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    Porsche Taycan Turbo EV Review: Join Top Gear Magazine's Ollie Kew as he dons his 100%-acrylic lab coat to test the Porsche Taycan Turbo in a range of real-world scenarios. What's the range if you need to use the heater and put your foot down? How does it stack up against Elon's offerings from Tesla? How long does it take to charge? Find out in episode two of TG Tested...

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    1. Top Gear

      Very capable car, but is that range enough for you? 👇👇👇

      1. Cyber Slim

        @Alexander Miller All this paid social media fanboy garbage by the T junk company talking about products which don't exist ist nothing but junk, like all the T cars coming out of their factories.

      2. Cyber Slim

        @SpaghettiKillah T-junk is vaporware. My Taycan gets 300 miles, the range he got with race driving style testing is nonsense! My MS90D is piece of junk, my Taycan is by far the best car I've ever owned.

      3. Perodua Kelisa

        @Tim Murphy yea exactly lol. 0-60 in 4 seconds is enough. Did you read my comment? Click read more

      4. Tim Murphy

        @Perodua Kelisa So, essentially, you get to really enjoy the first 2.1 seconds of your drive and after that what? What about 60-100? What about cornering, general handling etc? Can you keep that kind of driving going? We're not all into drag racing.

      5. Perodua Kelisa

        @SpaghettiKillahIf you wanna talk stats, the Tesla will likely do 0 - 60 in ~2.1 seconds without rollout. The current taycan turbo S does 0 - 60 in 2.4. Won't be surprised if the next one is quicker, if not faster than the Tesla. We are talking a similar 0 - 60 here, within 0.2 of a second. Anyway, that's not what Porsche is about. Porsche is about the driving experience; that's where the money goes. Chassis development, handling, driving position, etc. In that respect, the Porsche is better by a long shot. If you wanna show off to your mates that your tesla does 0-60 in 2 seconds, great. But you won't be having as much fun driving it as you would if it were a Porsche. 0- 60 is irrelevant, actually. Every nerd who doesn't know the slightest thing about cars thinks that 0 - 60 is the prime measurement. There is no real way you can measure how fun a car is. A rav4 prime does 0 - 60 faster than a BRZ. But the BRZ is a way way way more enjoyable drive. If you can't test drive them, listen to what reviewers say. And get a good mix of different ones; don't get stuck in the tesla fanboy world. And for that kind of car, range isn't a huge deal. The only reason the Tesla is longer range is that it has a massive heavy battery which makes it handle worse. Porsche could have easily stuffed a bigger one in but they didn't, because it hurts the handling. Saying the Tesla is leagues ahead because of its range is like saying an ICE car is leagues ahead because it has a bigger fuel tank. At this price point, it's about a compromise between handling and range. Its not about pure speed, its about driving enjoyment and the experience of owning a well-made high-quality car. If you don't care about that, you shouldn't be spending $150,000 on a car. PS buy a base taycan for 50 grand less than a model S. You'll have the best handling EV out there, and one of the most enjoyable drives. Driving a car closer to its limit is more fun.

    2. Wowo

      cringechamp basedchamp

    3. Ben H

      Not practical? That’s completely subjective…and his FIRST reasoning is that the boot is a similar size to a focus? Yeah definitely 2 cars you’d compare haha clueless

    4. SaenzFonsi

      I feel that an electrical car with combustion engine assist cars are in a different class. I just want to see the mechanics try to fix this one. You have to be an Electrical Engineer with a substantial knowledge in BDLC motors and a great deal of knowledge in Close Loop Control Systems to even begin to diagnose when something goes wrong. Point is, a lot of things have to synchronize to make this car work really well. Knowing how semiconductors work, now you are adding the manufacturing 6 sigma into the mix. Nope, yeah, it might be fast, it might be beautiful, I might be the best, but I want no part of one. Not even racing against them! but then again, that is just me.

    5. Zach Harvey

      Good presenter 👏🏽

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      3. Alexander Lorenzo

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      4. Christopher Anders

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      5. Daniel Brooks

        I have never seen or heard any on his clients complain about loss, that shows that he minimizes loss and maximizes profits. His trading strategy seems to be the best so far.

    7. Eddie Castaner

      This guys a little rough with the car......

    8. Daniel Gomes

      Ugly, ugly, ugly.

    9. ben wood

      This isn't Chris. Call me when he does another review

    10. vox Lennart

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    11. 코코몽

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    12. Colin notyou0k

      Even as a Gran Turismo fanboy, I approve this video 👍

    13. alex emergineer

      Please test Mercedes EQS at that facility please

    14. Antoniusz

      Dear Top gear As you know viewership is get lower when you fired Clarcson We have propozyciot for you. We want Clarcson Hammond And May but Pady Chris and Flintoff can stay in show. Peaople will be more happier when old crew will be back. We love current crew but this is not thesame that befour. Top gear was THE GRAITEST TV SHOW/THE GREITEST PROGRAM?THE GRAITEST THING IN TV. But now that is not thesame. PLS Give them back. It can be benefical for you and for us. Signatures down below

    15. StackMoSayless -

      This car will never be a classic the technology will change every other year.

    16. Not So Happy Camper

      Is this what we are getting from Top Gear now 👎🏼👎🏼

    17. Grand Bay Central

      Gotta drive Porsche Taycan before you leave this world.😎👌

      1. Cyber Slim

        True, currently by far the best EV on the market, the Audi e-tron GT is also excellent.

    18. HawkSea

      I'll tale the wagon please.

    19. Stefano Pinchetti

      I'm conflicted. On the one hand calling an EV car 'turbo' is terribly lame. On the other, the 2:40 tickle-tickle option, especially if completed with the customizable sound effects option, is spot on! I can't wait to meet my mates with one of these at Itasha!!!

    20. Timothy Simpson

      It’s cool these are low on the road but all I can think of is how often you’d bottom out.

    21. Bari Vitolo

      You seem very negative to this car.

    22. khoir nisa

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    23. James Collinge

      This video is terrible. White coat, geeky presenter talking to us like we have never seen a car and his voice sounding like he is 12.

    24. Emil Wilkens

      Same Top Speed as a Tesla Model 3 Performance

      1. Emil Wilkens

        @Stian Tveit just random info

      2. Stian Tveit


    25. Dave Williams

      3:50 When my Dad and I went to the TG Test Facility..... we called it Milbrook. Just down the road from where i was born. Dad was spending the day testing some seats in some honda's. Took me along for the Lolz

    26. Matthew Gough

      Sorry to be a pedant, but the 0-100 time was 7.9 secs when rounded to the nearest tenth of a second. No, I'm not fun at parties.

    27. Bavaria Florian

      Bey Bey Tesla

      1. Alex Z

        Old story, Tesla is much faster now : decameras.info/block/n3-drJegpLGyqnk/video.html

    28. Anton Bjerketorp

      Not the first electric Porsche. The first Porsche was the first electric Porsche. Top Gear really going downhill smh

    29. Chansai Commerce17

      GO GO !!

    30. Chansai Commerce17

      HOT !!

    31. Chansai Commerce17

      COOL ++++++++++++++++++

    32. Cliff Lee

      You will still burn fossil fuels since most electricity is made by burning them. That was the point to begin with. But no one listened.

      1. Louie

        @Chukonu5 it’s also cheaper to buy green electricity

      2. Chukonu5

        But producing electricity using fossil fuels at scale in an electrical power plant is much more efficient than burning fossil fuels in your tiny combustion engine.

    33. Luiz Gustavo

      Why is Top Gear talking about miles ? We need Kph please

    34. Dave Dee

      I hate when presenters talk about how much time for a full charge at home from dead to full. While 9 hours is reasonable for overnight, it still sounds long. It is extremely rare to get home with zero miles left and to need a 100% full charge. Most often, you’ll get home with more than 50% charge and don’t need 100%. I would guess that most people would need to charge for less than 2 hours a night at home to top up. Even a 120V outlet can work for a lot of people.

      1. Green Drive India

        Yes, reviews like this is the reason EVs are still not outselling ICE.

    35. GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

      When the brake calipers and the trash bin are yellow.

    36. Mortem

      wdym the first ever electric porsche they made one/two/however many around 1920s bruh

    37. luedriver

      calling an electric car turbo will always sound stupid, even though I am biased towards N/A engines

    38. Tim Arnold

      I appreciate the effort to make more video content but the people you wrote these jokes for don't spend much time on DEcameras

    39. Adhitia P

      Latest Topgear vids doesn't support auto generated caption, it makes me hard to understand some of technical info Please enable it again

      1. Adhitia P

        @Top Gear thank you

      2. Top Gear

        Hey, apologies for this. Auto-generated are enabled on all our videos, but sometimes it takes longer than we'd like for DEcameras to process them and to become available. They are now on this video, so we hope that helps.

    40. 虎ちゃん

      The best taycan is the cheapest rwd version

    41. Thivarane 25

      "Tesla model S plaid plus ludicrous elon editon" 😂

      1. odisy64

        @Cyber Slim looks pretty real to me

      2. Cyber Slim


    42. blink182bfsftw

      Tesla fans mad

      1. Alex Z

        Old story, Tesla is much faster now : decameras.info/block/n3-drJegpLGyqnk/video.html

    43. bongo bob

      This guy is tragic please don't use him again

      1. Louie


    44. Procat Procat

      You said that a toy RC car is more fun than one of the best sports cars currently on sale. That is so utterly damning for the sports car industry.

    45. Mark Antonio

      Well.. you didn't test the range did you.

    46. MCV

      I'm getting the inclination that if this thing had half a dozen more competitors it would score dead last, save that it's the only European comparison to Tesla. Top Gear's delusionally not impressed and neither am I.

    47. GarbisOnTheGo

      Top review that, i like him

    48. Yiannis Hayabusa

      BRILLIANT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    49. Yiannis Hayabusa


    50. bimbeano

      2:48 orange peel anyone ?

    51. aconfusedazn

      Ollie is awesome

    52. Alina Na Dodge

      🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞Have you watched my video yet? 1998 American Dodge Durango on Russian roads .. it's cruel

    53. Abdul Don

      Electric hullabaloo is getting too much yo.

    54. PolskaBoi

      8 miss the old top gear crew

    55. Thorbjørn Brodersen

      That whole “but it doesn’t have a turbo” talk is getting a bit old. The difference between a 911 and a 911 turbo isn’t a “turbo” anymore either.

    56. Dan Grassetti

      only 140k? Such a value. And you can get a home level 2 charger as an extra cost option. Are they serious? As for performance, well, it's almost as fast as a Tesla Model 3 Performance. Hmm. Practical? Well, less room for passengers and luggage than the aforementioned Tesla. As for top speed, pretty good, but not quite as fast as the aforementioned Tesla....not the fancy Tesla, just the lowly Model 3. The Plaid Tesla referenced is alleged to go 200 mph.....As for cornering performance, the aforementioned Model 3 is faster on the Nurburgring. Oh, the phony noise...tres chic. Too bad it's an option. Oh range....not a strong point. Summary: this car is pretty much inferior to that pesky Tesla in every respect, other than the nameplate. These things will be a hell of a deal on the used market once the Tesla Model S Plaid starts shipping. Probably well worth 40k.

      1. Ethelred

        @D K not really. Factually he’s right. And he didn’t even mention the fabulous Supercharger network. This Porsche can only use the public chargers. Imagine the embarrassment of having to drive past about 20 shiny white 150kw Superchargers to get to your public one :) Why is this on another level? It’s about 3 or 4 years behind Tesla technology. And as they get close, the new Teslas come out. Yes I have a M3P. It’s faster than this Taycan, can use all the chargers it sees, has the charger network intrinsically linked to its satnav, has OTA and has better range/efficiency. You may be upset that folk are mentioning the Tesla in the same breath as this revered Porsche, but as Tesla set the benchmark for the rest to catch up to, that’s the way it is :)

      2. D K

        Wow. Are you serious? Comparing this to Model3? And Model S? That old dog? Oh, you are Tesla stock owner, explains a lot. Deal with it. This is on another level than everything Tesla makes and will make. You don't get it. Face it.

    57. MetikalMan

      I like this review style and reviewer. Good work TG.


      Beautiful cars!

    59. West Coast Supercars and Classics

      Nice effort and great track stuff, but it's about 1 year late really... :)

    60. Teslapower

      poor clip

    61. Markus

      Sorry to point it out but you dont charge 0-100% so 43 hours that you dont have time for is irrelevant.

      1. Markus

        @Aussie2u offcourse someone does it sometimes but thats not the poin. PS, get a wallbox in your cabin.

      2. Aussie2u

        Sure you do! I can get from Atlanta to a cabin in the Smokey Mountains with one charge but it then arrives near zero. There are no high speed chargers anywhere so you plug into the 110v cabin outlet and then go enjoy the outdoors for the weekend. You need a bit over 90% to then make it back...

    62. nepafu666

      If Tesla is the 'car for those that dislike cars' then this is the first kick at the can for those who do.... just get rid of those two rear doors please and shorten the WB a tad :D :D

    63. Dash Cam

      Technology obsolete within 10 years

      1. Cassp0nk

        I’d give it 3.

    64. Chasing Different Adventures

      Taycan is the highest performance all electric for less than $300,000 U.S., though, I want to be able to throw gears for as long as I can buy it. Will regret the day the option of not being able to buy a Manual Transmission, let alone the disappearing steering wheel (BMW).. My current car is a 2016 Mustang and bought the only one with Magneride Suspension and the Automatic Paddle Shifter, because I thought if it's good enough for the Formula 1 Driver's than it would be okay. By 1 month and 1,700 mile round trip drive i was bored with the automatic. 👦🏻👍🏻🏎🏁 Future will be less engaging and Self drive I saw a Video where self drive fails miserably....dangerous

    65. Matt Evans

      Trying to judge a Taycan using numbers, is like trying to judge an exquisite soufflé from the recipe book. Sensations don't come with numbers.

      1. Louie

        Qualitative vs quantitative value

    66. Julius Greeno

      Mate is this the most boring bloke in the world or what looks like he should be reviewing Pokémon cards not cars

    67. M Roth

      Top Gear was great with Hammond, Clarkson, and May. Now unfortunately I just don’t care.

    68. Ankit Parajuli

      Run flat tires . ❌

    69. BeyerT1

      I wish people would stop calling this a Model S rival. It's literally not even in the same class, Porsche is a much better and higher quality car. Just because they're electric doesn't mean they're rivals. It's like comparing a Dodge Charger to a Mercedes S class just because they both have V8's.

      1. Thorstein Klingenberg

        @Alex Z New user, two posts, no pics. I call bullshit. Like the idiot that tried to "prove" a Taycan has terrible panel gaps by photographing one with the door ajar.

      2. Alex Z

        @Thorstein Klingenberg blinded ? Here direct from factory : Here a new 911 panel gaps : rennlist.com/forums/991/1033788-new-car-panel-gaps.html Here 2 new 911 paint problems : www.6speedonline.com/forums/991/285639-new-car-paint-problem.html Here 2 new Taycan panel gaps : www.motorbiscuit.com/looks-like-porsche-taycans-have-huge-quality-issues/ Here new Cayenne paint problems : www.6speedonline.com/forums/cayenne-955-957/15246-advice-dealing-porsche-paint-defect.html Here new Macan peeling after 15.000km: www.macanforum.com/threads/paint-peeling-off-doors.130018/

      3. Thorstein Klingenberg

        @Alex Z It is. One of the links was some guy buying a three year old 911. And one where the door crashed into the fender when opening the door! Newsflash: If you buy a crashed car with a bad repair job the panels often don't fit any more. But from the factory all Porsches are just about perfect, especially compared to anything American.

      4. Alex Z

        @Thorstein Klingenberg anecdotes from single users is non sense ? I have already seen bad faith, but there ....

      5. Thorstein Klingenberg

        @Alex Z absolutely. Any Porsche is very very far from any Tesla. The fit and finish, craftsmanship and service is in a whole other league from anything American. Anecdotes from single users on anonymous random forums is nonsense.

    70. AG Smith

      Twice the weight of an average Porsche owner's wrist watch, love it 😂

    71. Ridscoツ


    72. ORLSA Online Racing League South Africa

      I think EVs have shown that the old ICE was the problem and not the solution. Synthetic fuels are starting to look a little desperate too

    73. MoMo

      “Porsche has finally put the weight down in a sensible place, it only took them 70 years”. What an asinine comment. Porsche has been the benchmark for sports cars for decades.

      1. Ethelred

        Yes but they’ve had most of the weight hanging out behind the rear axle. Their cars have been a triumph of engineering over physics. That’s what he means, and he is correct.

    74. Brandon Durham

      Almost spit out my coffee when he said more than twice the weight of the average Porsche owner’s wrist watch 😂

    75. Snudge

      This is good but not as good as old Top Gear

      1. Ethelred

        Get over it. You’re not alone. Banging on about the ‘Good old days’ like anyone cares.

    76. Rezo

      "Lizard mated with the pebble." What?

    77. rob allen

      An ev with a turbo? Must have a small wind turbine hidden somewhere that gives it an extra 200 watts at high speed 😂😂😂

    78. Aegis Kay

      The real question is: Would you have this or Geoff?

    79. Vid

      I miss old top gear. But nice review :)

    80. Man Man

      This dude is hilarious

    81. harry

      7:55 no, you dont't, a Tesla Model 3 Performance will do 162 Mph www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a36329678/2019-tesla-model-3-performance-by-the-numbers/

      1. Alex Z

        @Thorstein Klingenberg customer car : decameras.info/block/qZt2pZSAabTIbHk/video.html 6 seconds faster than Taycan Turbo S on 0-150mph ;)

      2. Thorstein Klingenberg

        @Alex Z The Plaid has to be independently tested on customer cars until we know. Tesla cheats, always.

      3. Alex Z

        @Thorstein Klingenberg wrong, the new Tesla is much faster...

      4. Thorstein Klingenberg

        ​@Ethelred No. The Taycan Turbo S is the fastest four door electric car out there. Also, keep in mind that Teslas are fast on the first drag, if at 100% SOC and ludi-mode, and cheeta stance, and after warnings and dings. Then with each drag they overheat and reduce power. As the SOC reduces it also looses power. The Taycan is as quick after 20 consecutive drags as it was on the first one. Twist the knob on the steering wheel to Sport Plus, floor both pedals, release brake and away you go, again and again. The Tesla is cheaper though. And sadly it shows, especially in the interior and general fit & finish.

      5. Ethelred

        Yes. The Tesla M3P has more range and the same or better performance. And access to the Supercharger network. This Porsche is OK but it’s not the epoch defining car.

    82. C J

      I love how he says the cruise control lever gets in the way of the gear selector.. when it’s on the left side lol

    83. Lenny Kibet

      More reviews at this test track please.

    84. harry

      Porsche says "With the new battery-saving charging function, the charging power can be reduced from up to 270 kW to 200 kW if required." In other words - they're not so sure about those 270 kW in long term. newsroom.porsche.com/en/2021/products/porsche-free-software-update-for-first-taycan-models-23911.html

    85. Owen Wilson

      I dont often wish piles on anyone but this guy deserves them.....

    86. MrPorsche91730

      6:25 referring to Porsche finally putting the battery lower in the car. I believe they did that on the 918, which isn't 70 years old

      1. MrPorsche91730

        His comment is just dumb. Porsche has made mid engine cars 914, boxter, and the fr panamera. I don't know why he is saying 70 years. I thought he was talking about what is prob the first electric car the Porsche lohner I think it was called

      2. Procat Procat

        Don't be so naïve. It's called artistic license. Google a person called 'Jeremy Clarkson' for a seemingly infinite number of better examples. He also happens to be a car journalist.

      3. Aiv

        I think he meant that the weight displacement was not right for the 911 because it's rear mounted. The 911 has been in production for 70 years, so that was my thought.

    87. CerN

      Can we all agree that calling an EV model "Turbo" is totally stupid?

      1. rob allen

        My vacuum cleaner is a turbo, that sucks too😂😂😋

    88. Kaustubh Patil

      Get chris harris please

    89. Steve Moore

      Tesla's build quality? Seriously. Top Gear always wants to put down the Tesla especially when some Euro company pushes out their own electric car. They crap on the build quality, or compare it to older models. The new model S gets more range and is faster and cheaper than the Taycan. I can't take Top Gear seriously anymore with their reviews of electric cars. I want to see side by side comparison with the Porsche and Tesla and then let's have a go at a video.

      1. Steve Moore

        @D K Electric cars have been around since the turn of the 20th century. GM made the EV1. Which actually angered the owners when they took them back. I know my history on electric cars. The part that is funny to me is that Porsche people don't want a comparison that's American. Tesla is the better car and Top Gear has done nothing but give sidemouth reviews of Tesla while flouting Porsche while they don't have the same stats to the one who is spearheading the movement.

      2. D K

        @Ethelred Desirability is higher than sales. And sales are very good at those price points. Can look up the numbers.

      3. D K

        @Steve Moore They changed their tune due to regulations and falling prices of batteries. Comparing ANY porsche to ANY tesla is ridiculous. And do note, tesla was not first with EVs.

      4. Steve Moore

        @blink182bfsftw by the way, don't come on here and refer to name calling like you are some smart person in a debate. You come off as stupid and immature as your favorite band.

      5. blink182bfsftw

        Omg sick burn. The cig in your mouth is super cool btw

    90. Stewart J

      A car with such a crazy price tag needs to have a range of 400+ which I guess the next generation probably will as battery tech and motor efficiency improves.

      1. Ethelred

        Current Tesla model S and certainly the 2022 one already has that.

    91. Emilio Carrasco

      I'm surprised they used mph. I've always had to convert when watching TG.

    92. Ved Animated

      Beautiful car.

    93. andy wiseman

      Your not Clarkson mate so don’t try a be him?

      1. Louie

        Well said

    94. Michael Wanume

      The one video of an EV I am watching where the editors didn't put an engine sound.

    95. Roelf van der Merwe

      The whole lab coat thing feels so fake to me. Stop trying so hard!

    96. __

      I'm really liking these online segments. You guys should include these as part of the normal show!

      1. bongo bob

        This guy is a pleb. No way would I want him in a normal show ruining it.

      2. Pigeon Poo

        I suspect the audience Venn diagram of top gear TV and top gear DEcameras is more segregated than you think.

    97. Random Dude

      Ive been in one and it was an amazing ride

    98. Rob Staples

      Nice video of a decent review- how novel? Good job.

    99. Bubba Bong

      It’s a waste of earths precious resources. #Fact

    100. Love Girl

      I love Porsche 😍😍😍