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    Petrolheads, assemble: it’s a new Porsche 911 GT3. Which is basically like saying ‘it’s a new Bowie album’ to the music nerds. This is benchmark sports car, the one by which the steering feel, chassis composure and engine response of every other supposed supercar on the market is measured against. The 992 GT3 gets a racecar engine, a ginormous wing and a rather special new knob. And this is what happens when Chris Harris is tasked with running that glorious 4.0-litre flat-six engine in, just so he can open the taps and spank it around a track.

    Love GT3s? Watch Chris Harris tour his dream garage, where there's every generation of Porsche 911 GT3:

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    1. Top Gear

      Love GT3s? Watch Chris Harris tour his dream garage, where there's every generation of Porsche 911 GT3:

    2. wealthy peter

      Most enjoyable seeing Chris Harris in a gt3 Would like to see him review the BMW M3 GTR.that would be a dream come true 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    3. Rich M

      Porsche should make a car that's not ugly. It would sell even better.

    4. Marko Bjelanovic

      Very technical looking with the 90 degree angles etc. Reminds me of the new M3/M4. Ugly no?

    5. h4x0y

      Such a dream car. The NA engine, 9K rpm, the 911 heritage and vision, and the styling on this model are just fantastic. The focus on all the right stuff makes me want this car more than any other car regardless of price (except for the Gordon Murray T50).

    6. Mason Palmer

      And I love how simple and pure this review is no stupid background music no rambling just a man driving a perfect car

    7. Abdullah Basamh

      I've always been a fan of Porsche and especially this sweet thing BUT I've never been so passionate about it like how I am now after listening to Chris talk for 19 minutes. It really feels way more special to me.

    8. Lex Black

      Still one of the most sexiest if not the sexiest car out there i love it 😍

    9. Christopher McBean

      Bowie is dead mate. :-(

    10. 1Napoletano

      This Car is a piece of art,but the review is extremely dull.

    11. Armin Corona


    12. TallSomeone

      It's taken me ten years to see the biggest farce in automotive life: race-oriented cars on public roads. It just doesn't work at all for most of us anywhere, and leaves us as simple posers.

    13. ToLose

      Him being a gt3 touring owner should try the new one

    14. Weets

      Just look at Chris’s face driving this with the sound off. That’s all the review I need!😎

    15. Frans Bot

      what about the carbon footprint. People are dying because of global heating. Forget this car. Porsche is stupid to produce these cars. The german car industry doesn`t seem to understand

    16. jeffrey Kilpatrick

      Finally a reviewer that is brave enough to call out the emperor’s ugly black dull wheels. Black wheels are ugly and boring. They look like they have been sprayed with primer and someday you will get the final coat of silver, or gold or body color paint sprayed onto the wheels. Chris noted that the black wheels on this gorgeous shark blue paint makes the wheels disappear. Hopefully this fad adopted by 20 year olds that lived with five other guys in a flat and spends 90% of his paycheck on his Porsche car payment. Time for black wheels to go the way of huge chrome fins on the fenders and bullet front bumpers.

    17. Robert Smith

      check the real one..manual ...

    18. LordCardeezyI

      "Always keep in mind you'll fall in love a thousand times." -Rick Ross.

    19. Peter Doig

      I think Chris should reign it in a bit.

    20. james townsend

      Peak motor car journalism right here

    21. Mesrop Madzharyan

      If he leaves Top Gear it’s done .

    22. Rick Johnson

      Porsche knows how to build a car 👌

    23. TheUtgardian Channel

      yeah the car is a bitch to turn even on asseto corsa haha, I'm not good enough for it

    24. Aaron Carmody

      Prefer the old school air cooled. Electricity is coming? Its here. And it sucks.

    25. the NJK

      Charis got emotional in the car I can feel it😥


      whoever drives a Porsche drives anything!!

    27. Kevin G

      I wonder if the comment section on a car enthusiast video might be a bit like the inside of the Alamo

    28. weltonreds

      Someone on Chris's team has obviously discovered Mark over at Savage Geese...the Platinum Standard in this genre.

    29. Dave K

      BBC: This is how you MUST look after and manage Chris Harris. 1# Give Harris and Neil $$$$ 2# Leave them alone to do their thing 3# Repeat forever

    30. Andres Del Castillo Dubuc

      Amazing video!!

    31. Lance Choltko

      This is my dream car. I need to play the lotto

    32. george dermitzakis

      Why the drifts are similar to the Bmw ones,????

    33. Kalle Sundqvist


    34. Kalle Sundqvist


    35. Kalle Sundqvist


    36. MegaMilyon

      It comes with a roll cage ?

    37. Ricardocreates

      Sick video 🔥Amazing car

    38. Jonus Smith

      So when I see an old dude in his Porsche he's breaking it in and can't get out of my way in my Honda because of it?!!??

    39. Robbert Alblas

      Does it get any better? What a brilliant car.

    40. Jeff C

      I have a 2010 Panamera S and truly love this car. Previously, I owned a 2006 911S wich was great. But THIS car IMHO, is one of the all-time greatest 911. Yes, it is a dream car for me, although priceless. So, thanks Porsche and Chris for allowing me to vicariously live the dream for 19 minutes.

    41. dallas gunther

      I get that about getting up when it's still dark, sunrise is a more exclusive experience.

    42. Andy Wang

      Nothing can beat a Porsche in terms of driving. Best driving cars I had the opportunity to drive myself! Looking forward to the new generation.

    43. Nikolayski

      Chris Harris is the man. Period. A true enthusiast. The car leaves me without any words. Magnificent.

    44. Voorhees Jason

      " ... it's a musical instrument ... " ... and you, Sir, are the conductor 😬👍🏻

    45. Voorhees Jason

      It's also about the women you get ... perfecto 👌 ... 🤞😬

    46. F100 FE390

      It's astonishing that a car with 325 ft lbs of Torque is still for sale in 2021.

      1. F100 FE390

        @Ginkoman2 No way, the GT3 is a 3.8 to 4.2 sec car on Dragy, and even that's due to cheater gearing which makes the car even slower up top. I've personally eviscerated GT3s like they are standing still. A Honda Civic R is substantially stronger, but of course, still no contest. That's in my F-Type both pre and post tune. The reason is the roots SC, which has a massive torque mountain mid RPM that falls off at high RPM. That equalizes the HP from 2800 RPM to redline at roughly 700HP flat. Peak HP means nothing, its area under the HP curve that makes a car fast, and that's directly attributable to torque, not RPM. $200K+ Turbo S's are much stronger, but need time to build boost, and are still easily beatable in any car with a serious torque to weight ratio. I disagree that a GT3 is light at 3200 pounds. Thats exactly 0.1 Torque to weight. My 2014 V8 is 700/3600, about double the acceleration of a GT3.

      2. Ginkoman2

        @F100 FE390 The GT3 does -60 in 2.8 secs. what are you on about? And in a race there isnt really much of accelarting unmoving mass. time es gained through driving fast through corners. and accelaration isnt really a torque thing, but a grip thing. you can see this with the GT2 eg. that has 700Nm of torque but isnt really faster. same with EVs. you cant really gain much more accelartion than the 2.2 secs mark. the reason why the tesla roadster has close to 2secs 0-60 is 1 AWD and 2nd it is much more heavy meaning more grip to accelerate. the torque is enough. You have to consider the gt3 ways almost nothing. so it does not need as much torque.

      3. F100 FE390

        @Ginkoman2 I'm not saying it isn't a legit circuit racing strategy to severely undersize (low torque) an engine to save weight, then use RPM to make HP. When speed is carried, torque (meaning acceleration) is less important. Torque, and only torque, affects acceleration. So if you need to stop and go and you value acceleration, as most/all of us do, Porsche's approach is totally unacceptable. Thats why all Porsches under $200K are dead in the water in any street race. They are eviscerated in a fraction of a second.

      4. Ginkoman2

        well it got a 6:58 in the Nordschleife, better than any Corvette.

    47. Anıl Egemen Doğan

      Marvel of Engineering

    48. Peter Richardson

      Chris you’re putting on weight. You know it will affect your lap times!

    49. JuliaAlison78 AlishaJassika

      The xenophobic appeal globally consider because line karyologically annoy barring a spicy capital. inquisitive, unkempt yoke

      1. MrDJR


    50. Jonno Wocky

      Chris & Neil and a Porsche GT3 - 3 Michelin star youtube

    51. Feydin Management Consulting

      Scoop at 2:28.....range rover evoque is faster than Porsche GT3 touring !-)

    52. Mario Santos

      Chris Harris on a 2021 GT3, just after going to the dentist, with his right side of the face numb. Epic!

    53. Evan Hi

      This is devastating if they stop making these type of Performance Cars

    54. Quarter Mile

      Gotta hate when they design a manual gear box for a dct

    55. JPL083

      When we are full electric.. Oh why on earth i grow up in the the wrong time period? I dont want to see that day when you only hear that goddamn whining noise from roads, sky, water... It's going to be absolute HELL!!! Dropping out manual gearboxes from majority of the cars has been already bad enough... And getting worse.

    56. Donald Schlack

      Well done Chris, as usual!

    57. Raymond Sarvarian

      Mr Harris by far the best car test driver he makes you feel how the car really is and what it can do.

    58. Raymond Sarvarian

      I don’t care how fast electric cars are getting they have no soil

    59. Raymond Sarvarian

      What a car

    60. Patrick Garcia

      Great review and awesome driving despite the chatting! You’re the man Chirs, cheers!

    61. John Evans

      So keep it pinned at 6995 rpm, sorted Chris. 👍

    62. Robert Marr

      What a machine.Love the colour.Porsche forever.

    63. Marcus Wong

      chris pee his pants.. and this isnt even an RS!

    64. sbodi4d

      Jeremy Clarkson has always been my favorite car presenter, but Chris Harris has just equaled him. I would never watch a video this long from anyone else. Just as Jeremy seems to make the time fly by, Chris has just done the same. I find myself wanting more, which is very rare. Just like Jeremy, I would buy whatever Chris recommends(as soon as I win the lottery). Great presenter and personality. Long live the successor to the throne!

    65. Hiader Elraies

      It is one of the most beautiful things made by the ancient company.

    66. Stephen Tokko

      The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

    67. Swee Yong

      it needs more power. like or not. its a gt3. min 700hp. naturally aspirated bragging rights.

    68. daniel burke

      Chris that was belting full geek mode only way my friend 🤙🤙

    69. Dusty Dengel

      The highfalutin airbus indisputably strap because puma kinetically sprout over a delicious laborer. murky, stereotyped invention

    70. RD Takeiteasy

      Sólo puedo decir: ¡Qué obra de arte!

    71. Gerhard Scholtz


    72. RickOShay

      Top Gear - continues with their 'cut and paste' puerile attempt to emulate the original Clarkson series. And the ratings just keep getting worse and worse - how long is the BBC going to keep beating this dead horse?

    73. springchop

      Great review! Chris Harris, can you please review the 718 GT4?

    74. Kaarl Hoopes

      What a fun ride-a-long in a fabulous German racing machine!

    75. Klaus HE Ludwig

      Hi Chris, thats is a fantastic Video of an fantastic car. I'm proud owner of an 991.2 GT3, each time i drive it - i just love it. And yes, thats maybe the last cars which give us drivers this special feeling. I only wish i could drive like you.

    76. chuimon slp

      wait I saw Leno in manual, this car isn't? Wow Leno was right, manual is becoming rare in Porsches too!

    77. chris peck

      I love that when the cars are streaming around at full song, with nothing being said, my cc says (music) I think that is very appropriate.

    78. Roni Zedd

      Make sure you lean all over it.

    79. hey bti

      I LOVE PORSCHE 911, i drive one day my 911 BR BRBR CRASH ahahaha

    80. Donald Oliver

      No other person to test a car than “Chris Harris”


      Remember when Top Gear was a bunch of old dudes who couldn't drive and a secret guy that could drive? I remember thinking, years ago, man if they had Chris Harris they'd only really need him. I love that it became reality.

    82. Andry Head

      I love how Chris forgot it's not a manual car (12:55)... It makes you understand how this car stilla has that "old style, carrera fun" feeling.

    83. MOMO BOBO

      911 for ever

    84. william gomez

      When petrol manual transmission cars go extinct or are banned. I want a self driving electric car like the movies lol no point in driving then just drive me while I watch a series or sports.

    85. Ricky Sekhon

      4:36 oooops 💩

    86. Stephen Deverell

      Beautiful car. Fantastic engineering. Shame about the plasticky interior, cheap looking steering column stalks etc.

    87. MB4LUNCH

      A real drivers car. I would consider buying one for sure.

    88. RolDo

      I cant decide which color - so i will stay with my dacia👍

    89. ecos18 last18

      Have you noticed your reviews are always the same?

    90. Pramod Krishna

      wow , of all people chris harris made me emotional

    91. VideoDotGoogleDotCom

      Stop talking all the time. We want to hear the car, not you mentioning the double wishbone suspension for the hundreth time.

    92. Camcar10

      Synthetic fuel just has to be the fuel.

    93. Samson Chan

      What a joy to see Chris Harris drive.

    94. Edward Goldthorpe

      Anyone else bothered by his seatbelt twist?

    95. Dhruv Singh Pal

      Gt3 vs acr make it happen. meanest track machines equipped with natural aspirated engines. The wheel nut structure on gt3 reminds me of carrera gt.

    96. Eric Tasse

      I love how Chris’s muscle memory as him reaching down to shift as if it’s a manual. It’s hilarious to watch, every time, he flings it into a corner, he goes for a heel-toe and arched for the shifter. The full electrification is upon us, however, for the next generation 911 platform, they will be turbo hybrids. This is (probably) Porsche’s last naturally aspirated 911. God speed!

    97. M P

      sad that this is the last generation of this car due to eu emissions standard

    98. Brian Lawler

      Are car manufactures actually going electric only?

    99. Twunny Bux

      Wake up everyday and drive to work before the sun comes up and tell me in 10 years what a privilege it is.

    100. Anderson C

      Really. Marketing aside...all any of us really need is a Carrera S. You buy a GT3 because you want a naturally aspirated 911 in 2021 (or will it not be available till next year?). All the evolutionary engineering changes or improvements...I highly doubt any of us will notice driving one in the city. Which is where most will spend their lives. How many owners will really take their 2022 GT3 to a track??? How many have the skill and knowledge to push this car near it's limits? Perhaps a retired Michael Schumacher, Mario Andretti....etc. For the rest of us it's actually more about the new TECH inside...Heard this car can self-park...driver standing outside the car. :)