity the fit of the front of the bonnet behind the flying B was less than perfect.


      am in love with this!❤❤😍

    68. SandhoeFlyer

      Like it, what a shame the speedo is period too, flicking about like an old one.

    69. arkhsm ford

      Superb quality, and so regal to watch it glide past !!

    70. Peter Element

      Fewer presenter words would be lovely. Great great car. What on earth would you need to be to prefer the modern crap ?

    71. Andrew Burke

      The sense of detail is amazing... Apart from the 'Mind of its Own' speedometer needle. 7:39

    72. Marv Watkins

      You never showed the motor. Bad form indeed.

    73. SPEC LORD

      One should ask this question before buying this. Do I care about the chatter around it being a real vintage? No? Go for it, its amazing.

    74. The Porschefile

      All fine, but to an xk 120... that’s a crime

    75. cell pat

      I'll watch this after I win the lottery. Right now I'm shrinking with envy.

    76. squire haggard

      I'm disappointed that he didn't mention if the conversion is reversible, or at the very least what happens to the original drivetrain. In addition to their style these cars also reflected a high level of engineering (for the time) and are, in their way, historical artefacts. One interesting point is that most of these cars started out as playthings for the rich, then eventually (decades later) became useable artefacts maintained by dedicated enthusiasts (usually with deep pockets). Now we're coming full circle and these same cars are again becoming playthings for the rich, who are as disinclined to have to tinker with them as their original owners were.

    77. Nihal

      target customers..... rich white people

    78. gmail gmail

      What is the name of this house ? My first 3 picks were incorrect

    79. gmail gmail

      I love this car , classy .

    80. Crillian Contour

      Beautiful flowing lines. I'm really keen about the motivation. I don't like the entertainment screen/box, should have been covered in walnut (or what ever veneer is on the dashboard ) better still have it retracting from the top of the dash. As it is, sorry but looks like a boy racer made and fitted it. Row of toggle switches for the added features, they look old, not in a classic style. Years ago I put fog lights on my Mk 1 Cortina, bought a couple of universal switches, and yup they looked exactly like the S1. Fantastic car and particularly the concept, just a few design glitches need sorting. Kind Regards

    81. Sree

      Wait... Where are the dislikes??

    82. Edelmiro Paspán

      I believe classic cars are better left the way they are but, if for whatever reason someone wanted to make this their daily driver, it's pretty interesting.

    83. Nils

      Did he wear white gloves or are his hands realy that unhealthy white?

    84. Dragos Cutian

      If I had 350k I’d buy it in a heartbeat

    85. jejednb

      Nicely presented !

    86. Quint de Gourd

      Jeez, don't gimme that b.s. about heavy batteries. Have you ever notices how heavy an 8 cilinder 7 liter motor is with drive train? That is gone, then. And if they put electric motors in each of the four wheels, there are hardly any moving parts. Wear and tear is almost zero. Compare that to the mess with oil, gasoline, gaskets, differential, gears and all that mess. When people got from horse carts to motor cars, they were happy to be ridden of the manure. Now we are happy to be ridden of this oil leak, grease and gasoline mess.


      Beautifully done piece mate.

    88. Gregg Smith

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      4. Shion Magdalene

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    89. Jonathan Pearson

      I'll be avoiding putting my morgan through this unless theres absolutely no choice

    90. JSD HK

      The car is a Bentley S2 Continental Flying Spur. It is not an S1 or an S3. I admire Lunaz’s concept and the way they utilised traditional Bentley switchgear and gauges for modern controls and read outs, but the upholstery is absolutely sup par. It is incorrect hide (should be Vaumol, which is available) and the pleats are sloppy and flat (they should be plump and individually stuffed). The front door handles should point forward up at a 45° angle. If Lunaz can ever get the details right, particularly with regards to upholstery and trim, they’ll have my vote. At this time, I remain disappointed - their upholstery and woodwork in the James Young Phantom V was absolutely awful, and they even got the fine lines wrong. That’s inexcusable, particularly as period brochures and publicity photographs are available which clearly show how the cars were originally done.

    91. pearlgarden29

      Reach the main gate then push it back in to the house

    92. Ted thesailor

      A thing of beauty is a joy forever...

    93. Galahad

      Dont really know what to think about it. I think its a waste of time. electirc vehicles are already sort of outdated. to be fair, hydrogen might be more interesting, as it is more sustainable. A classic bentley should keeps its old engine, or be converted to a hydrogen powered car.

    94. Timo Lustig

      Bentley Spoiled 1

    95. THESocialJusticeWarrior


    96. David Thompson

      I am the owner of this car

    97. Pat Eldridge

      They look very nice, but they have lost their souls. The sound of a Jaguar mk2, or the XK120 40 and 50. The beautiful sounds, and experience. Sorry, not for me.

    98. Melissa Christiano

      That car sucks

    99. pectorialis

      I love that the motoring enthusiasm industry is moving back to model of: car building + coach building They are taking these older, beautifully build coaches, and pairing them with more modern car building technology Seems to have the best of both worlds :)

    100. K. Bakker

      Another brilliant classic review! Very well presented and super topic; this would be my ideal EV.