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    We're taking Polestar's rival to the Tesla Model 3 on an adventure. Now, the Model 3 may trump the Polestar 2 when it comes to range and charging infrastructure, but does it have adjustable Öhlins dampers? Well... exactly. So join Top Gear Magazine's Tom Ford as he knocks the shocks to their softest and heads on an adventure to find the North Star, AKA Pole Star. Get it?

    Want to see more from the Polestar 2 - our 'Best all-rounder' in the Top Gear Electric Awards 2021 - then head over here to see the awards round-up:

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    1. Emmanuel Meysman

      Where is Chris ?

    2. kwan kwankao

      You like a boy that grew up! I recognize you in the next 5 min after your funny act! Amazing 😁

    3. Magnus Tan

      Remember when he was on Fifth Gear? Awkward subject I know, but man he’s was funky back in the day…. As for the Polestar, lovely, just a shame it probably won’t sell very well, because people will think of it as a Volvo the price of a BMW.

    4. hofferjh

      This car's piece of garbage get rid of it

    5. Simon Pruszynski

      Never in the hell im bying this shit for that much

    6. captain phillips

      Its a New Brand ?

    7. Anthony Medina Cisneros

      This guy is so lame

    8. Jim Crow

      Ah, my mistake. I thought this was Top Gear.

    9. Alexis

      That was the whole video? What happened with the consumption and performance off-road?

    10. Grizzly tv

      Dobre se każdy wie że nie wejdzie do produkcji

    11. Mike Devaney

      I really wana like this but my god is he boring!

    12. UA, TFG and Adam b fan


    13. Francis Siu Chock

      Amazing trip. Hardly think you have to worry about range anxiety? You have a whole support team with you!

    14. BAPC TikTok

      Now do this same thing in a Model X, promise you you'll have a better time.

    15. Mayank Maximum

      Sabaru and lancer oh remember every ev cars have lithium batteries that harm world a lot in 1 day

    16. Lars Henriksen

      It can't be used in real life,. Or yes if you don't have a real life

    17. Antoniusz

      Dear Top gear As you know viewership is get lower when you fired Clarcson We have propozyciot for you. We want Clarcson Hammond And May but Pady Chris and Flintoff can stay in show. Peaople will be more happier when old crew will be back. We love current crew but this is not thesame that befour. Top gear was THE GRAITEST TV SHOW/THE GREITEST PROGRAM?THE GRAITEST THING IN TV. But now that is not thesame. PLS Give them back. It can be benefical for you and for us. Signatures down below

    18. Marcke 2010

      Hilarious! Interesting car = interesting trip to the shops. Boring car = road trip to active volcano to make it interesting.

    19. Thunder Cloud

      I leave for 7 years what happened to Chris Hamilton

    20. Ryansleftboot

      Hang on. How good was the range on the toaster car???? Is it good for what is described or not with halogen lamps?

    21. Andrew Higgins

      Channel hopping Tom..??? Apart from that, stunning production quality..

    22. Am Pro Toyota Land Cruiser

      To be honest I liked the old top gear with Jeremy Richard hammond and I forgot the other name

    23. Henry Smith


    24. Luke Tyas

      Kielder Observatory is without doubt the most over-rated, cowboyish self-promotional faux charity I've ever come across.

    25. Walter Miller

      Wheel gripper to get the lug nuts off!?!?!? What does that even mean. New to English are we

    26. Yonay

      Where are jeremy clarkson, the stig and wilman? :(

    27. TwinTurbo Ray

      They should really do a stationwagon version of the Polestar 2.

      1. Samir Manuel

        @Raylan Jaxton yea, been using instaflixxer for years myself =)

      2. Raylan Jaxton

        You probably dont care but if you guys are bored like me atm you can watch all of the new movies and series on InstaFlixxer. Been streaming with my girlfriend for the last weeks xD

    28. C.T. Eshuis

      There must be a lot of charging stations, up there in the north of England. The problem with electric cars is, still, the lack of range and charging infrastructure. Manufacturers know this so they send out all these films with electric cars road tripping in remote places to make you believe you can actualy do that, without a truck full of generators trailing the car to charge it when it runs out of juice. Car magazines facilitate this illusion probably because it is good viewing and a nice time out for the crew.

      1. Ian Hardcastle

        There are. There’s a 7kW charger at the Waterside car park in Kielder, and 50kW chargers with easy distance in all directions.

    29. Schmitzelhaus

      Hm, i actually find it easier to spot south on the southern hemisphere, because the Southern Cross is just that easy to spot. 🤔

      1. Nick Axaris

        Same here.

    30. peter bratu

      Test drove this and is absolutely fantastic to drive. However, it is not a good choice for long distances; I planned a trip to Switzerland using onboard navigation and the journey was almost twice as long as with my ICE car. Motorway range is not great, and charging times added up to about 8 hours in total. A journey that takes 12 hours, now takes two days and you also need to book a hotel.

      1. peter bratu

        @Ian Hardcastle these were not my calculations. The onboard Android-based system has a version of Maps that can take into consideration your charging needs; all I did was plan a trip to Bad Ragaz from Surrey and it came up with the route and charging breaks. And let's not forget that this is the best scenario, where you show up and the charging point is free and works - which is hardly the case.

      2. Ian Hardcastle

        @peter bratu very wise! I think your calculations are way out though. Limiting speed to 70mph and only charging 10-80% would add around 2 hours charging (eating and resting) with 6 stops of ~ 20 mins and a total time ~15 hrs (Birmingham to Geneva using the A Better Route Planner app). The real problem with EVs is that you become a planning nerd 🙂

      3. peter bratu

        @Ian Hardcastle I won’t risk staying awake for 20 hours and still drive at 70mph. I’ve seen too many accidents happen because of tiredness. Plus, I’m not on my own, I have my partner with me and she would never agree to putting ourselves through something like this.

      4. Ian Hardcastle

        8+12=20 not 48 how did you work out two days?

      5. Cricket England

        @peter bratu well most daily journeys are not long distance that the point

    31. Iain Mackie

      Still confused why you didn't use the wheel brace that comes with the car and sits under the false floor in the Frunk? Perhaps it's a bit too late to tell you that now!!

      1. Terje Bergli

        It is my understanding that there are country differences on what equipment the car comes with due to regulations. Don't know about the brace, but I believe oddly the jack isn't standard in some countries. Important to check before one head off road.

    32. Robbie Surfer

      So what was the point of this, did he tell us about the range, did he tell us about the 4x4 abilities, what I did learn was there is no south star

    33. Super DOI

      What are the lights called on the top

    34. WyldStyle

      Top gear will never be the same without the three men. You know of whom I speak.

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        @WyldStyle still bitching and moaning after 6 years is pathetic. Let it go. If you were like this about an ex boyfriend for 6 years, your friends and family would tell you to seek professional help. You're even worse than that, because you don't even know the 3 has-beens you're pining for personally.

      2. WyldStyle

        @Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Okay firstly, I don't care how long it's been since they were booted out BUT that doesn't change the fact that top gear was way better when they were still there. And as for my comment speaking "volumes", all it speaks of is that people still miss the presence of the three men, even after 6 years. And if there's something wrong about me commenting about the three "has-beens" after 6 years of their "booting out", I would like to know that.

      3. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        @WyldStyle I'm reading into the comment's existence in the first place. The fact that you're here commenting 6 years after the 3 has-beens were booted out speaks volumes. I tried to watch the bland tour and failed. It's utter garbage. How many comments do you think I left on bland tour videos?

      4. WyldStyle

        @Alle Warten Auf Das Licht Or is it that you're reading far more into the comment than there is?

      5. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        @WyldStyle why don't you watch the bland tour then? Obviously, while it's still a thing. The fact that they've been paring it down due to its failure to draw sufficient numbers indicates that it's not long for this world. The fact that you're here pining for the 3 has-beens demonstrates how disappointed you are with the bland tour too. You're revealing a lot more of yourself than I suspect you would have liked.

    35. John Jacob

      Polaris hangs in my front yard across the street. Orion trots across my front yard every night as well. A'hole's messing up my lawn.

      1. Nick Axaris

        @Mroriginalpb T yeah it was

      2. Mroriginalpb T

        Yeah not funny mate

    36. MRT Motorsports

      EVs are shit. This car is a perfect example of why.

    37. Kuldeep Kashyap

      Bring back the trio

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        Flintoff, McGuinness and Harris? This is the magazine.

    38. Patrick Verot

      Definitely bottom Gear now. This show sucks without Jeremy.

      1. Patrick Verot

        Woahhhh quite the aggressive response lol

      2. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        It's been 6 years. Let it go. If you were like this about an ex boyfriend for 6 years, your friends and family would tell you to seek professional help. You're even worse than that, because you don't even know the 3 has-beens you're pining for personally. It's pathetic.

    39. John Green


    40. Ole Jacob Stålesen

      Fun to see the the Wookieness again! Please keep more coming! Love the signature extras - it actually somehow works!

    41. C R I Z L A

      I saw one for the first time today on the road... Great design. Just a (more) technical Volvo?

    42. Sahir Diesh

      Nice episode

    43. Zero Video’s

      Day 49 of becoming the most subscribed DEcameras channel with zero video’s so I can live the life. 💪🏼🙎🏼‍♂️🤙🏼...

    44. Jack Strood

      Isn't that the Fifth Gear dude?

      1. Seen Through Haggis

        He left 5th gear in 2009. I think he’s been with Too Gear since then. He used to present Top Gear America.

    45. spainter1985

      That looks bloody brilliant!

    46. fuddrucker74

      Wasn't a large portion of the lead in in relation to the range, vs driving technique + aerodynamic encumbrance, along with the added drain of the needlessly excessive added lighting? I guess they didn't even make it remotely close to home and either trailered the car back or had to stop for a recharge with miles to go. Ahh... television.

    47. Dave Williams

      is that a wild Tom ford i hear in the intro?

    48. Dhvanit Shah

      Bring back Clarkson

    49. Thanas Stefanis V

      Polestar 2 XC....should be a factory option 👌

    50. Denis Jack Sobrinho

      TONIGHT ON BOTTOM GEAR James explodes a... wait, where's james? where's everyone?

    51. Love Girl

      Hi, excellent car !!!

    52. LynxAdvert

      This is a very Tom Ford thing to do

      1. LynxAdvert

        @Tom Wookie Ford strong project e-at vibes

      2. Tom Wookie Ford

        It’s the roof lights, isn’t it?

    53. Casual _main

      Rest in peace jermy Clarkson

      1. Gordon Ramsay

        @Matthew Bunn no, i dont think so

    54. jim qjnn

      Head too Loch Lomond in Scotland ,ewe will see the northern lights ,the milkyway ,polestar ,bring your Tesla 😂

    55. Alan Flake

      Why is the world still on about the Chinese auto makers? I know inclusive, but inclusive should have boundaries.

    56. Jimmy Conway

      WOW a science, technology, and mechanical lesson all rolled up into a delicious Mexican burrito, not the kind you find at your local supermarket ready to be slightly yet unevenly warmed in the microwave... I'd buy that for a dollar!!!

    57. Socal's Garden Adventures

      Bring back the original cast jeremy clarkson,james may and richard hammond!.The new top gear isn't the same without them!

      1. Seen Through Haggis

        They weren’t the original cast. If you want to watch them they’re on Amazon.

    58. Cody K

      Not a fan of the ev move. I have a 1uz v8 so... lol I need real noise and feel

    59. 26_Josemon Saji

      I feel like Forza Horizon 4

    60. STAG162

      7:47 sure that's an astronomer taking the piss... we have Crux (Southern Cross) and the two pointers marking out where the south pole is.

      1. VanyaCrow

        @ruibart Hahaha... You give yourself too much credit; I never said anything about highlights. Otherwise, please, see again point #2 on my previous comment. And, btw, you haven't addressed the actual point of the conversation yet, whether you still "exactly" think that "sure that's an astronomer taking the piss" or not? I'm starting to suspect that's not what you ever cared about... Over and out, indeed!

      2. ruibart

        @VanyaCrow Glad to see that the highlight of your day is nitpicking someone else's words... (that was sarcasm) Over and out!

      3. VanyaCrow

        @ruibart That's the problem: you weren't sarcastic. You were dead serious in implying that, because you consider that it's not "that "more difficult"", we should ignore the facts and actual point of what he said and agree with you in that "sure that's an astronomer taking the piss..." -remember that you "thought exactly the same"?-. And the rest of us, who actually understood what he said, may be trapped by our ignorance. Thanks for delivering us to the light! So, yes, you're right again: that indeed wasn't sarcasm; it's demagogy. Why is it demagogy? Let my explain you. You incurred in two logical fallacies: 1. Taking part of an argument which may be made ambiguous, i.e. "more difficult", blow it out of context and use to discredit the whole argument. 2. Ignoring the argument and instead attacking the person, i.e. me and my sarcasm. Hoping that, if you can prove that I'm "evil", my argument has to be obviously wrong... Come on, give me a third, buddy. It's been a while since my last online debate and feel a tad rusty... If you're going to insist on nitpicking about choice of words and style, instead of the actual matter at hand -i.e. there's no southern star that is aligned with the axis of rotation of the Earth-, I would suggest that you get more accurate and precise than in utterances such as "that "more difficult"" and that you remove demagogy from your style. Not to mention the high potential for patronising insult in "I'm afraid some people will take ir for ignorance..."

      4. Schmitzelhaus

        @ruibart Hm, even as a "northener" i actually find it easier to spot south on the southern hemisphere, because the Southern Cross is just that easy to spot. 🤔

      5. ruibart

        @VanyaCrow Wasn't being sarcastic when I asked the question, nor was I calling the man a liar...

    61. Sam Payne

      Love those front fog lights. Where can we get those?!?

      1. Tom Wookie Ford


    62. DOBLE REY

      You guys are so funny, read about the RJVX13 algorithm and the FBC fund

    63. Emirhan SHN

      First there was an ICO boom, then Defi, then NFT, and now everyone is crazy about RJVX13 algorithm

    64. Peptou


      1. Tom Wookie Ford


    65. Furkan Yılmaz

      RJVX13 algorithm is the best, there is no point in arguing with this

    66. Talha Çevik

      just google RJVX13 algorithm and don't worry

    67. fatih arslan

      is there really still a person who does not know about the existence of RJVX13 algorithm?

    68. İsmail Çetin

      Yes Yes! Read everything, and then say that you did not know RJVX13 algorithm!

    69. Pauli

      0:45 calling it brilliant at the start of the much for objective journalism....

      1. Tom Wookie Ford

        It’s the awards video! It had already WON the award, so I think the cat may have already been out of the bag. 😂

      2. Togg Tlas

        Wait, you actually think the first time a journalist drives a car is on camera doing a segment? Bruh, I got some news for you... The fact that he had modified it didn't give you any clues that this wasn't his first time in the car?

    70. Pure anxious mess

      I would highly recommend the Northumberland observatory having been there myself.really good experience!!

    71. John Davidson

      How could top gear think of taking a rare and overpriced EV car for an off-road, lol. I don't even think to take my hatchback off-road, unless I find an off-roading vehicle.

      1. Gordon Ramsay

        @John Davidson they did this because they are top gear lol

      2. John Davidson

        @Togg Tlas Yeah, I just wanted to say that no one does in a car that's £47,000. He bought two tyres which mean they intentionally knew it won't be such an easy job for the car. For me honestly if I ever even owned a £33,000 car I would never take it on rough terrain even if it's becomes five year's old. That's just what my point of view was, now why are you keeping on arguing for such a silly and simple point of view I made.

      3. Togg Tlas

        @John Davidson What? They are using the car as a normal person would. Exactly what is your complaint? It's a car. Clearly he was expecting the tires to take some beating as he brought two spares...

      4. John Davidson

        @Togg Tlas No, what I mean is that, still it's an expensive EV car, so why are they taking this EV on a this patchy road on the forest, I mean don't they feel bad for the car. The Polestar despite doing no off-roading had a tyre puncture for this rough terrain, what a torture to the Polestar 2. I know it's not an off-road since I have done lots of off-road adventures even in rural villages or forest areas, but this is an expensive sedan, how could they even think of doing that.

      5. Togg Tlas

        Is this sarcasm? Because it wasn't really "off-road", it was gravel roads. Could do that in basically any sedan. Or are you just looking for a reason to whine about the car? Or are you one of them people thinking you need a Range Rover to leave the highway?

    72. Mad Mike

      the constant fake laughing to yourself during the entire video made this one of the most cringe things i've ever seen in my life.

      1. Togg Tlas

        If this is "one of the most cringe things you've ever seen" you must be born yesterday. I guess that would explain your shitty comments.

      2. Tom Wookie Ford

        You need to watch more DEcameras then... 🤣

    73. Satvik Krishna

      Hey Top Gear, I have to say one thing, that is my favorite moment from this video is that the more important tyre puncture! I laughed the hell outta me!! I'd rather recommend you the GMC Hummer EV as the all-rounder!

      1. Tom Wookie Ford

        Made me wince... no phone signal and 20miles from a real road. 😞

    74. Like a PRO

    75. Airpaycheck

      Just call the car Polaris rather than naming it after an exotic dancer.

    76. hermanos amores

      Thats cool

    77. Mona Antoun

      25 mins ago

    78. Gavin Wyllie

      Why has Wookie barely changed in about 15 years? Apart from the weight loss of course. Good on ya for that mate.

      1. Tom Wookie Ford

        Huuuge amounts of Botox! 🤔😅

    79. ESM

      Does the car have a fifth gear?

      1. ESM

        @Peter Harrison I think you missed the joke sunshine.

      2. Peter Harrison

        It only has one forward gear.

    80. corey stanfill

      I used to date a pole star, her name was DIAMOND!!! She led the way to.

    81. bvk Cars

      Its the guy from fifth gear!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Seen Through Haggis

        He left 5th gear in 2009. I think he’s been with Too Gear since then. He used to present Top Gear America.


      Secretly he's worried about the trash rang considering we all know it's terrible on these things.

      1. Tom Wookie Ford

        I did not improve it...

    83. Einnor Gear

      This will be much more amusing if Jezza was here to rant

      1. Einnor Gear

        Woah woah I didn't expect one of them to host this, I just said it would be much more interesting if Clarkson was here

      2. Seen Through Haggis

        @Muhammad Farhan The fact that you’re complaining about the last few seasons of the Grand Tour is exactly why they’re not on Top Gear anymore. 3 old men making the same jokes for too long, it’s stale. Top Gear has always been an entertainment program under Clarkson, Hammond and May, it was only a Car program before them. If you want to watch Car content just go on DEcameras like everyone else.

      3. cheekychappy1234

        @MiniDanielx If you look at the viewing figures for the seasons gone it's around the sort of average that they were getting. Despite some rabid fans Top Gear was never *that* popular. In fact it's peak viewing episode was way back in December 2007 at 8.35 million with seasons after that getting 6 -7 million or so. ( Season 20 was particularly poor for ratings in the 4.8 to 5.5 million) If you want to see them they have this show on Amazon Prime called "The Grand Tour".

      4. Muhammad Farhan

        @MiniDanielx that show now more and more becoming an entertainment show than a car show, don't get me wrong i like grand tour but the last few season is not quite good.

      5. MiniDanielx

        @Muhammad Farhan no we are just saying that the show now with the new hosts is a peice of crap and it will never be as popular as when the golden trio did it

    84. iszigo

      hi everyone

    85. علي العراقي

      علي موحان 🤣😀🤣😀🤣😃🤣🙂🤣🙃🤣🙃🤣🙃🤣🙃😇🙃🙃😅😅🙃🙂😇😇🤩😇😘😚😘😇😘😇😘😇😘😇😘😇😘😇😘😇😘😇😇😘😇😘😇😘😘😘

    86. John Salazar

      Looks like a nice car.

    87. مصطفى SRT


    88. Rick V. G.

      Starting to fall in love with Polestar

      1. C.T.  Head admin

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      2. Volvo Dashcam

        @Emmanuel uzoho Well, I think you don't know what a scam is or isn't then. The fact that you don't like it or the price is not a definition of a "scam". I would never buy the Polestar 1, but it's no scam. Also, this video (And comments above) is about the Polestar 2, so don't really see why you are commenting about P1.

      3. Emmanuel uzoho

        @Volvo Dashcam even if it’s rare the car is not worth the money only a fool will buy it

      4. Emmanuel uzoho

        @Volvo Dashcam mate have you seen a review on it a proper review it’s £139,000 trust me that car is not worth £139,000

      5. Volvo Dashcam

        @Emmanuel uzoho A scam? What are you on? The Polestar 1 are only produced in a few thousand and is a premium sports car with hybrid drivetrain. Why would that be a scam?

    89. BW-黑藍BłãçkBłüę


    90. Benson & Benjo Official

      Love it!!!! Congrats Team Topgear!!!! Keep doing!!!

    91. Jack Will


    92. Kieron Irwan

      Hiii firsttt

    93. ben mills

      Hello top gear

    94. Mudder Scotch