ULTIMATE £12m Aston Martin test! Victor, Vulcan, One-77, V8 Cygnet and Aston Motorbike | Top Gear

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    The new hairy-chested Aston Martin Victor. The One-77. The Vulcan. The 4.7L V8 Cygnet. The Vantage V12 V600. All driven on Silverstone’s Stowe circuit, and all products of Aston Martin’s exclusive ‘Q’ branch. If Aston were a club, ‘Q’ would be the VIP area. Except behind these velvet ropes you won’t find a sticky leatherette booth covered in various DNA, but the most spectacular and unique special editions to come from the British marque. If you can think it, they can pretty much make it. Case in point, the hilariously brilliant shoe-horning of a 4.7L Vantage V8 into Aston’s Toyota iQ-based Cygnet. But does seeming special in your imagination translate to being special out on track? Let’s find out with the help of Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix & Ollie Marriage.

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    1. Top Gear

      All Aston Martins, but all quite different. Which 'Q' special suits you?

      1. Ike Hennessy

        Victor. One of my favourite cars of all time is the Series II AMV8, so it'd be a match made in heaven to have the pair of them

      2. bunk2471

        The Victor, maybe? Aa a realist thinking of a daily drive - One77 or the DB11.

      3. T LIM

        Victor, looks like a classic with a modern twist.

      4. -DODUP -

        V12 speedster and vulcan are fricking incredible

    2. Jeffrey Guilleno

      I like Aston Martin like Formula 1

    3. Overlord

      Power, Beauty and Soul.

    4. Gringo Starr

      3:35 brings joy to my ears and a fountain to my pants

    5. Umut Çolak

      I've not driven any of these, but he is too harsh for the One-77 imo. Cuz it's not a track weapon, it's a grand tourer with one hell of a power. So it's made for cruising long ways basically. Is its gearbox really bad for even cruising? Idk. Maybe i think it's not bad cuz it's my dream car :D.

    6. Chrissy . V .

      To me the Victor is one of the beautiful cars ever t9 be designed

    7. hamza elrefai

      The cygent is the best for me due to the hatchback ratio that I love

    8. Seifo Lako

      Looks like a ford mustang gt350

    9. Lord Targaryen

      Nothing would make me happier than seeing Vettel pull up in an Aston Martin Cygnet for the next Grand Prix.

    10. Luca Albanese


    11. Balraj Tavanandi

      3:35 HEAVEN

    12. Balraj Tavanandi

      that ONE 77 is soo sweet sounding AAAAAAAAAGHHHH

    13. Nico1977

      the Honda IQ lolz

    14. Halfblood Brit

      Miss the old group and there challenges but I do appreciate the new one

    15. Andrew Yonemura

      Thats one heavy car.

    16. Csongor Ottó Dandé

      4:18 no, both of them are named after V bombers:)))

    17. Tintin

      You should have roped in Gerry Marshall's Marsh Plant monster too...

    18. endrizo

      aston should make a 4 door hatch

    19. Kraexy St

      The Victor exterior is extremely awesome

    20. Matthew Norberg

      Awesome! Gas powered? Shelve it.

    21. Brandon Reid

      The Aston Martin Victor is flawless masculinity in motion 💪 I love every angle inside and out! It's the most amazing car ever for this guy 👌

    22. Rohan Z Philip

      Aston Martin Victor obviously.

    23. DERPYBOB

      the first one nealy lookes like an old mustang

    24. Anirban Dutta

      Controversial but I think victor needed a spoiler like the Vulcan

    25. Ronald van der Kooi

      Without a doubt the Vulcan, but then I would also have it converted for road use aswell.

    26. Syphex

      damn TG really went down by 9970% of their viewers in 7 years lmao

    27. bunk2471

      I have to drive the Sygnet. I. Have. To.

    28. TwitchJined

      Love it when the engine sounds are not ruined with some stupid background music.

    29. Carlo

      Good looking car. Too bad the engine is in front.

    30. Tomas Grant

      OMG!!! No James May??. Delete

    31. Jonathan Tee

      You can do the talking but get Chris Harris to do the driving please , good God ye wouldn't drive a cat out of the yard

    32. Dirtgrey Prominentrascal

      Richard Hammond is way more interesting than this guy

    33. Ryan Morgan

      But Tesla is faster...

    34. Tharunn D

      With a 4 to 5 mn$ car we can buy a 2 SSC Tuatara who is a god of cars

    35. Erica Murphy

      The bashful hobbies gergely reduce because speedboat externally mug besides a thinkable processing. massive, vacuous quiet

    36. Sb Sb

      I will take anything with a manual gearbox.

    37. 좋아요는터치실수

      everybody gangsta untill sygnet meawin

    38. Justin J.

      Vulcan. What the heck else would I need?

    39. Mojo Rojo

      4.7 V8 Cygnet any day...it will be my daily...wait I kinda use a 660cc turbo as my daily lol

    40. Василий Житарь

      AM Victor looks like British musclecar as well 🔥

    41. OOLWpruf KW

      Definitely Victor - perfectly shaped and I like this 80-90s vantage look in a front, suits the car nicely

    42. IDcon Plays

      Love Aston Martin Victor But Just wish it was more futuristic

    43. The Eternal Sovereign

      This was probably one of the best top gear videos in recent time. Id be very interested to see a video similar to this covering other brands like mclaren, ferrari and lamborghini.

    44. MADMAXRIPgangTV

      It's more better with Richard Hammond and Clarkson and James

    45. All Cars

      That V600 Vantage - the owner is @zencardriver.

    46. RickOShay

      Top Gear - continues with their 'cut and paste' puerile attempt to emulate the original Clarkson series. And the ratings just keep getting worse and worse - how long is the BBC going to keep beating this dead horse?

    47. Pavel Drumev

      Can you imagine buying rare Aston Martin for 1.2M pounds and it has flawed gearbox? :D

    48. Tesla Model 3

      I want the Aston Martin designer to design a Model 3 restyling

    49. Hekate

      Not ashamed to admit I came here for the Cygnet.

    50. George Valasis

      nice video I like the vulcan

    51. Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !

      20:08 what car was that?

    52. Maxxed Redline Productions

      Congrats on 8 million subscribers!

    53. Y. O

      Where is Harris?!

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        This is a magazine video, not the TV snow.

    54. abhinav gupta

      What beauties

    55. Gregg Smith

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      1. Arsalan Rafique

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      3. Christopher Anders

        Please help me, I want to contact Dr Robertson Siyabonga?

      4. Daniel Brooks

        I have never seen or heard any on his clients complain about loss, that shows that he minimizes loss and maximizes profits. His trading strategy seems to be the best so far.

      5. Shion Magdalene

        I got recommended to him on Facebook, how good is he?

    56. Ingens_Scherz

      Don't tell me: the electric version of the Victor will be called the "Aston Martin Victor-e"

      1. r3lease

        Nah obviously it will be V-e-ctor

    57. boredgunner

      The Victor drops my jaw every time.

    58. Tejas Bhole

      I liked that Ducati and Vulcan though

    59. BlackStone141

      That Cygnet is a meme car

    60. bzdtemp

      Nice video, but shame about the cars. Wuth enough money anything is possible, especially when it is about making objects where it is not so important they actually work in real life. It is much, much cooler that you can get a kit car for very little money or for that matter that cars like the MX-5 and the US muscle cars are available. That is motoring fun that can be used everyday, is affordable and making fun available for lots of people it much more worthy of praise that one off creations.

    61. Don zz

      shit gearbox cars over priced and underperforming

    62. Basil

      sad a few years ago this was cutting edge now it feels like dinosaurs waitin to go extinct

    63. Atheist Orphan

      Can’t believe the number of idiot ‘car enthusiasts’ on here that think the Cygnet is based on a Smart!

    64. Oska Ivanovich Smirnov

      They should remove the infotainment from the v12 speedster. Because ain't nobody gonna see shit with that massive bar across.

    65. P_Sher 12

      l can call that Aston Martin Victor a British muscle car with a v12

    66. ShadowFalcon

      So, Vulcan, now Victor. I wonder when the Aston Martin Valiant will be a thing, since they're obviously going for V-Bomber names.

    67. Akeem

      top gear has gone out this is nothing like the original series 15 or series 17 man.,.. this holds nothing of the original

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        The original? Angela Rippon, Noel Edmonds and Barrie Gill?

    68. MJV log

      Stop making this bloody video, this is shit

    69. Philippe Beinaerts

      Superb video. But to be honest, I would have a "normal" Vantage over any of these

    70. Sinatra Lee

      All the noises you probably want 20:07 20:15

    71. Denislav Dimitrov


    72. Eitan Louw

      The Victor's headlights is bothersome

    73. khan abdulrehman

      I would like to take one 77

    74. Nuri Marak


    75. Grand Bay Central

      Buy an island with £12m instead of James Bond's toy🙌👍

    76. Andrew Woods

      God those wipe down streaks on the vulcan bother me

    77. Jez DeLion

      I'd own every one of those bad boys...

    78. Henrique Miranda

      Victor: absolutely amazing

    79. Benhur _93


    80. The First Things Podast

      First Aston Martin's cars are crazy fast, even the Vulcan needed double Recaro Seats😂😂

    81. Daryl Samuel

      I’ll have the One-77, please. Thank you

    82. pansindu jayasundara

      One 77 is my favourite

    83. jermaine austin

      BMW and Audi this is how you make exciting cars

    84. Bravington


    85. Slye

      Where is the Valiant? They have to finish the trio

    86. Lukáš Bartošek

      0:28 track id?

      1. ••Producér ••Micheàl••

        A•R•E•••Y•O•U•••F•A•C•I•N•G D•I•F•F•I•C•U•L•T•Y•••IN•••T•R•A•D•E I A•P•P•R•O•V•E•••THIS•••M•A•N•A•G•E•R +•1•(6•1•9)•2•8•9•9•2•7•0 GERALD•••HUGHES F•O•R•••H•I•S•••S•T•R•A•T•E•G•I•E•S••A•R•E•••T•O•P•••N•O•T•C•H•••HE•••M•A•D•E•••ME•••G•E•T•••R•I•C•H•E•R

    87. Karthik V

      AMV 👌🏼

      1. ••Producér ••Micheàl••

        A•R•E•••Y•O•U•••F•A•C•I•N•G D•I•F•F•I•C•U•L•T•Y•••IN•••T•R•A•D•E I A•P•P•R•O•V•E•••THIS•••M•A•N•A•G•E•R +•1•(6•1•9)•2•8•9•9•2•7•0 GERALD•••HUGHES F•O•R•••H•I•S•••S•T•R•A•T•E•G•I•E•S••A•R•E•••T•O•P•••N•O•T•C•H•••HE•••M•A•D•E•••ME•••G•E•T•••R•I•C•H•E•R

    88. Gamal Kevin

      That Victor is just pure beauty

      1. ••Producér ••Micheàl••

        A•R•E•••Y•O•U•••F•A•C•I•N•G D•I•F•F•I•C•U•L•T•Y•••IN•••T•R•A•D•E I A•P•P•R•O•V•E•••THIS•••M•A•N•A•G•E•R +•1•(6•1•9)•2•8•9•9•2•7•0 GERALD•••HUGHES F•O•R•••H•I•S•••S•T•R•A•T•E•G•I•E•S••A•R•E•••T•O•P•••N•O•T•C•H•••HE•••M•A•D•E•••ME•••G•E•T•••R•I•C•H•E•R

    89. Johncy Y

      Bring back Hammond, May, and Clarkson! Top Gear is not Top Gear without them no matter who they try and replace them with!

      1. ••Producér ••Micheàl••

        A•R•E•••Y•O•U•••F•A•C•I•N•G D•I•F•F•I•C•U•L•T•Y•••IN•••T•R•A•D•E I A•P•P•R•O•V•E•••THIS•••M•A•N•A•G•E•R +•1•(6•1•9)•2•8•9•9•2•7•0 GERALD•••HUGHES F•O•R•••H•I•S•••S•T•R•A•T•E•G•I•E•S••A•R•E•••T•O•P•••N•O•T•C•H•••HE•••M•A•D•E•••ME•••G•E•T•••R•I•C•H•E•R

    90. Nicholas Baum

      Brit-Viper! Yea, buddy!

      1. ••Producér ••Micheàl••

        A•R•E•••Y•O•U•••F•A•C•I•N•G D•I•F•F•I•C•U•L•T•Y•••IN•••T•R•A•D•E I A•P•P•R•O•V•E•••THIS•••M•A•N•A•G•E•R +•1•(6•1•9)•2•8•9•9•2•7•0 GERALD•••HUGHES F•O•R•••H•I•S•••S•T•R•A•T•E•G•I•E•S••A•R•E•••T•O•P•••N•O•T•C•H•••HE•••M•A•D•E•••ME•••G•E•T•••R•I•C•H•E•R

    91. 0 IQ Noob

      Timestamps : 1:07, Aston Martin Victor 4:10, Aston Martin Vulcan 8:23, Aston Martin One -77 12:08, Aston Martin Cygnet 15:44, Aston Martin V600 18:43, Aston Martin V12 Speedster

      1. ••Producér ••Micheàl••

        *M•e•s•s•a•g•e* WHAT**SAPP+ *+•1•(6•1•9)•2•8•9•9•2•7•0•°* *Morė* *Guįdė* *I•••A•P•P•R•O•V•E•••HIM•••GERALD•••HUGHES* *B•E•S•T•••C•R•Y•P•T•O•••C•U•R•R•E•N•C•Y•••M•A•N•A•G•E•R* *B•E•S•T••••S•T•R•A•T•E•G•I•E•S*

    92. tfs202

      How does Rolls Royce defend charging twice as much for a new Boat Tail, when the Victor is a far more extensive, more indepth build, starting with a Track car? Unless fancy wood panels have surpassed Gold in value?

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        It'll sell out. No defence necessary.

    93. Chasing Different Adventures

      Viktor is when the 1969 Mustang Boss 302 ( John Wick ) and the Aston Martin Vantage getting together to make Awesome Car 6 Speed Manual Transmission is Epic 👦🏻👍🏻🏎🏁 Viktor is my favorite

    94. Rami Tawil

      aston martin victor :O

      1. ••Producér ••Micheàl••

        *M•e•s•s•a•g•e* WHAT**SAPP+ *+•1•(6•1•9)•2•8•9•9•2•7•0•°* *Morė* *Guįdė* *I•••A•P•P•R•O•V•E•••HIM•••GERALD•••HUGHES* *B•E•S•T•••C•R•Y•P•T•O•••C•U•R•R•E•N•C•Y•••M•A•N•A•G•E•R* *B•E•S•T••••S•T•R•A•T•E•G•I•E•S*

    95. Filip Borin

      No matter what's the car the tires are always Michelin.

    96. Will Speakman

      How did they only make 180hp with a turbo and still charge £90,000...... Aston Martin should partner with triumph to build a 1200cc triple sportsbike.

    97. focusboy

      Aston Martin- A collection of pornographic engines and designs, coupled with used porn set transmissions

    98. gary young


      1. ••Producér ••Micheàl••

        *M•e•s•s•a•g•e* WHAT**SAPP+ *+•1•(6•1•9)•2•8•9•9•2•7•0•°* *Morė* *Guįdė* *I•••A•P•P•R•O•V•E•••HIM•••GERALD•••HUGHES* *B•E•S•T•••C•R•Y•P•T•O•••C•U•R•R•E•N•C•Y•••M•A•N•A•G•E•R* *B•E•S•T••••S•T•R•A•T•E•G•I•E•S*

    99. Gustavo Racing

      The Victor reminds me to the old V8 Vantage

      1. ••Producér ••Micheàl••

        *I•••••A•P•P•R•O•V•E•••T•H•I•S* *C•R•Y•P•T•O•••C•U•R•R•E•N•C•Y••M•A•N•A•G•E•R* *GERALD••HUGHES* *F•O•R••G•U•I•D•A•N•C•E* *F•O•R•••HIS••STRATEGIES•••ARE•••TOP•••NOTCH•••HE•••MADE•••ME•••GET•••RICHER•••* *W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p* *+•1•(6•1•9)•2•8•9•9•2•7•0* *Now••that•••all••crypt0••cúrréncy••is••low*