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    The father of the McLaren F1 cashed his in and spent the proceeds on expanding the finest collection of lightweights on the planet. Fancy a guided tour?

    Want to see when we surprised Gordon Murray with his old McLaren F1? Swing by here:

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    1. Top Gear

      Want to see when we surprised Gordon Murray with his old McLaren F1? Swing by here:

    2. Olds 68

      Reamerging design looks like p1 , naca ducts ! boring ! , rear diffuser ugly, funny how Brits think the Corvette is over the top !

    3. davidhg117

      ah, the smart roadster, it even fits Gordon, a 6ft4in tall dude, pretty impressive design if you ask me, because me, a 5ft 11in feel pretty good in there as well

    4. blank Blank

      Why does the windshield have triple limo tent on it?

    5. robertoppenheimer

      Stupid gimmickly fan ruined it.

    6. fathead adolf barry

      He built that for £200 🤨'd struggle to get 4 very basic wheels & tires for 200....inflation

    7. Dave Davis

      I like Gordons dual approach and mindset. From the start the F1 T50 and this track car are intentionally designed as well as he thinks. I’ve seen hours of him speak and didn’t even know who he was until recently, but the F1 was the only car poster I bought as a child. It makes sense his class style mindset winning racing car design business acumen engineering and execution/delivery marketing communication respect level and personal style is top shelf. Word

    8. K Rutherford

      Very good interview, well done..

    9. Jason Plante

      Someone buy this man an f1 cause he deserves it

    10. General Pinochet

      what's written on his t-shirt

    11. Proinseas O'Kiellig

      The worlds most highly skilled hobbyist...

    12. Vezron

      Is noone going to admit that he looks like einstein?

    13. The Sprawl

      23:42 - The amount of humblebragging in Gordon's speech is unintentionally amusing...he's earned it to be fair, but it's still funny to me.

    14. The Sprawl

      What an aesthetically gorgeous garage as well...

    15. w5bbaker

      Top Gear, first rate job on this, thank you, Bill Baker

    16. w5bbaker

      Gordon was absolutely so very kind to spend so much time and share so much about his collection. His presence at Brabham and McLaren has been key in my lifelong fascination with those two racing dynasties. Thank you sincerely, Bill Baker

    17. acodike

      What a legend...

    18. Przemysław Plech

      He reminds me of John Cleese

    19. Ghostridervr6

      31.05.. Gordon wanted to talk bikes 😝

    20. JoJo

      Well, if he's not 100% satisfied with the Alpine, why doesn't he again do like he did all those years ago and build it himself?! 😅 Imagine a modern affordable little 4 banger sports car built by this guy! It'd sell like hot cakes! 🤩

    21. Me

      This fool ask's about the price. He should of replied that A DUMMY IS BORN EVERYDAY!

    22. Ivo Trausch

      Imagine what he could do if he decided to participate in Le Mans Hypercars

    23. 425i

      What a perfect car collection . Just absolutely perfect

    24. Mark A

      His mk1 Retropower Escort please TG

    25. Dobry Czlowiek

      Who cares?

    26. Abdul Ismail

      Love how he proudly still represents South Africa ❤️

    27. M A

      Get Gordon into a Toyota 86 GTS. Manual, Lightweight, Naturally Aspirated, Super Low and Rear Wheel Drive. He will love it!

      1. Mark A

        Why would he do that, have you seen his mk1 Retropower Escort?

    28. JPL083

      Damn, we need a whole lot more people like Gordon Murray on this earth... Pleeeeaaassseeee! Super job, humble, down to earth, classy, thinking how things should really be like, etc... And what a stories!!! A big Cheers for him! And a big middle finger for big automakers.

    29. Alan Marshall

      Besides these new cars I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Gordon talking about all his old cars. Always great to see someone with such a lifelong passion share it with others.

    30. Michael

      So he packad up and sold everything to move to Britain but he keep everything?🤔


      i must be cool. because the smart roadster is my wallpaper

    32. Graham Hill

      If anyone knows of a more interesting Top Gear interview, then I'd love to see it. This was glorious!

    33. Charlie Bartlett

      This man is a complete genius

    34. Malcolm Hales

      Is that an FS1E on the rear wall?

    35. steve main

      I really enjoyed the walkround and look forward to seeing the motorbike collection too, perhaps he may even do a drive out or road test of each of them

    36. Daniel Wilson

      The guy asking questions didn't do well. Doesn't sound truly interested and cut off a couple interesting replies for new, foolish questions.

    37. S S

      Very few fortunate people have the fantastic opportunity to follow their passion and make it, despite the steep challenges they may face...

    38. J.P. Schultz

      Oh covid blah blah

    39. J.P. Schultz

      Well i dont see the clk in there

    40. Casper Jordaan

      What an absolute AWESOME guy! Gordon, that fact that you strip your jukeboxes to look at the rear, that you wrench yourself, it makes me feel so good inside, wrenching away in my own garage. As a fellow South African, I have always had utmost respect for you Mr Murray. Please never stop the good work! You're a LEGEND

    41. Noukz


    42. Alexander Stefanov

      Imagine if people with the intellect, ability and temperament of Gordon Murray ran the country?

    43. Ebeneser Thepbanthao

      The abundant metal currently squeeze because joke legally note forenenst a wacky cappelletti. disillusioned, gaping cheque

    44. Carolina Autos

      Comrade Dyatlov?

    45. Flying Hedgehog

      Can I nominate Gordon for the next Bond movie ...Q !

    46. Flying Hedgehog

      Lotus 31 F3 Jim Russell Racing ... As an ex pupil I can volunteer to race it for you Gordon.OK I'm no Emmo but I'm a fan :)

    47. Xavier Melendez

      GM: When we started this program about 18 months ago... Me: Head explodes. 18 MONTHS AGO?!

    48. James Roe

      awesome guy, awesome cars :)

    49. Jack Torrance

      This man takes all the credit. Apparently he worked alone all these years.

    50. dorwood73

      "its only 280 kilo's"... really? no response? Most amazing number in the whole interview.

    51. baking baked

      Why everyone sleeps including you on the Austin Healy Bugeye sprite. Its such a fun little driver

    52. valdur mägi

      I saw that the book of the Estonian Margus-Hans Kuuse stood on the bookshelf. :D

    53. Richard Mahoney

      Thank god Gordon Murray is 8”2 tall LOL he obviously had to fit in all the cars he designed and helped develop now anyone can fit in his cars

    54. Anthony I

      This guy sounds cool, looks cool.. The next James Bond??

    55. simonjamesbeer

      I was with you until you referred to more than one lotus as Loti’. Amazing collection of Lotus’s.

    56. Jak Haughton

      42 minutes in and I haven’t seen an E Type yet. The car design of the 20th century

    57. Fish N' Furious

      what a legend!

    58. Artemio Madrigal

      1 Bedroom and 22 car garage. Sounds like a plan.

    59. Dundee Dideley

      Petrolheads on suicide watch, GM loves driving a smart car😂😂😂

    60. Saiwsi Ntilti

      The distinct owl generally stamp because fir likely shelter following a defiant philosophy. idiotic, sulky backbone

    61. Mystic Mayhem

      We still drive bikes with only T-shirt and shorts.

    62. crusherbmx

      I love how Colin Chapman was his hero and he has a bunch of Lotus cars, and then there's the fan car....meant to out Colin Chapman, Colin Chapman, and guess who was the biggest critic of that car...?

    63. AuldThwaite

      Terrible interviewer, great subject matter tho. 👍🏼

    64. Markus Parkinson

      Brilliant car chat, such a meaningful collection

    65. Onkel Marvin

      There`s tons of videos on the T-50, but not one where you actually see it being driven !!!!!!

    66. Josh Toth-Thomas

      15:1 CR!? I'm assuming this can ONLY be run on exotic fuels then?

    67. Olga Arellano

      The wide revolve crucially branch because end conjecturally confuse opposite a scarce layer. rotten, harsh watch

    68. Paris Poulenc

      I'm surprised he doesn't have an NSX.

      1. Tyrus Madsden

        Sold it

    69. tobias03 Coimbra

      I think the mp4/4 is missing in that garage

    70. IshouI ;_;

      too the window too the wall

    71. fvcgt

      Thank you top gear for this 👏👏👏👏

    72. Wotocar

      wow 😍❤

    73. Peter Ingram

      when you talk to a real addict, they make everything sound interesting, even the uglyish bug

    74. Una Adachi

      The hell happens to these car's once this mans dies? I'm honestly curious

      1. Tyrus Madsden

        His family sells it or keeps it.

    75. Brother Bryan

      Seems like a nice man, I would buy a car from him.… If I had the money. LOL

      1. Tyrus Madsden

        If only he would make affordable cars.

    76. Haydn Nuss

      How the hell does he fit in a mini etc, but cant fit in a Lotus Elise?

    77. Mike's models 2

      After watching all these videos Gordon comes off as bit cocky.

      1. Tyrus Madsden

        A tad bit but I can see why.

    78. Anže Filipič

      Damn professor, what a place.

    79. High Plains Drifter

      The guys full of shit.

    80. dacian muntean

      people call themselves petrolheads just for buying an manual gearbox this days ...this guy is the ultimate level. .

    81. Gary Broadbent

      So good to hear someone with so much enthusiasm and who really knows his stuff.

    82. william armstrong

      What a pity that would have been interesting. However I have standards.. unlike the presenter you still strangely employ. I will not watch anything that distorter of facts and truth (when not outright lying) presents. Everything he presents he reduces the BBC's standards for truth and accuracy.

    83. Shawn

      Now that is a fantastic collection of unique and beautiful cars. So many collectors have the same old expensive run of the mill exotics.

    84. Beany Boom

      Crazy cool garage, so many beatuiful designs. But I wish this numpty would let Mr. Murray talk, instead of interrupting him all the time.

    85. William R

      That Lotus 31 is beautiful! :0)

    86. Mr Radman

      The periscopio is in my dream garage.

    87. Android 890

      Wow how to make orange look Good . A Great guy and a truly British achievement.👏I love the classic Honda he probably can't fit in🤣more Murray please 🙏

    88. andyamh

      Get rid of the useless interviewer. Send Harry Metcalfe

    89. kris angelus

      Brilliant trip round a brilliant garage of a brilliant man! Love it!

    90. Johnny Boye

      What to say after that. A joy from start to finish.

      1. Tyrus Madsden

        I keep coming back.

    91. SuperDeadlen

      I think his whole car collection weighs less than my Mitsubishi 3000GT.

    92. Carlo

      At £3.1 M that is actually a bargain. Why? RD man! That thing just did not pop out of the drawing board.

    93. Grady Turner

      if we can keep the oil in the oil tank..... ithats simple jus throw a bladder in the tank

    94. Tim Knight

      So interesting.

    95. Ivan Julian

      Did I hear Gordon say it has a 15:1 compression ratio? Presumably it runs on ethanol then?

    96. Henrik DK

      Any chance a Gordon Murray fan can try it out?

    97. Scott D

      I want to know how much a year it takes to maintain all of his collection. Must be amazing.

    98. Timmy Oshaunessy

      Pure genius and legendary. When he speaks. Every body listen

    99. Chris Whittle

      Such authority and passion. The best.

    100. Graham Coffer

      Don’t know much about cars,but this is a brilliant produced video with an obvious genius in car design,can’t believe he hasn’t an F1.