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    It was the Countach that properly established Lamborghini as the world’s number one purveyor of supercar otherworldliness. Yes yes, the Miura was technically revolutionary (mid-engined) and intriguing (transversally disposed V12), and most of all heart-stoppingly beautiful. But the Countach was - and remains - something else. So using a gorgeous 1974 Countach LP400 Periscopo, let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix show you in eight ways why this wedge is one to rule them all.

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    1. Rim Shot

      A glorified tractor... totally ridiculus

    2. mqjenks1

      lucky dude gets to drive a beautiful Lambo beast!

    3. Mack Singletary

      My favorite is the 25th anniversary

    4. ChipmunkRapidsMadMan

      If it wasn’t for the subject matter, I would have shut it off.

    5. Joe Varga

      Was that 8 things?

    6. mario figueroa

      The supercar that doesn't have anything super

      1. Rover Waters


    7. Thomas Greyson

      *kneels on hands and knees* Praise be the Countach! May she drive eternal on the neon covered streets and may her headlights never stop popping up!

    8. lame007

      Wait... do all key start cars in Europe still turn clockwise? in the US its on the right hand and turns forward. Here it's on the left and turned backwards? I don't think I would ever think about it and break the key trying to start it.

    9. Tokinori Yanagita

      A japanese comic writer drew comic about this car Countach.

    10. VJ Rei

      You may be very short because I am 1.90 and I do not fit in a Countach.

      1. Rover Waters

        1.90 is abnormal height

    11. ZoogaZig

      I love cars. I love Lambos. I just... *looks right and left* (I think the Countach looks ugly?)

    12. londo0


    13. DO HONKY

      My father has a LP500. He had it fully rebuilt from an elite motorsports workshop, and it performs perfectly! It is a rocket. He had built an all aluminium V12 turbo engine which can be installed in a day, but I don't know a alot about it.

    14. Edi Inter

      Italian job🇮🇹

    15. 風牙赤影


    16. hccarder


    17. Karun Verma

      To my eyes this car looks still more futuristic than any other car on road today

    18. Fantastic Fish

      Bring back Clarkson Hammond and may

    19. ben kelley

      I don't agree that the early Countach is the best one. It is the most elegant, for sure, but the wacky body kit with strakes on the skirts, huge wing, flared wheel arches, and even the preposterous front spoiler made the later models look like they were going to drive right off of your poster and into the nearest swimming pool. This is not the first BBC presenter I've heard recite the doctrine of "the elegant design of the LP400 makes it the most beautiful blah blah blah." It's a Lambo... I'll have the one with frikin laser beams on its head.

    20. BENZINA

      The comment about the 'Periscopio' being to increase the field of vision is totally incorrect and seems to be repeated over and over again never making it any more factually correct. The original design for the Countach had a periscope rear view mirror design where the mirror was not mounted on the window but as an assembly on the underside of the roof making the cut-out functional. This detail only appeared in early images and never made it into the production car. The tiny window and roof cut is nothing more than a left over styling detail after the periscope mirror system was abandoned. It is totally non-functional albeit a really cool detail on the LP400 and even I believe about 3 factory LP400s models (hard to be sure as a number of LP400 were sent back to the factory in period and converted to S specifications).

      1. Rover Waters


    21. Kakka 10

      One of the best looking car ever have been made ..

    22. Aidan Kreltszheim

      I thought the top gear track got demolished

      1. Rover Waters

        nah, just grandtour got canceled

    23. Sivert Stensletten

      I have one of those

    24. earthstick

      There's this pub in Hull by the marina. For a few years in a row Hull had this freedom festival over a summer weekend. The queue at the bar would be six people deep for the whole weekend. The landlord told me he took a quarter of a million from that weekend every year. Then, after the second year, he had a Lambo just like this one.

    25. Valentin Roesler

      Dude straight up sounds like Richard Hammond

    26. ross cavallaro

      and its right hand drive and when reversing it looks like a really petite car

    27. I DUBZH

      The poster you mentioned is called Pit Stop, the girl is Lisa Schultz (57 y old now, 20 at this time), she was Pet of the Month december 1983. The poster is awesome, such a beautiful car, white with tail fin, and such a beautiful woman with incredible curves and an unbeliveable red string. I bought mine as a kid while in a school trip to London (1986), it's still pinned on my wall (deskroom) today... She acts as if she's changing the wheel... There is a second shot of the poster which is called Sitting Pretty where Lisa is seated on the wheel wearing the same clothes (a white top, red string and high-heels). I love the word play with the exrpression sitting pretty. Photos are from Anthony Pettinato, NYC for the company Funkye at Richmond Hills. If ever you want to add the poster to your nostalgia trip. Damn, Lisa is more awesome than the Countach ! :)

    28. Paolo Viti

      What a car absolutely stunning when it first came out from the factory. In my opinion it was not elegant as the Maserati or the older Ferrari but it really meant brutal business together with the engine unmistakable sound! I still remember very well when I was a boy hearing the Lamborgini overtaking my father's car at full blast on the highway in Italy! Wow...

    29. Azz Yyy

      I dare not say it was gripping.

    30. Ender

      I don't know why I thought this would be the real Top Gear.

    31. Luuk Pieterman

      My dad has a model of it and my brother and i loved playing with it

    32. Bhudipta Tarafder

      Boring. Where's jeremy?

    33. Anil Nair

      Couldn't watch it to the end... let's face it.. no one can replace the Clarkson and team. Sorry

    34. ô¿ô

      But It's difficult to reverse. Lamborghini: It's not designed to go backwards.

    35. John Andrews

      The LP400 is by far the prettiest of all Countachs without a doubt. My only regret is that they brought it to market too soon ie. I wish the Muira had had a longer production run as it is one of the if not THE prettiest car of all times. Harry Metcalf has a vid of him driving a purple LP400 and compares it to his later model. Must watch for Lambo fans.

    36. Gamer Junction

      This is still the best looking of the series. The later cars looked like they went through the JC Whitney Catalog and ordered all the Ugly Bits to add on.

    37. SeriousMan

      This car is just a poster car.Its undrivable.

    38. Moritz Hummel

      In any other place in the world you would have waited for the track to be dry :-)

    39. Marc Coker

      The early Countach was such a beautifully designed car. The later ones, with all of the added accoutrements, lost the clean lines of the original Gandini masterpiece.

    40. Kalle Sundqvist


    41. Josiah Allen

      I love the Countach. The beginning is nice but when he goes to drive it, ..... boo.

    42. B Muns

      This is NOT the first Countach. The first Countach's were the 70's Periscopa versions. I know cars because I love cars. And I need a job so hire me. I'll be your LA point man.

    43. Watch This!

      I'm 6'2 so I dont think I could even fit in it. That sux, made for tiny Italians I guess 😆

      1. Rover Waters

        6'2 is freak height anyway

    44. HoverLambo

      He missed that the seat rocks, making quite a difference to headroom (I got Ed china into one)

      1. Rover Waters


    45. Thomas Partida

      That car is a dream, I also had a poster of it during my elementary years back in the mid to late 80’s.

    46. Robert Coffey

      Definitely a case of tempering your expectations before meeting your heroes. If you go into it recognizing that its an old, all manual, comparatively underpowered supercar from the 70's, then you can actually have an enjoyable experience thrashing it about the track. Just don't try to do the grocery run in it, or your leg will fall off from the massively heavy clutch.

    47. David Edwards

      I used to work for Lamborghini of North America and drove a Countach across the country for a magazine test. It was, indeed, amazingly comfortable!

    48. Mohammed Ahmed

      It was the same block. but everything else was new. The engine became bigger too. technically it was a different

    49. dookieday1

      The Ford Falcon GTHO from 1971 had more hp than this and it was 4 door sedan, and not as many were ever built.

    50. Christopher Fischetti

      wow this is boring

    51. harashnabin roy


    52. tfs202

      I know its unpopular, but I prefer the wider body, with the O.Z. wheels, but absolutely NO WING! (....and obviously not the 25th, eventhough its the nicest to drive) If only the LP500 S2 low-body had QV heads😢. Dont get me wrong, the original LP400 is still one of the most beautiful cars built.

      1. tfs202

        @Rover Waters lp400, typo.

      2. Rover Waters

        lp500 was never low body

    53. mullman

      The LP400 was the best. I love the thick tires. It’s really timeless like a Ferrari 308, then much later the Porsche 959.

    54. assault class DROIDEKA

      James may already covered this car perfectly

    55. ThewayICit

      There are lots of DEcameras vids that will tell you what's wrong with this car. It's nice to see one that tells you what's right with it. It's a dream car and that's where it stays.

    56. Frederico

      The only thing I need to know is that I don't fit on it

    57. Luciano Martinig

      This version is my favourite Countach. It was pure, no steroids

    58. ꧁Reasoner꧂

      0:20 so u westerners are shameless animals from the very beginning.

    59. piootr73

      Most boring car presentation one can imagine. It was so boring, that watching paint drying on fence is more exciting.

    60. Biff Tannen, Esq.

      6:00 thunder thighs

    61. Marmitaa

      What. I never even seen this car. I thought the Diablo was the poster car.

    62. mang_oci87

      listen to the engine sound at the beginning...perhaps you won't hear again from today lambo`s...its historical yet memorable

    63. Lucas Martínez Parra

      Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit brought me here!

    64. Arnold Jambor

      NO NO NO where is Chris Harris.,.. I don't know why.. but he saved TOP GEAR And I think he should be doing these... as well as driving.. he is a GOAT.

    65. Gregg Smith

      You can achieve anything you put your mind to, you just have to take the first step.

      1. Chris Davies

        That is a pile of bullshit. Commitment cannot break the possible.

      2. Aliyu muhammed

        1 wish I had met Dr Robertson Siyabonga alot earlier, but I'm glad for meeting him. He has made my financial life flourish and blossom exceedingly and tremendously. Such a kind soul.

      3. Christopher Anders

        Please help me, I want to contact Dr Robertson Siyabonga?

      4. Daniel Brooks

        I have never seen or heard any on his clients complain about loss, that shows that he minimizes loss and maximizes profits. His trading strategy seems to be the best so far.

      5. Shion Magdalene

        I got recommended to him on Facebook, how good is he?

    66. William C

      Some cars become icons, not just because they were fast or pretty. The Countach, rightly so, is probably the most iconic one of all in motoring history. Marcelo Gandini will forever be remembered for this, if nothing else.

    67. Dave S

      Is it normal for the ignition switch to be on the left, and still turn clockwise to start? seems like an oddity that should be mentioned...

    68. Atheist Orphan

      2:00 - ‘And then we’ve got this knackered duck’ 🦆

    69. Redge Diakité

      The legendary Bizzarrini V12 😍😍

    70. thromboid

      Also heart-stoppingly beautiful IMO: the VC-10 in the background at 12:12.

    71. Ohisa N


    72. Reginald Bowls

      Lamborghini needs to bring this shape back.

    73. Peter Golding

      OMG! I remember seeing this car when I was a Kid, growing up in Bolton. Amazing!!

    74. ricky v

      Congratulations 🍾🎊🎈🎉 on accomplishing a childhood dream. I wonder when men stopped putting Lamborghinis on their bedroom walls? Oh and with a naked lady on the bonnet. 😉

    75. Daan Vos

      a 70s car when people were about a full feet shorter

    76. Weltempfänger

      Nr9...this car triggers every kid arround the Globus Instant.... Absolut Legend

    77. Christian Meier

      i won a DeLorean - same rear view like the C. ---- NEVER needed to sit on the Sills to reverse. LEARN DRIVING !!!

    78. gtmaniac

      Once upon a time, a V12 4 litre car running on 14-inch wheels. Nowadays even a 1.0 litre mini hatch is running in 17 from factory!

    79. Gorno

      I had a picture of one of the later models hanging on my wall when I was 10, that might have also been the last time I would have been able to fit in one.

    80. Nich Hodge

      That engine sounds good when it starts up sounds more of a deeper rumble than my 2020 BMW M5 Competition which is a 4.4 litre V8 twin turbo 621bhp and my 2019 Mercedes C63 AMG S Coupe which is 6.2 litre (even though it says 63) V8 bi-turbo (twin turbo) 663bhp (503bhp when I got it but I’ve had a performance kit done to it and in the middle of getting a more aggressive body styling done to it and to add more performance upgrades in the future but I want to upgrade the M5 first as I’m happy for now with what I’ve done on the C63 AMG). I don’t know if it’s because the Lamborghini is a V12 and my two are V8s but that low rumble sounds good

    81. Velociti Life

      Very cool video. What a cool car. Motoring icon. Poster car for many . Currently working of futuristic concepts paying Homage to the Countach, never an easy task when it comes to icons..

    82. kameleon ap1

      Is this the Countach that Paddy trashed? Needed that insurance cover eh!?!?

    83. Kasey Okay

      Hard to read....

    84. Arjun Patil

      Aventador successor (7tg Gen) is allegedly gonna be a hybrid 😭

    85. Souk Khanhsila

      Double cheeseburgers in Europe must be the size of sliders in America.


      i love the backwards left hand key start lol only car ive ever seen where you turn the key towards you very wierd .

    87. dronin87

      A good piece by Topgear, what a wonderful car, still so iconic! They are really pushing Jack, and he's trying hard to imitate Hammond, unfortunately he just doesn't quite have the charisma or humour to carry it off.

    88. Joel Worsley

      Looks like it came straight off the showroom, brilliant condition and that rear wheel arch is pure pornography

    89. Hausgeist tsiegsuaH

      You still make this Show witch died after you fired Clarkson??Respekt BBC

    90. christdragon

      Hammond or Clarkson could do this video justice. Why no mention of the Miura? Mr. Marcello Ghandini was working with Bertone when he designed it. No mention of Bertone? Horacio Pagani designed the 25th Anniversary and did a carbon fiber prototype version. There was plans to redesign the Countach again when Lamborghini was sold, this time to Chrysler who completely redesigned the Diablo in the US. The Diablo was supposed to look like what became the Cizta V16T. Thanks.

    91. zknarc


    92. zknarc

      Cars faster than this overpriced nostalgia piece: HONDA CIVIC TYPE R FORD FOCUS RS LEXUS GS-F TESLA MODEL X FORD MUSTANG GT FORD SIERRA COSWORTH RS500 etc.

    93. Skip741 x

      I remember seeing a black on black version of one of these.. it was in a parking lot with a crowd gathered all around it.. the owner fired up that v12 and goosed it, giving it some serious revs... I can tell you ,the ground shook and the hair on the back of ur neck stood up and you felt it in ur bones!..Thunderous, BIG sound, vicious, visceral and violent like it could eat any car around it for lunch...I believe that engine was a euro spec model and had an aftermarket exhaust and was a quatrovalve ..whatever it was, it was a rare spec model and it had mods... it made this one here sound like a pussycat.. anyway, it left a strong impact in memory!

    94. Skip741 x

      2021... when a countach is described as having the power of a "hot hatch" and is it fast? " no ..not by modern standards"

    95. Billy Mitchell

      What a car.. just beautiful

    96. Sharkuel

      I want one.

    97. K. Bakker

      Wonderful video again, love these classic car vids! That LP400 was and is the most elegant countach and in that colour, it looks good enough to eat. Thanks for the great vid!

    98. maDeiNtHe80s

      Still raw and beautiful

    99. Luke Vincent Neri

      Hammond is that you?

    100. Rahul Ravishankar

      The only thing that can make this better is if it was presented by one of the OG trio.

      1. Rahul Ravishankar

        @Atheist Orphan OG stands for 'Original'

      2. Atheist Orphan

        What’s OG?