Loudest Lamborghini Ever? Flat-out in the bonkers 820bhp Essenza SCV12 | Top Gear

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    RIP headphone users. This is the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 - an 820bhp, limited edition track-only hypercar developed by Lamborghini Squadra Corse. They’re the fastest most motorsport people in Lambo’s workforce and seemingly the deafest. Nestled inside that monocoque is a naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 featuring special exhaust pipes. When we say ‘special’ we mean ‘straight through’ to help reduce back pressure and bring all the noise. So strap yourself in and prepare your ears as Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix takes you for a tour before being torpedoed up the hill at this year’s Festival of Speed.

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    1. GrumpyWeirdo

      did not look fast. grandma weekend shoping car


      I believe this is the first time I think, "Man, that car is way too loud!"

    3. J Joule Kelvin

      Now you guys know why it was track limited, if it was in public definitely, Lamborghini would be facing law suits from thousands of people.

    4. Casey Ck

      That's one loud car..

    5. asap abz

      Sounds even better in person ;)

    6. Wrath Scar

      Did you all really cut 2 different runs together? Ones got windshield wipers going looking a tad rain and the outside camera has no wipers going and looks alittle dryer.

    7. Xavier Marcal

      we need jeremy clarkson to say "SPEED and NOISE"

    8. Imran Khan

      God damn it's demonic brutal like it's going to destroy every single other cars there

    9. Steven Stam

      Oh my god that car sounds angry!!!!

    10. Jari Van Marrewijk

      Okay so hear me out… a racing series with a 20-30 car grid of just these cars? Please? Or maybe half the grid of these with the other half Ferrari FXX-K’s? There must be someone bat shit crazy enough to make something like this possible, right?

    11. Luis A

      Idk what this button do but i will touch it

    12. Perfect Love

      2M? It makes T.50 a bargain.

    13. Banana Plays

      this thing sounds like it wants to kill you

    14. Tmoheetシ

      loudest stock car, yes

    15. Johnny Winstone

      I guess this confirms that definitely no women will be owning the SCV, just "gentleman" racers.

    16. Simon

      4:07 *No Kimi, you will not have the drink.*

    17. Jose Marriott

      2.2 for a variant of a car thats been around for years.

      1. bern De Lignie

        And straightpipe meh I'll pass

    18. Jeff Lo

      Am I the only one who thinks the color choice is hideous ass hell......?

    19. FURY __

      My Honda Civic at 3:00 AM is still louder than that.

    20. Brian

      That's the batmobile and you can't convince me otherwise

    21. Alberto R. Diaz

      Jesus lord!

    22. Crunch'emsdsᴉɹɔ

      I would love to tear my eardrums with that scream

    23. peter9style

      Video starts at 6:30 ish

    24. Phyo Gyee

      That Lamborghini track driver is lovely.

    25. Infiniti Elite

      “One of the easiest cars I’ve ever driven” he’s the man

    26. NIKKSTER

      My mic the zoom meet: 7:59

    27. Lorenzo

      This car sounds like some kind of evil machinery used by Satan himself

    28. Awkward Alpaca

      5:06 adamC in the bottom right

    29. Doan Trinh

      Now I know the look of fear when someone is hiding it.

    30. Reginaldo Ferreira Campos

      The Roaring Bull...

    31. Harry Racz

      It’s like a hurican and an aventador mixed

    32. Ray Eizadkhah

      The mindless sheep are so fascinated with loud exhaust noise. The overly hyped Italian auto industry is very skilled in marketing their kit cars to such masses.

    33. Ishanfort 1234

      The back looks almost similar to a speedtail

    34. Deval Maheshwari

      Imagine this, but with Jeremy Clarkson

    35. Antimatter __

      AdamC at 5:04

    36. Simon Kramsky

      Absolutely bonkers

    37. Staging Lane

      I'm a Ferrari Girl, but this car... this car is Sexy!! - Z.

    38. Abhi

      Lamborghini is noob in front of all supercar makers

    39. Bats

      AdamC at 5:02?

    40. Haltox

      I clicked on the video thinking it was top gear..I was disappointed.

    41. balenduk

      I could hear the f-zero counting dialogue when he reffed the engine

    42. Shubhanshu Naik

      Sometimes you gotta wonder how loud is too loud

    43. Daniel Paon

      Real one's played this track on Grand Turismo

    44. Leoo n

      Kack briite

    45. Alex S.

      Honestly. Why do they have such an amazing gathering of race cars in a country famous for its shitty weather? Such a crime to have these cars have to play it safe on a wet track.

    46. TwitchJined

      I wish Clarckson would in these videos.

    47. Wil Liam

      Almost as loud as my neighbor mowing his lawn at 7 am.

    48. Simon Liu

      top gear’s content is getting good again!

    49. Sumukh

      Ahhh i can't say i like exhaust that loud but props to the NA V12.

    50. Ben

      Sooooo sexiest …. Only “gentlemen” . Bad look bbc

    51. Jay Velasquez

      Year 2021 and we still don't see fighter jet style HUDs

    52. Marco Franceschetti

      It’s seems the same sound of Pagani Zonda R Amazing!

    53. Antoine Bardin

      "Easiest car I've ever driven"... goes on having to correct steering wheel in every corner to avoid spinning.

    54. Jonathan H.

      The sound of this thing is actually all the dinosaurs in the fuel comming back to life roaring away!

    55. Beardslap Radio

      No idea if you’re going to be able to hear thi….BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

    56. Mayank Maximum

      Man I want the ultimate avendor in unrelated fact as a lambo fan form born and a car guy

    57. Loki D. Wolf

      I was smiling ear to ear watching this entire video!!! :)

    58. MrDaHawk

      OMG!!! That sound, pure evil, I love it!

    59. Kushal Adhvaryu

      Cancel F1❌ bring all the F1 drivers to race this!

    60. Samuel Orellana

      I love how racing tech can trickle down into street cars and ultimately improve them. Can't wait for the day when Toyota Camrys have a glass-of-milk button!

    61. Jude Fernandez

      Funny how everyone is slobbering about the sound of the engine and nothing else .

    62. Jango World

      That sound from hell.. N it was beautiful.

    63. Jude Fernandez

      Very poor visibility to go with that offset steering . It’s ok when you have the road to yourself but when you have 20 other monsters on the same track it’s going to be a different t story .

    64. Jordan Cars

      that downshifts sound awsome man ......i want my car to sound like that .....

    65. Damar Fadlan

      Imagine if the Essenza hits the GT scene for real.

    66. ishab

      Wait did he say rear wheel steering at 0:30?How does that work?

    67. Shas Roopand

      Damn that sound mental

    68. James F

      This video worked for me, well done TG. Exciting presenter, the music complimented (not overpowered), and great content.


      I always feel like a 9 years old listening to Lambo V12. Thanks Lambo

    70. Biswojyoti Das

      Aventdor went super saiyan

    71. Biswojyoti Das

      Saying this car is loud is an understatement

    72. Stefano S

      "Attenzione macchina veloce" means in italian "Danger, fast car". Definitely true.

    73. Richard Tyler

      This thing is bonkers! What an angry animal, with precision though. It’s wild watching the driver manipulate the wheel. So many tiny movements constantly. It must be very difficult to manage at those speeds especially in the wet.

    74. RitchieOE

      Which track? It's too loud!

    75. Che Campbell

      Great car, never understood Goodwood tho. Worst track ever

    76. jeffcon123

      I remember first time I rode in a fast car I was smiling ear to ear

    77. Seppo Siimessalmi

      Nice sound !

    78. jumbowana

      Different runs filmed for inside vs outside. The wipers give it away.

    79. Jjones24680

      Sounds like these will be surely missed.

    80. football club

      That interior review seems suspiciously Hammondesque


      I dont know what to say, that sound blow my mind away

    82. Private Private

      HA - the look of pleasure on the passenger's face said it all. Have a safe and nice day all. CHEERS from AUSTRALIA.

    83. Gededyr

      This doesnt even get close to the real legends show...

    84. Just_Another_Random_Simp

      This means that theoretically it could drive upside down at 150mph, thats amazing.

    85. Humperdoo Saves

      Just saw a clip of a shelby gt500 (or something) and they were 'oh its soo loud and powerful bla bla bla) Hahahaha, no. No it isnt hahaha

    86. smarty notwearingpants

      So loud that that I woke my neighbour up by watching this


      I want to experience the feeling riding inside this car before dying

    88. D GT

      Didn’t even get out of 2nd

    89. Bas e

      Lovely, felt like a 1min vid. Great!

    90. shivam vikram singh

      Man!!! Richard Hammond should have driven it uphill

    91. Hill G.

      You think that’s loud? Listen to the Zonda R

    92. Tyron St.Denis

      Mine was the Toy one Like Those.

    93. Prince Biswas

      Boy o boy the Italians know how to make a good sounding car

    94. Panos

      This planet is a circus.

    95. Jude Pierre

      If the valkrye is a scalpel the Lamborghini scv12 is a ak47

    96. Jay

      Lamborghini keeping the soul of motorsport alive. Long live the v12

    97. Gustavo

      Damn that's an angry racer!

    98. Moksh Joshi

      did he just say " YOUR standard huracan evo" ?

    99. Blacktooth Fox

      Those race events they mentioned... oooof. Imagine a dozen of these on track.... 80's F1 sort of sonic attack!

      1. Bikaz

        Must be hard to really track though since majority of tracks have noise regulations and certainly 1, let alone 10+ would absolutely shatter not just the eardrums of people around but especially all kinds of noise regulations. :D

    100. Matt Horlor

      Keep it up TG, these segments are awesome.