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    If you have £600k lying around, and a need for a 937bhp V8 plug-in hybrid hypercar with its eye on the outright Nurburgring lap record, this is the car for you. Say hello to the Aston Martin Valhalla. The *other* Aston Martin hypercar. Mad that we’re even saying that. But if you missed out on a Valkyrie, this is the next best thing. With a 4.0-litre, twin-turbo with a flat-plane crank revving to 7200rpm, lots of aero and a £600k price tag, could it be a bit of a bargain too? Let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix give you all the nitty gritty details to decide.

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    1. Philip Minns

      Turn the music down/off, unless there's some point to it (getting in the way of the dialogue isn't a point).

    2. Š Sahoo

      Lol sf90 just looks far better and interior is unmatchable

      1. Fred S.

        @Š Sahoo just saying I've sat in an sf90 and the interior was a massive letdown. More plasticcy, less premium

      2. Š Sahoo

        @Fred S. You are a old school guy, who don't like changes at all Sf90 interior is appreciated by many owners who even have cars like laf and Porsche 918 And car collectors They love the interior which is class apart I myself love the fact that how incredible that car actually is in terms of acceleration it's unreal and a lot more thrilling than the big daddy laferrari, Anyways there are peoples who still appriciates old sports cars than modern supercars who can't evem drive fast coz they don't have balls😂

      3. Fred S.

        @Š Sahoo dp? The sf90's interior is so ugly, do you honestly like controlling everything via stupid touchscreens? Physical buttons/controls are more elegant and will age bettee

      4. Š Sahoo

        @Fred S. 😂😂 Not as ugly as the car you have on dp

      5. Fred S.

        The sf90 interior is so ugly

    3. Brave Voice

      Beautiful joke.

    4. Sören Borchers

      The concept looked so, so much better. But it's still not ugly. That's how good the concept looked. Honestly, i thought the extremly minimalistic, slick design language of the two concepts were phenomenal, and something that sets them apart from the rest of the supercar world. This right here still looks really good, but lost it's unique style, the flowing minimalism was lost. You can see that they needed to lose a lot to ensure aero and cooling, but i would have liked a more reduced look to it. Still far from ugly, it's a good looking car, just not as mindblowingly beautiful as i hoped it would be.

    5. Dennis dela Pena

      Aston Martin Green is just 😩

    6. Jomar Felisilda

      it looks like a skinny frog

    7. Bolek989

      Aston Maarten is on serious 🔥 at the moment

    8. Wrath Scar

      Valkyrie is never gonna give us lap times. Is it really that bad?

      1. Fred S.


    9. Jordan Taylor

      He's touching it. Why is he touching it?


      Massive well done to Aston Martin. Putting a mark on the scene again.

    11. sferrin2

      What the. . .this isn't Top Gear.

    12. danmar007

      Nice car, nice colour. Silver is classy but it's boring.

    13. Matteo Caporicci

      Can't wait to see this race the SF90 Ferrari.

    14. James Hewitt

      Aston Martin are very quickly becoming my favourite brand

    15. Johan Wejedal Design

      It hit me that the production Valhalla must be a fusion between the Valhalla/AM_RB 003 concept and the mid engined Vanquish concept, because it´s really really similar to the mid engined Vanquish concept... Will there even be a mid engined Vanquish? Compare for yourself:

    16. therealG

      I absolutely love this car, however it is a great shame that Aston Martin are no longer making their V8s in house. Only the v12s.

      1. Fred S.

        Making no assembling yes

    17. Sunder Sharma

      EXCELLENT HYPERCAR ...!!!!🤠🤠🤠

    18. Andito

      MUCH MUCH better than the original valhalla

    19. Bingbong N

      Nice car. Very annoying backgroud music

    20. Xceloverdose

      The rear is near perfect. The front reminds me of too many things and is a bit too flat, even if it helps performance. Overall though, that is one sexy machine!!

    21. The Shaolin Six

      it looks like a mclaren

    22. Avocado

      I’ll be getting one

      1. Fred S.


    23. PABLO

      Considering to order Valhalla or find clean 918 Spyder and P1 Because it is not limited production car it seems to lose value soon It's hard to ignore the brand value which is producing this particular vehicle Aston Martin is great brand , however it does not have data as much as Ferrari or Porsche Also , this brand is not devoted into racing industry as much as Mclaren Not sure if Aston Martin Valhalla is right way to go

    24. Grimmy Hendrix

      This is breaking my heart.... That front end looks like a Porsche Taycan!? WHY?!!! And the AMG Powerplant?!... Come on!? The previous "boss" had managed to generate MORE interest/anticipation around Aston Martin than they'd seen in the past 50 YEARS and now they replace him with someone who's OUT SOURCED one of their BIGGEST points of interest!? WTH's going on over there?!!! Smdh

    25. Grimmy Hendrix

      Wow... I HATE what they did to the front end. If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!!!

    26. APE Suit9

      I just love they kept the front grill, Aston Martin signature style.

    27. JONATHAN

      The new head diddnt came from AMG.. He came straight from the Design Apartment of the Ford GT!

    28. xavitoral17

      messed up a beautiful design, so sad to see, i was so excited with the valhalla and the vanquish, not anymore, thank you for messing up a designers dream.

    29. Michael Joseph

      Is this the new Aston that breakdown last week Goodwood and the owner said because of a $7 Part???

    30. François Dillinger

      Damn this makes me miss Jeremy, Richard, and James.

    31. Fiba_dan 6

      They were rlly gonna put a v6 in a car like this 🤡🤡

    32. Tazakka Thoriq


    33. Chris

      oh god.. a flat plane crank :(

    34. Adrian Pop


    35. Muhammad 560


    36. Radek M

      oh damn that exhaust

    37. David Haller

      His head looks shaved. Did you lose a bet?

    38. repz 91

      the front looks like a catfish. 😅

    39. L P

      New Bond car? HMMMMM.

    40. OneAboveAll Ferrari fan

      Revving only to 7,200rpm? Lame

    41. Francesco Orano

      A Ferrari today costs 430 or 480 thousand euros. In five years millions. I don't know if will be the same for the " german" aston martin....

    42. hamish gibson

      Nice cool car would be nice if the doors open kind of puts me off from buying one.

    43. Srg Bobbert

      Probably the only one wondering why the tires on a 2021 car are from (0518)

    44. Stefan Dimo

      That kinda looks like a Ferrari

    45. Chris Spicer

      Looks like a mid 90s Pontiac

    46. 4g63 Mike

      I'm glad they took the v6 out. Imagine paying all that money and it dont even sound right.

    47. Obsidian

      Ram air... On a turbo car? . I'm pretty sure the exhaust gas spins a turbine wheel, which spins a compressor wheel. IE turbos suck air like a fan. So the idea that the intakes air speed is a factor is pretty hilarious. . It's like looking at a jet engine and thinking "oh that running at full tilt, well that doesn't matter, I'll just walk right out in front of it" 🤣

    48. nigel west

      I guess windscreen wipers are part of the 5% yet to be finalised, BUT it's nice to see Astons heading back to where they should be, Ridiculously expensive cars for very wealthy people, I saw a Newport Pagnell V8 Vantage (1990s Twin Supercharged) on the road the other day, First time I'd seen one since I worked there (1989-1999)

    49. Super Straight Seeding person

      Its promising seeing manufacturers making these bad ass cars and not bullshit economics box electrics.

    50. James Mcfadden

      i watched this twice

    51. Staging Lane

      SEXY!! Even us girls love it!! - Z.

    52. Eimis

      Top gear, if you will ever see this, i just want you to know - you made my childhood

    53. wololo10

      They destroyed the Valhalla :(((


      Similar to the project one AMG. mainly the rear back.

    55. Ruteganya Rodgers

      Thats the supposed Mercedes project one

    56. DrumtotheBass Woop

      I’m guessing this car will launch in Lindesfarn.

    57. Subaruimprez4

      I prefer the OG styling… it’s too messy now… dare I say it’s ugly?

    58. Dave Williams

      This or an SF90? Well if you want the SF90 you're gonna have to buy at least 3 other ferrari's first but if you want a valhalla, well aren't they all sold already? I'll take a 765LT then. (oh wait. I forgot i'm poor. Maybe a Santa Cruz Heckler instead)

    59. Stratboy999

      Does anyone actually buy and drive these cars? They are ultimately pointless.

    60. WhiskyPapi

      That's the AMG One????

    61. Ian Campbell

      This thing is awesome, way better than the concept, and I'm thinking maybe even better than the Valkyrie?

    62. Nico1977

      Hypercars all look the same

    63. Peter Cavellini

      And there the rub, over £600K , production line car too, eh, no thanks.

    64. Peter Cavellini

      Where the hell in the UK could you drive this at anything approaching it full potential, other than a race track or a long runway?, and, what tech has it used that will filter down into the everyday stuff we drive?

    65. Peter Cavellini

      That front splitter will take a bashing!

    66. Omar Remmo

      Warum Vallhalla ? ? Name Passt Nicht ! Umändern

    67. KB Videos

      This, or the new Aventador for the Forza Horizon 5 cover car.

    68. ras kin

      aston martin going nordic

    69. Tony V

      powered by AMG it will be epic

    70. Roland Ong

      The rear reminds me about Mercedes AMG Project One.

    71. Trevor Senft

      Pretty awesome lookin car gg Aston gg 😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯💯

    72. matt helton

      6:30 on the ring... So what's the goal for the big dog Valkyrie?

    73. Thymes

      Spaceship 🚀 🔥

    74. Tiny_ Baby_

      4:12 escape sorry bout this

    75. Patrick Cele

      Next we going to hear about the Odin. Aston Martin seem to love Norse methodology

    76. Aleric c

      Id rather have a 2021 Corvette Stingray with the Z51 performance package.

    77. clydem56

      This is a beautiful livery and car

    78. Smoothy Boy

      Why did they deviate so much from the concept 😒. Sigh

    79. Panaceias Úberes

      Aston Martin: the lengths a billionaire will go in order to perpetuate his offspring driving a F1 car.

    80. XTIbV

      The Interstellar rip-off music isn't cool.

    81. Adam Donovan

      SO WHAT???? Who is it that these "hyper-thingies" are intended for? Elon Musk already has all the cars he wants...and he's only into electric thingies...not really cars.

      1. Ryan Miller

        Same people they've been for for years now: Rich, flashy people.

    82. Alanthecat

      so the air vents on the roof, are actually not vents but intakes...

    83. Drew Lovelyhell

      Well, I've been asking for some more adventurous designs for some time now. I can never tell a Vanquish from a Vantage from a DB9. I wonder how wild the more 'entry level' models will get? Don't want to turn off the GT crowd by getting too radical.

    84. Naki zg

      Thank god, 007 finally got something nice to drive.

    85. Sumukh

      That is an exquisite machine.

    86. Kostas Paraskeva

      Absolutly beautiful!!!

    87. sessiz tepe


    88. Tony Jones' bassoon whippet

      Can't stand astons with turbocharged amg v8s. No soul.

    89. BETNCORT

      the sound guy needs to step it up...this background music drones on..bad choice of music..its very depressing and its the same monotone loop over and over...

    90. Bad B.

      Concept front end looked way better in my opinion

    91. diogo vale

      It looks like the child of a valkerie and a project One

    92. H X

      Wb the vulkan

    93. Marc Warrior

      Best Car Name ever !!!!

    94. z_morning_after_pill

      I think at this point DEcameras should somehow figure out not to recommend new top gear videos anymore. These guys are flexing the boring limits tbh

    95. The Yellow Light Saber

      i like it, when they reboot james bond yet again i wana see him driving this

    96. Joonatan Nurminen

      I cant wait for the Ferrari vs Aston battle thats cooking for 2020s 812 Superfast VS DBS Superleggera Rome VS DB11 Portofino VS Vantage Purosangue VS DBX 269 GTB VS upcoming mid-engine Vanquish SF90 VS Valhalla LaFerrari successor VS Valkyrie

    97. fieryspy64

      These look so beautiful. Definitely a good change for Aston

    98. mark t

      Does it run on the new rubbish fuel we are getting?

    99. whzpoor

      The Nürburgring, "BOMB IT".

    100. nino brown

      looks like an AMG project !