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    The trusty old Ford Transit van is the UK’s best-selling commercial vehicle. Beloved of brickies, posties, chippies, roadies and everything in between. It’s a proper van’s van. Could it be the most important vehicle in the history of Britain? In the latest episode of our retro mini-series, Top Gear Magazine's Jack Rix finds out...

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    1. JoeyLovesTrains

      It’s of how you guys have a plug in hybrid version, yet America doesn’t get one..

    2. -_Edwiox_-

      I miss jeramy and may and Hammond..

    3. Raynee Bruggeman

      I’m gonnna be honest these men don’t mean nearly as much to me as the old cast but these people aren’t horrid

    4. miýwêýihtâkosiw Mahihkan

      The british " mystery machine."

    5. stabb

      No matter how much this channel tries, it will never be as good as og top gear

      1. _0_RESTART_0_

        It certainly won't if they continue reviewing vans

    6. America My love

      Imagine ford sold the e350 7.3 liter powerstroke turbo diesel V8 van in England

    7. Joseph Shaul

      Didn't a car show feature a sneaky mid-engined Transit in a competition? What was it called again?

    8. Daniel Wood

      We had a mk1 that we used to all go to the pub in. They are the best.

    9. Dominic Xxx

      Not Top Gear!!!!

    10. DaveWsh

      Jeremy was in the video for a sec

    11. Daan Steenbeek

      Nice video! Nice car

    12. M_MAICO

      Who remembers the old trio

    13. Ash Kharait

      I did not even know u Sabine had passed away 😔 she was just amazing

    14. Kieran

      The transit can almost every job

    15. WarFanger

      Where is Jeremy clarkson!?

    16. Pijawek

      Top Gear is still going? Why? What for?

    17. Diesel fqrt

      America shaped British people?

    18. w

      Where are the old people's?

    19. Luka Bijelic

      Amazing 🔥🔥🔥

    20. Galexi5 gaming

      3:43 He really looked like a Picasso painting

    21. Rafael Wong

      Not bad tbh but still not as good as Jeremy, Hammond and may

    22. Gregg Smith

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      1. LJ_DC20


      2. miýwêýihtâkosiw Mahihkan

        Not sure about it myself..thinking any major power disruption via environmental or by hand of man will cause issues with the ability to do investing and trading regardless of ones financial status or " battery backups."

      3. Mark Steve

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      4. Aliyu muhammed

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      5. Alexander Lorenzo

        + 1 3 2 3 6 1 3 8 3 0 4

    23. Muhammed Razal


    24. William Prince

      Why would 184 people down vote that? Love it.

    25. Baxterchov

      Weird (rubbishy) editing from about 6:20: Vintage video and narration of Supervan 1 V8, with current muppet talking over the top about the V6 engine in Supervan 3 from '95. Oh, and when talking about a vehicle's 3.5L engine being downsized, it's not the power output. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Manages to talk about S'van 2, during correct video - but when he mentions it was fast when towing a caravan, they've chosen to not show us that highlight. Then back to S'van 3, and tells us the rear tyres are as wide as a Porsche (?) - and then he repeats the same stuff about the engine that we heard 3 minutes earlier. Did the TG video and script editors bring their toddlers to work on this day, and let them actually produce the whole episode?

    26. dieselschoolboy

      Well, the rally van is a Mk6, not a Mk3. And the one you said is a Mk2 was a Mk3

    27. NATIVE Native

      Haha this show is useless

    28. Rishi Makhanlal

      Aaah.....the burglar van.

    29. Adam Wort

      I've got an early mk1 transit with sliding doors

    30. alexvage

      USA Transit with 3.5l ecoboost engine is the best stock Transit ever

    31. Wayne Appleton

      Keep your car collecting who has got a Ford transit collection i wish I could say I did

    32. blerim kqiku

      Ford Transit Mk3 is my favorite

    33. T Wallace

      Excellent video. Well done.

    34. EpicThe112

      Between here in the United States since 2015 onwards have used one of these to move from a house into a town house. If rented through penske the 2015 Ford Transit model is replaced by a 2018 model followed 2021 model

    35. Miguel Den Boer

      Didnt supervan 3 have a f1 engine? What is in there right now is i think a swap so it wouldnt be as fast for people driving it

    36. Leigh Garfield

      Top gear will never be the same without those 3 iconic tv presenters, Hammond, May and Clarkson. RIP Top Gear. As for FORD Dagenham, closing it down was a big mistake, being disloyal to the workforce and the people of Dagenham, that have given Ford their commitment and loyalty for generations. But at least with Dagenham Studios. New filming studios being built there, at least somebody believes in the area, unlike Ford did.

    37. Richard S

      Each transit contributes £200,000 to the economy. Some of which will be in welding wire, grinding discs, paint, metal for replacement sills, chassis legs and floors etc....

      1. Richard S

        @Pete Lattimer Definately not the renault vans...

      2. Pete Lattimer

        exactly the same as every Mercedes, Vauxhall/renault, VW, iveco, fiat etc. van.

    38. Cousin Jack

      I had hoped the robbery cliche could have been left out for once.

    39. B

      Ford Econoline was the North Americans best Commercial vehicle ever the Ford Transit and Econoline was the same thing

      1. Pete Lattimer

        same but share not a single component, as far as im aware!

    40. MrMadzilla

      It's a pity that the new transits are a ball of shit, well the 2.0 bluetec engine is anyways, most of them go pop around 50 - 60 thousand miles

    41. Farhan Navas

      lol.. new videos have such less views than the old trios 😂

    42. Some Guy

      Sorry, I was in the bathroom. Where are James, Jeremy and Richard?

    43. Michael O'Keefe

      It's the van that helped shape the backbone of the Galar Region.

    44. Alex Ribes


    45. John Fitzgerald

      '86 brought the MK3, surely ? Yes, I know a MK2 was just a facelifted MK1, but still...

      1. Pete Lattimer

        i think its like the mk5 Cortina, mk3 Capri, mk4 escort etc, all are classed as new models, but ford claim they never existed, that theyre just facelifted models of the older one. even the mk2 mondeo (the one with the big oval grille from about1996/7-2000) is, strictly speaking, a mk1 facelift

    46. Hondeer

      Greetings from West Coast USA where the Transit Van and VanLife have been crusing hwy 101 for the last 8 years. Love my '15 130MR! Got a lift kit under it, some big knobby tires for the sand, board racks for windsurf and surfing.

    47. Re Cep

      Turkish subtitle please

    48. Dr Cory

      Very cool video

    49. David Cooper

      I'm lucky. I've got one of the last mk2's. November 1985. Doesn't even come with headrest for the seats.

    50. Rob Walker

      You mean a non-super van. If you can't use it like a van then don't pretend it is a van.

    51. Leonardo De Franceschi


      1. Pete Lattimer

        this is a video version of the top gear magazine.

    52. Anton Emilit

      What? Is Top Gear still going? Seems like they rotate presenters weekly...

    53. Mahadzir Abd karim

      In Malaysia it is call "Bonded Van"

    54. yobbo boyyo

      its like watching james may minus the jokes.

    55. weaton25

      many years ago I had a 1972 ford capri 2ltr and that had the transit V4 engine in it and that went like a rocket maybe the transit was a bit heavy for the engine but it was a good engine.

    56. Ben

      this has been done better before....

    57. Let's go

      Every store owner back then: Oh No HeRe CoMeS a BlOcK wItH a FoRd TrAnSiT

    58. Let's go

      Is it me or does the old Ford transit look like this: ■ ■ ___________

    59. Random videos to watch at 3AM

      No Jeremy Clarkson will be missed

    60. coupsdestylo

      Then the bottom fell out

    61. Andrew Fredericks

      Mk2 came out in 78. Mk3 was the wedge plus the later 'smiley' version. Had a V4 mk1 on a firm,shot back axle,you needed cotton wool in your ears on a London trip!

    62. Pete vdG

      Sorry, to put some water in your wine, but the first transit was developed in Germany 1961. Anyway a great van... They copied the old Tempo.

    63. Suprahampton

      Why'd he call the mk3 the mk2?

    64. Pendolino Fan

      Now get arrested for theft get taken out of you transit in to police transit

    65. Meme_star234

      Came back after 4 years of not watching

    66. Andy Smythe

      The newer ones were great for drifting, the high side caught the air and made it easy to handle while sliding on the corners, my old boss would disagree.

    67. Petr Volk

      How bad is new top gear? Very bed!

    68. Will Ledingham

      what is this, where are the origanal top gear men, no one likes you

    69. FFM0594

      I will always love Mk1 Transits (With sliding doors).

    70. yorrickwi

      first gen transit is such a prety van

    71. J BW

      If you've got a van it's like you've got an MBA, but you've also got a van.

    72. am epix roblox gamr

      Wait........ Wheres jeremy clarkson and those two guy😀

    73. MICHGO1


    74. Warwick Tregurtha

      That bare dash. All you need is a Speedo, a fuel gauge and an oil pressure warning light. Any and everything else is superfluous.

    75. emre külekçi

      why you hiding clarkson 5:44

    76. VENKAT Raman

      Rip queen 👸👑 sabine Smichtz

    77. Ben Rose


    78. Josh Dobson

      A contractor van that will fit in a very Urban underground parking garage or high-rise garage is the hardest puzzle to get right!?!.... as an ex carpet cleaner, ask me how I know! ;)

      1. Pete Lattimer

        thats why there are so many versions of length, height etc

    79. Kay Felix

      R.I.P Sabine, the most charmfully person at the Nürburgring I ever did meet

    80. Bruh Homosex

      Where is Hammond

    81. Marcelino Mariwa

      I hope this series has much more to come. WONDERFUL Story!!!

    82. David Peters

      Drove a few in the 70's for thousands of miles in all weathers. A fantastic machine to drive and work with. RIP Sabine.

    83. Rob Sayer

      If the Supervan didn't work, you could have asked Guy Martin if you could borrow his... Full sized Transit Custom with a 3.5L EcoBoost Radical engine that has puts out approx 700 bhp....

    84. Jammas Chan

      woah this is top notch quality stuff.

    85. Pavan K

    86. HelloYouKante

      I just came to see what top gear had become.... Shi-.

    87. Build Indian

      I remember driving to boarding school on the first day in a transit with windows, it could hardly make it up the hill to the town where the school was located, we broke down several times and the poor driver kept poking his head about as if begging the van to go faster...I was late for my first day but it was fun and my mother had a lot of explaining to do...

    88. RokoThe_Bacon

      I like the old ford transit

    89. TVPigeon

      I miss the old boys :(

    90. Mashmarriner

      You could buy a brand new van for an equivalent £10k back then. And you have my Grandma telling me I have it easy.

      1. Pete Lattimer

        @Lewis Clark i doubt that very much. very little with a higher payload that doesnt require a tachograph. Sprinters arent as reliable as people think.

      2. Mashmarriner

        @Lewis Clark that wasn't my argument. 🤣

      3. Lewis Clark

        You can buy a used van for 5k today that will be more reliable, faster, more comfortable and have a higher payload than that brand new transit. Not sure we really have an argument against grandma there 😂

    91. Ahmed4th

      When he said "the LATE great Sabine Schmitz" I was like, "Hold up, What?!" I had to google that to know that she had passed away in mid-March 2021. R.I.P. Sabine.

    92. Stan Gosling

      Clarkson already covered this years ago. This programme is truly awful since he left.

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        Psssst. This is the magazine. But don't let that get in the way of your lovely story.

    93. Steve Stringer

      I had no idea Sabine passed. Dang. What a loss. TG needs to do a tribute in the next series.

      1. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

        They made a tribute. Here's the link, bud.

    94. APM M

      They forgot to mention , some of you may have been conceived in the back of a transit van 😊

    95. Cricket England

      The Ford Transit ran Britain during the 80’s

    96. Mudassar Hussain

      My friend can you give me free gaming laptop for my birthday gift on 8may 2021.

    97. Hydroo

      Anyone wish james may was reviewing this?

    98. Dr. Leftfield

      Many fond memories of the mk1 spent many years doing antique furniture removals in one in the late seventies it was light blue with sliding doors. reliable and easy to fix.

    99. Jonathan Jennings

      Just got a 2019 Ford Transit xlt 150 - stoked! It's got a 130" wheel base and is a passenger model. Thanks so much for this history as it stokes me out as a recent owner! Thank you!


      when mkbhd kicks in