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    You’re invited to the Electric Awards 2021 starring the greatest electric cars in the world right now. A hypercar, an adventure-ready hatchback, a LEGO model and one big winner.

    Premiering Tuesday Apr 27th, 7pm BST on our channel and - you won’t want to miss it.

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    1. numismatric

      'Plop Gear' I will never watch it...

    2. FalconGamer58

      0:17 that was weird and unnecessary

    3. Carlos Sibal

      and the winner of 2021’s electric rewards is: The Top gear Geoff

    4. Charles Dale

      I want the old top gear

    5. Relaxation Music Channel

      좋은 노래 올려주셔서 너무 감사합니다^^.

    6. Ricardo Ellison

      My all your electric-cars suffer a county-wide all us dinosaur juice swilling types can drive in peace.

    7. Raymond Smith

      No idea why Top Gear think EVs need a separate awards, why can't they just go head-to-head with their ICE counterparts on a standard range of metrics? Are we going to have an ICE awards next...

      1. Raymond Smith

        @Aaron M They do stop CO2 from the tail pipe though. - Perhaps engine noise for the driver, but not for everyone else like pedestrians or your neighbours. - Soul is a human construct where the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part. So basically it can be applied to any inanimate object and it is based on your own beliefs. - An ICE car has 1,000 moving part, an EV has only a few. Therefore, simply by deduction there is a higher percentage that something will brake or require changing due to wear and tear. - 60% of household in the UK have a driveway, thus the majority can charge at home. - Fun and engaging in a city, I don't think so. That why automatics are so popular. - True, you have to change tires, wipers and top up washer fluid, hardly troublesome and costly, unlike ICE maintainance. - But yet there are tax free right now with no plan to increase. - There are EV that already have hundreds of thousands of miles on them which bust the myth. - Top Gear already busted thatyth too, the Tesla Model 3 beat the BMW M3 competition on the 0-60 time, 0-100-0 time, better stopping distance and faster round the track. Faster than anything in its class.

      2. Raymond Smith

        @Aaron M The person driving the car may like it, but those that have to put up with it won't, it's no longer all about the driver. There are hundreds of video on DEcameras with annoyed neighbours with noisy cars. Car are now fitted with rev limiters and have maximum noise levels exposed by EU law. Pedestrians detest noisy cars also.

      3. Aaron M

        @Raymond Smith I said removing the environmental factors, I somewhat acknowledge them but electric cars don't magically solve everything - Engine noise is an enormous positive. It's far more pleasant than wind and tyre noise and is what gives a car soul - You have to go somewhere to charge an electric car. Refuelling takes literally 2 mins. What if no home charging? Long journeys? - How will it cost more to maintain? Long term reliability? All those gadgets? Much cheaper to buy - More likely to breakdown? Petrol cars can last many decades and hundreds of thousands of miles if well-maintained - Changing gears is another positive because it makes driving fun and engaging - Electric cars aren't maintenance free - I doubt electric cars will be tax free for long -They aren't more expensive over their lifetime because they last 2 lifetimes. Buying 2 electric cars is more expensive and environmentally damaging than 1 petrol car. People complained about the scrappage scheme for this, environmentalists included - A petrol car will still outperform an electric equivalent in terms of all round performance and driving experience

      4. Aaron M

        @Raymond Smith Mate if you are putting down engine noise as a negative then you clearly aren't a car enthusiast, you're a gadget enthusiast.

      5. Raymond Smith

        @Aaron M The opposition to EVs is interesting, just imagine if the transition was the other way and the government was asking everyone to move to ICE. Negitives: - Up to 20 times more expensive propulsion cost - Exhaust pollution - ICE engine noise / vibration - You have to purposely go somewhere to fuel it - Will cost more to maintain - More moving parts means more likely to breakdown - Less safe due engine block - Requires to inefficiently change gears - Requires a transmission tunnel that makes the middle back seat unusable for long journeys - Requires servicing - Requires road tax Positives: - Initial cheaper cost price (but ultimately more expensive over the lifetime) - Cars will be lighter (but less traction) - Anything else...?

    8. Ethan Atkinson

      Can't wait for the awards.

    9. D

      I clicked this video just to dislike it. Have fun with your dead batteries in 5 years

      1. Raymond Smith

        @D 🥱

      2. D

        @Raymond Smith Look at Raymond Smith everyone, LMFAO if he'd ever actually turned a wrench on a car he might have rethought his last statement. Guess we know who's the "aRm cHaIr CrItiC"

      3. Raymond Smith

        You obviously don't know that batteries are under warranty for 8 years... typical clueless arm chair critic....

    10. SpLitz

      bring back old top gear now! >:(

    11. LynxAdvert

      can we not rage against the EV invasion a little longer? Still another 14 years yet, and all EV's as proper drivers cars are shit.

      1. Matt Evans

        Taycan: Am I a joke to you? I'm not defending EVs, I just really like that particular one.

    12. ELY

      Utter bore festival you mean

    13. SmashGhost

      Don't care.

    14. Raymond Smith

      Sounds like a piss take, there will be a hypercar that isn't in production, one that is modified and isn't for mass sale, a toy and one that they just like the look off.

      1. Raymond Smith

        Looks like I called it right, Top Gear is too predictable....

    15. Wigadama

      As Albert Einstein once said “ life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance you have to keep moving.”

      1. . ItaloPolacchi .

        wtf does it have to do with anything in this video?

    16. Tom Guyatt

      I find this funny because TopGear has historically been sceptical and mocking of EVs, but now that the automotive industry has invested billions into electric TopGear has been forced kicking and screaming into the 21st century and made to cover them. Of course, the purist petrol heads will dislike anything EV related, but as Bob Dylan once said "The Times They Are a-Changin'."

      1. Tom Guyatt

        @Matt Evans "the industry realised this gimmic(k) can benefit them" - NOPE. The industry is being forced by forward thinking governments to migrate away from producing poison emitting vehicles to producing vehicles that don't contribute to deadly air pollution. Doesn't seem like a gimmick to me.

      2. Matt Evans

        What you mean is, the industry realised this gimmic can benefit them. I'd look to Toyota, Porsche (the other tech they are investing in), and Koenigsegg to actually see what the future will look like.

    17. Christian Noel

      Let’s go!

    18. Love Girl

      Hi, excellent car Electric

    19. Frederico

      And the award for the heaviest soulless car with the biggest lithium mining camp in a natural habitat goes to...

      1. Super Nintendo Chalmers

        computers on wheels are not cars...

      2. Raymond Smith



      Actually winning the prize for the losers is still losing

    21. disturbed250

      Well this is disappointing...

    22. Toto Wolff

      All I want is Jeremy and proper V12.

      1. Matt Evans

        That would be so Jeremy. Turn up to the awards drifting a V12 Lambo. And now I miss the 'original' trio....again....

      2. lol idk

        With hybrid technology lmfao

    23. Jason Waterfalls

      I'll be sure to skip it.

    24. Pip

      Although it's the 2021 EV awards... it's really 2020 EV's, I'm looking forward to seeing what this year has to offer !

    25. Jack

      and the award for most soulless dull car goes too.... all of them

      1. Jack

        @Seawolf db7 is a beautiful machine, thinking of a db9, I daily drove a 51 year old car as my first car at 17. If you can't or don't enjoy maintenance then it's very different. It's my hobby I love a good engine rebuild etc. I get for most they want new but if you have the skills and time then its very rewarding and means the car means so much more to you.

      2. Jack

        @Seawolf no, I'm talking about buy something real and old school with a proper engine. No pumped in noise or driver aids. All you kids think everything has to be brand new as you're all badge snobs. So far I haven't owned a car younger than me because I actually have the skill to maintain them and know how to drive without a computer doing half the work. You can flex a new car all you want means fuck all in a few years

      3. Jack

        @Seawolf oh year cus his cars are so subtle and quiet....idiot. plus I'm talking about actual cars people can afford not a pointless toy for the rich

      4. Jack

        @The Turbocharger sounds like a kid with zero taste found the comments again

      5. The Turbocharger

        Sound like a boomer is complaining here

    26. Chris shoults 21

      Porsche tycan turbo s for the win

    27. Satvik Krishna

      Funny part is that Jack is talking via an EV charging cable!

    28. clash technology siva

      Of course it's for Tesla

    29. blu


    30. mikke jalonen


      1. The Turbocharger

        You’re the rubbish

      2. Raymond Smith

        That isn't even a word, if you are going to troll at less spell it correctly.

    31. MarvelousTV

      old top gear better : )

    32. Piccleface222

      I like tesla

      1. Piccleface222

        @Javier the Blade Master yes...

      2. Javier the Blade Master

        me too I like the model s’s

    33. Robert Gamble

      It wasn’t a wrong number, it was the wrong adapter.

    34. Garry Croft

      Electric v Electric, my stock BMW i3s v Ferrari SF90 0-62, 1/4 mile and top speed. I will win take me on if you dare.

      1. Aaron M

        @Garry Croft whatever floats your boat I guess

      2. Garry Croft

        @Aaron M yes I've seen it but it can be driven in electric only mode and I want to drag race it.

      3. Aaron M

        sf90 is a hybrid

    35. Kanta Verma

      Rimac c two or Koenigsegg gemera is best electric hypercar

      1. Raymond Smith

        @ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs Erm, it has already been delayed by two year 🤣 same as the Roadster.

      2. ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs

        @Raymond Smith My point was simple. Rimac C2 is coming into production. The Roadster isn't fuck off.

      3. Raymond Smith

        @The Turbocharger I never stated it was in production...

      4. Raymond Smith

        @ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs perhaps be factual in your initial statement to avoid having to be corrected.

      5. The Turbocharger

        @Raymond Smith it’s not in production yet.

    36. JimBob

      It’s electric Like a Food blender Or a torch

    37. Many

      Nice Idea to make a competition between electric cars.

    38. Ya gigglejuice Tape dispenser

      Can't wait!

    39. Sabi Mulenga

      Second person here🙂🙂

      1. Akshat Sharma

        One of many second persons btw 😂😂

    40. DanTheMan 27

      Hi I’m 4rth

    41. Alve Rayan

      Why did I come running for this

    42. NotBlue


    43. poo poo

      Will jezza be there?

    44. Jacob Rev