First Look: Lotus Emira - can this 400hp AMG-engined sports car rival the BMW M2 and Porsche Cayman?

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    Meet the new £60k, 400bhp Lotus Emira. Yep, it's another Lotus rebirth. But thanks to the exciting new Emira, this one feels very real. And there’s a real shock: the Emira is propelled entirely by little explosions that happen in an engine. It isn't even a hybrid. And doesn’t have an electric future, either. Therefore, it surely qualifies as an instant classic.

    But will this £60k two-seat 400bhp sports car be able to see off the tough competition from Porsche’s Cayman, the BMW M2, Alpine A110 and Toyota Supra? Well, here’s Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Marriage with all the info you need to know about it.

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    1. Davide Ghirelli

      If Ferrari and Toyota had a child

    2. Raj Ragune

      For the people who care about the cheap closing sound and it comes from a company owned by the Chinese, please stop buying this. It is no better than a 1980 Yugo and you are paying money to support CCP. Therefore I can have mine earlier.

    3. Miguel Rivera

      Pretty much a kit car

    4. Oven Cat

      He says it is very wide, but than they only compare the length of this one to the old elise. So dumb.

    5. Will2live

      This should've returned as the new Lotus Esprit, that would've ben awesome of Lotus

      1. S J

        I think they are aware of the fact that this new car is more luxurious (and yes, heavier) than the former cars. Maybe because out of respect for the heritage and the Lotus fans, they don't call this car an Esprit (however, it's absolutely gorgeous). Lotus is stepping into a new era: proud and inspired of the legacy from the past, but looking forward to exciting new times ahead! :-)

    6. stopato

      If seats are 20cm lower, how can you see over the dashboard?

    7. Lifted_Above

      Finally a beautiful sportscar, without all the over-styled nonsense.

    8. ThatGuyThatDoesStuff

      These days, saying you get LED headlights is akin to saying you get tires with the car.

      1. Matthew Kuzek

        Thats the joke

    9. Celsior31

      A beautiful car!! Unfortunately, the AMG motor will hurt this car in reliability and maintenance cost.

      1. Orochi C

        That’s why you get the V6 manual

    10. Barney Rubble

      Beautiful 😍

    11. Tytus Majewski

      I'd get a toyota v6 engine

    12. abcpea

      neither retro nor forward looking, just more of the same

    13. KNIGHT NXK

      2:06 well this doesnt sound like high quality

    14. smiles 11

      2:06 cringeworthy door closing sound. I hope that is just a product of preproduction 😳

    15. Matthew Lai

      A merc wheel

    16. Viraingsey Sour


    17. George F

      I love it

    18. T Khan

      Did anyone else hear the rattle when he close the door? There goes the fit and finish lol

      1. Orochi C

        It’s a prototype, also window was down

    19. Tre Moo

      Thought he broke the door when he closes it.

    20. Hugo Togner

      Emira isn't comparable to Cayman or M2. It's better.

      1. ThatGuyThatDoesStuff

        Better how? How would you know?

    21. Hugo Togner

      Amazing car. I absolutely love it.

    22. Brendon Wolfel

      I’d be looking very seriously at this car if there was a lotus dealer within 200 miles

      1. john

        I also assume you don’t go on holidays over 200 miles away too?

      2. Darius R

        If you let 200 miles be the maximum distance you’ll go to get your hands on a car like this then I don’t know what to say lol

    23. bng

      I used golf clubs. It is important for us golfers.

    24. Zach

      4.5 second 0-60? Disappointing...There's too many other

    25. João Fernandes

      Anyone noticed that massive FOOT PRINT on the Elise S1 Drivers seat (minute 6:55)?

    26. tom

      i've got a big question. where do you put the front license plate ? will be real ugly.

    27. Harish Joshi

      This car is too good to be true at this price point.

    28. Jurie Verster

      Hey look we are at the track. No track use. Have you lost your marbles?

    29. Ole

      What are those fingernails 👀

    30. SteveRabbits

      What the hell is going on with that t-shirt?

    31. Shane Jackson

      Breaks my heart this. A beautiful car, from a historic manufacturer and at an amazing price. But too late. Needed EV or trick hybrid at least

    32. jubitolik

      Can't wait to see both engines comparasion!

    33. NinjaRunningWild

      God, it pisses me off that car fans are going to be penalized in countries _other than the ones causing environmental pollution_ because people in _China & India_ pumped out too many babies.

    34. davidvonslingshot


    35. Bryan Rodgers

      Finally after all these years, a new Tommy Kaira ZZII

    36. ARC

      More I look at it, more beautiful it gets, 🥲😍

    37. Daniel Nielsen

      I still will take my 2006 Exige with a k24 swap any day.....

    38. J C

      I want the Toyota powered manual version in red or blue so bad..

    39. Samuel Ushie

      I have watched this video like 4 times now. Am just in love with the Emira💙...I hope to get me one someday.

    40. Zia Akbar

      It may be a sports car but to me it looks like a supercar

    41. Cliff Lee

      Wish they would use the AMG v8.

    42. Snooker free ball

      Good car

    43. Naveed Mazhar

      When he closed the car door it sounded like my Suzuki Mehran 😂

    44. Electro Crypto

      Technology made this possible

    45. Marshall Street

      Since this will be the FINAL Lotus with an internal combustion engine, I wish they called it the ESPRIT.

    46. Roberto Perez

      Would be nice with some deep rims

    47. SIFI

      God, this is a beautiful car. Please come to the US!

    48. Richard Humble

      M2 or the lotus no competition…. lotus all day stunning car

    49. BadaLUI

      Cut that nails....

    50. Humperdoo Saves

      Rediculously beautiful car

    51. Think 11

      Can’t wait to get mine

    52. YT Sux

      It has a modified Toyota 3.5L V6, which has been around a long time and extremely reliable.

    53. Renzo Toglia

      You strung us along. you didn't drive nor did you show us the engine. really!

    54. NCB

      Oooh, check out the lady nails!!!!!!!! He must manicure... fo sho.

    55. NCB

      Is that t-shirt on the right way round?

    56. IXI Futureproof

      Where will the front number plate go? Who will service it??

    57. Sep G

      The toyota V6 has more displacement and thus have a higher performance potential. And AMG-anything is bound to be overpriced. Brand new old fashioned sportscar? Only if it is a manual, no old fashioned sportscar has an automated transmission.

    58. Sep G

      What is the purpose of the two vents near the top of the front bonnet? Looks like they just cause drag

    59. BoLo Wong

      Lotus Emira looks better than the McLaren Artura.

    60. Steve Cotterill

      The two interior dash led screens sadly don’t match. The speedo/tach is soooo bright. Yes I know it’s pre-production. 👍

    61. Steve Cotterill

      Closes the drivers door… cue bag of spanner’s sound… 🤣🤣. I really hope that improves on the production version. 👍

    62. Vinay Kumar

      I like less talking and more driving.

    63. Michael Joseph

      Ok designs….terrible proportions

    64. manfred meehan

      Looks like an allegro steering wheel 😂


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    66. Dankman9

      "A big door pocket..." heck you could probably fit like 8 pens in there.

    67. PurgatoryVLM

      Don't click bait

    68. Lukee Cle

      Geely Lotus

    69. Dan Sertich

      let me FIX the misleading title. 400hp toyota 6 cylinder, 360hp amg 4 cylinder

    70. Andy Trumpet

      Evija reviwed by Mr. Marriage... so many funny names, not a comedy channel ?

    71. ian stewart

      LOTUS.. loads of trouble, usually serious.

    72. Richard Dunbar

      Car reviewers always talk rubbish. Of course Lotus wants him to say that the build quality and interior are vastly improved, so he did, but that dreadful clatter when he closed the door tells us the true story. It is like all Lotuses. Built by turkey farmers in a shed in Norfolk, and bits will start peeling and falling off within a few months. And all that nonsense about the new production building to improve quality, when we can clearly see it is just another regular shed painted white, with no special equipment in there. Still, if you ever look closely at a Ferrari you will also notice that none of it is built quite right. Just know what you are getting into if you spend a lot of money on a low-volume car.

    73. Steve Greensmith

      It's absolutely gorgeous. IF I were in the market, no doubt I'd buy one and support Lotus in their rebirth. Hope they sell like hotcakes.

    74. hemidesign

      7:46 JPS Black F1 says.. "Ayrton Senna".. wow, good times watching that guy... :(

    75. asianpower3000

      The car looks amazing and if corvette c8 sales are any indicator, this will sell well. I hope this car ushers in a new era for lotus like the mp4-12c and p1 did for mclaren.

    76. stsohgessi

      Pre-production door noise aside, it is a stunning car.

    77. Master Chief

      Looks like I might actually fit my fat ass in there.

    78. Area 57 Lo desconocido

      Que sonido de calidad suena cuando cierra la puerta 👌🏻

    79. trifon jacobs

      It looks like a Ferrari. (Which is good) Though I bet non-car people are gonna call this car in red a Ferrari for damn sure

    80. Billytanner Tanner

      Let's hope Lotus will get over the quality issues with this one.

    81. Kalle Sundqvist


    82. Kalle Sundqvist


    83. Takamusasu

      It looks like Toyota got Lotus to finally build a proper MR2/SW20 replacement. The PetrolGods do indeed work in mysterious ways.

    84. Jacob L

      This is brilliant, I thought lotus were done as a brand, at least to me. I'm so happy to see at least one more car from them with a petrol engine and no hybrid and, if you go for the 6 cylinder, no turbo's either. And even a manual and a hydraulic rack. I can't remember the last new enthusiast car with one of them, the hyundai i30n perhaps? Either way, depressing as it is to watch the death of cars, the things I'm passionate about most, it's always a silver lining to see some good one as they go : /

    85. nova123

      he walks funny like a penguin lol

    86. Mr Cut Folks

      Looks like a corvette

    87. Aditya Joshi

      Anybody Wants Old TopGear Episodes From Start ? I Have Them Including Features And Specials

    88. ittimjones

      It sounds like a great option. I hope a lot of people jump onboard I would love to see Lotus stay around, keeping the purity for many years. Unfortunately, for $60k that means it will be rivaling the well established Supra, more powerful Corvette, and cheaper options that are supposed to have about the same power output like the new WRX STI and Nissan 400Z... I'm not sure if you want to put the AMG 43 and Audi RS3 in this group too, but you get that it's an extremely competitive performance tier...

    89. Roberto Casalegno

      It's sad this is gonna be the last combustion engine lotus car. Industries in countries like china are polluting the most not 5000 sport cars

    90. Koenraad Michels

      What a fantastic car! I hope they also make a convertible (roadster). Then I definitely buy one!!! It adds so much to the driving experience!

    91. Solo

      interior seems a bit meh for a super car

    92. Craneformers

      I love Emira! I hope it will be available at this price 3 years down the line 😅

    93. Matt Shah

      And this car will sell for another 15years before lotus truly switch to ev

    94. Amir Ismail

      The front looks like Ferrari. The sides look like McLaren. The back looks like Tesla Roadster

    95. oates76

      Is it just me or does this guy walk like a marionette?

    96. Weebito

      Imagine walking into your garage to see this, every day. What a stunner,

    97. Durban South Africa

      Cut your nails

    98. Dot. S

      I am sooo buying this car😁

    99. Alex Hall

      My next car! Thing looks absolutely beautiful.

    100. Jjohnno 87

      Isn't Lotus owned by ccp now